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Get More Personal Training Clients With 5 Simple Email Tricks

Get More Personal Training Clients With 5 Simple Email Tricks

Are you sick of thinking “I don’t have enough clients?” I hear you. Finding clients willing to invest in themselves and buy online training isn’t an easy task. But with these easy to implement methods you’ll be ahead of the curve to growing your personal training business. Here’s how more to get more clients by reaching the right people and… Keep Reading

Who Not To Train Online

  This article will help you avoid mistakes that could cost you your reputation as you expand from in-person training to online training. Along the way I’ll answer two key questions: 1) What are the two types of clients you should never accept for online training? 2) Should you accept true beginners for online training? Expert coaches working in-person with… Keep Reading

Overcoming The Meathead Trainer Stereotype

Want to be a highly paid, respected fitness professional? You need to look the part, whether you’re training in-person or online. Here’s a story that explains why. Have you ever noticed how the best movies use misdirection? Just when you think you know how the movie will end, bam! You’re thrown for a loop. A perfect example of this is… Keep Reading

How to Find Your Ideal Personal Training Clients

How to Find Your Ideal Personal Training Clients

Whether you train online or in-person, do you want to get beyond just surviving as a personal trainer to build a thriving fitness business? You first need to find your ideal personal training client. And then you need to find more clients just like them. But that’s easier said than done. So please read what follows. It can help you… Keep Reading

How Smart Online Trainers Close Sales

Online personal trainers don’t close sales for one reason: They can’t find out what truly motivates their clients. They often self-destruct before even having a chance to convert prospects into clients. Be honest. Does the scenario that follows sound familiar, even a little bit? It’s 10:28 AM. Steve, a prospective candidate for your online coaching program, is on the line.… Keep Reading

How A Scary Decision Paid Off For Me (And Why You Should Be Next)

Why Trainers Should Make Scary Business Decisions This the story of the scariest scariest decision I ever made — and why you should make it, too, if you’re a personal trainer. It’s about going “all in” when my back was against the wall. But it changed my life forever, in the best possible way. First, the backstory. With kinesiology degree in… Keep Reading

The Online Training Bullshit Detector™

If you believe the hype, online training is the wave of the future. It:  Is more cost-effective than in-person training  Offers scheduling flexibility for both trainers and clients   Is a financial windfall to trainers. It gets them out of rat-race of trading time for money during horrible split shifts. What’s not to like? Hell, everyone should be an online trainer,… Keep Reading

For Fitness Professionals Only: Online Business Coaching

Just as every personal training client is different, every fitness business is different. What works for some doesn’t work for others. A custom approach is always best. Just reading blog posts won’t get you jacked. And just reading about generic business development ideas won’t improve your cash flow. What you need is action. Clear, goal-driven, focused action. Which leads me… Keep Reading

Fitness Guide to Parkinson’s Law: How to Lose Fat Faster

Flashback to 2014. My days all started the same: Up at 4:00 a.m., a cup of black coffee, and heading to the gym. Then, in a caffeine infused blitzkrieg, the day was on. Clients from 5 am to 6 or 7 pm, with a few one-hour breaks. These one-hour breaks were a godsend. Besides getting off my feet, they were… Keep Reading

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