Bach Performance: Must Read Fitness Articles of the Week 9/5/15

September 7, 2015

About the Author: Eric Bach

Message of the Week:

“To Hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. ” – Bruce Lee


I love this quote, and anything by Bruce Lee for that matter. Nothing in this life comes easy.

Not the body you want. The health you deserve. The success you crave. We can’t wait for it, we have to grab opportunity by the horns and take advantage. 
If the opportunity isn’t obvious, keep grinding and make things happen. Your success is up to you. Don’t focus on the haters on the naysayers; rather, focus on getting better every day. 
Better every day will create your opportunities. 

Eric’s Updates

Okay, I must admit, one of these articles are from last week.
First, I wrote an article for T-Nation last week covering auto regulation. If you’re unfamiliar with auto-regulation, really give this a look. I’ll show you how to make adjustments in Flexible Training for Faster Gains.

When you’re a beginner, straight work sets work great to stimulate massive gains in strength, performance, and muscle. That changes when you get stronger.
Ramping sets are you answer.

Here’s how to Ramping Sets for More Strength

Lately, I’ve received a ton of questions regarding the equipment I use for training. After an awkward endeavor with an athlete at our gym and a foam roller, I had to write this post. All of these tools play a big role in my training and recovery. Here are my go to gym bag essentials.

Training Update

I’ve been playing around with a ton of Olympic Lift variations to improve my explosiveness and activate a greater number of muscle fibers before strength and hypertrophy work. This week’s training video is on the barbell jerk.

Client Update

My client Jenna has been crushing her workouts as of late. A track athlete, Jenna has worked her ass off to build strength, which is paying off with more explosiveness, power, and as you can see: Hops. Keep up the great work Jenna!

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Recommended Reading and Videos

  1. Annihilate or Stimulate, which is Better? by Tony Gentilcore
  2. How to Self-Publish a Niche Book from an Off-the-Grid Eco-Home in Uruguay by Jonathan Goodman

  3. Wheat Thins and Pringles: Equals 84 by Mike Vacanti

4. Barbell Landlines by Elite Sports Services (hey look, I’m doing demos!)

5. How to Build a Successful and Rewarding Career in Fitness by Precision Nutrition

6. The Real Judgement-Free Zone by Christian Thibaudeau

7. Why I stopped Caring About Leanness by Propane Fitness

8. The Final Word on Carbs at Night by Jason Ferruggia


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