Snatch Grip Deadlifts for Explosive Muscle Growth- Post on Muscle and Strength

December 19, 2013

About the Author: Eric Bach

Hey there. I have a slight obsession with deadlifts and all the benefits they  provide. Having spent a great deal of time experimenting with deadlift variations I finally found something that challenged my body without causing any pain or stiffness in my lower back– The Snatch Grip Deadlift. 

I recently published my thoughts on this explosive, muscle building exercise on Muscle and Strength. Ready to check it out? 

There’s no debate: deadlifts have a seat at the grown-up table. They are one of the best bang for your buck exercises. Compound full body movements that require total body tension and strength form the basis of any high-performance training program.

I have a love/hate relationship with deadlifts.

On one hand deadlifts require full body tension, strength, and sheer willpower to build strong bodies and stronger minds, as hoisting heavy steel is extremely functional and demanding of the body. Plus, it’s part of the big 3 in powerlifting, great for building muscle, and causes women to flock to you like teenage girls at a pop-concert.

Unfortunately, deadlifts aren’t always polite to the lower back. Huge amounts of torque from sheer and compressive forces are be problematic, specifically to the lumbar vertebrae L4, L5. Though no exercise is inherently bad, conventional deadlifts do carry a higher risk than other exercises, especially when performed incorrectly or with incorrect loading.

Due to consistent issues with conventional pulls and bitchy lumbar vertebrae, I was ready to hand in my belt and sulk my posterior chain away. During one session I was crouched over and gasping for air my body was finished. Legs thrashed, grip fried, and back yoked, but no crippling pain.

I’ve had some success adding variety into my pulling routine with sumo deadlifts, trap bar deadlifts, and single leg variations, but nothing matched the high performance muscle building snatch grip deadlift.



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