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The Online Training Bullshit Detector™

If you believe the hype, online training is the wave of the future. It:  Is more cost-effective than in-person training  Offers scheduling flexibility for both trainers and clients   Is a financial windfall to trainers. It gets them out of rat-race of trading time for money during horrible split shifts. What’s not to like? Hell, everyone should be an online trainer,… Keep Reading

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For Fitness Professionals Only: Online Business Coaching

Just as every personal training client is different, every fitness business is different. What works for some doesn’t work for others. A custom approach is always best. Just reading blog posts won’t get you jacked. And just reading about generic business development ideas won’t improve your cash flow. What you need is action. Clear, goal-driven, focused action. Which leads me… Keep Reading


Fitness Guide to Parkinson’s Law: How to Lose Fat Faster

Flashback to 2014. My days all started the same: Up at 4:00 a.m., a cup of black coffee, and heading to the gym. Then, in a caffeine infused blitzkrieg, the day was on. Clients from 5 am to 6 or 7 pm, with a few one-hour breaks. These one-hour breaks were a godsend. Besides getting off my feet, they were… Keep Reading

sidequest podcast

Writing, Training, and Entrepreneurship: The Side Quest Podcast

I’ve been fortunate to appear on several podcast over the recent weeks, and they’ve all had a unique context, flow, and topics of conversation. Earlier this week I was invited onto the Side Quest Fitness podcast with my dude Robbie Farlow.   I’ve known Robbie for the better part of a year when we first crossed paths in Kansas City at… Keep Reading

Expert Tips to Build Muscle

How I Overcome The Busy Trap

We all seek to look busy in the eyes of our peers.  We tend to define success as how much work we get done, how long our work days are, and how much money we make.  I’m not sure I agree on any of these definitions of success, but they’ve all played into my opinion of a successful day, month,… Keep Reading


Bach Performance: Must Read Fitness Articles of the Week 9/5/15

Message of the Week: “To Hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. ” – Bruce Lee   I love this quote, and anything by Bruce Lee for that matter. Nothing in this life comes easy. Not the body you want. The health you deserve. The success you crave. We can’t wait for it, we have to grab opportunity by the horns… Keep Reading


Power Versus Strength and General Population Clients

As a coach, I’m in a very unique position. On one hand, I’m blessed to work with a number of awesome athletes.  They’re able to use advanced training methods while running, jumping, and lifting loads that make most of us overrun with jealousy. They’re both genetically elite and for the most part, advanced trainees. At the same time, I have a… Keep Reading


Morning Rituals to Become Unstoppable

  Eliminate decisions, accelerate self-improvement and maximize each day. Hit snooze and follow the morning up with Lucky Charms and SportsCenter? Get up, caffeinate, and hit the gym? Normally, I stick to my morning ritual because to me, the first few hours are indicative of how successful my day will be. But…Every now and then, I fail miserably, hit snooze,… Keep Reading

lolo marathon finish

What I Learned Attending My First Marathon

Forgive me my barbell brethren, for I have sinned. I’m a self-proclaimed meathead. Yet I spent this past weekend attending my first marathon. I didn’t shake my head at the collection of nipple chafing and “confused” people training “wrong.” My biceps didn’t atrophy. I didn’t, by mere physical proximity, lose 12 inches off my vertical jump. Far from it. I… Keep Reading


5 Reasons you should attend the next Fitness Summit

I’m flying back from the Kansas City Fitness Summit and must say, this is the most fun and unique professional development weekends I’ve been a part of. Why? It was authentic, laid back, and full of high-quality presentations and interactions. More specifically, it was the equivalent of a weekend long cocktail party (both figuratively and literally) with over a hundred… Keep Reading

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