Travel Hacker: Make it Guilt Free

August 13, 2013

About the Author: Eric Bach

Travel can make getting a good workout and staying on a routine seemingly impossible.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, most people end up with an “All or Nothing” philosophy.



“I’m Going to find a gym and Continue working Out, even if it costs me a good time”

The “screw it” mindset is triggered by an overstressed life, sudden freedom, and poor healthy options on the road.  Those who follow this philosophy generally suffer from fat gain, muscle loss, and overwhelming guilt once they return back home from lengthy trips.

The “All” philosophy isn’t any better.  In most cases, travel takes you out of your routine. gym options are expensive and difficult to find, and the other experiences suffer as a result. Like the “screw it” philosophy, people suffer from overwhelming guilt once they return back home because they neglected great experiences.

See the issue?

Luckily, there’s a happy medium to have Guilt Free Travel.

I’ve tried both extremes and failed miserably. There are better ways to go about your fitness when traveling. To avoid the fat gain, muscle loss, feelings of guilt, and disappointment of travel you must accept that fact that you aren’t in your normal routine. 

You’re traveling either for important business, leisure, or both.  Your sleep , diet, and your workouts will all be altered. That’s okay, lets workout around these things.


Forget the gym. if you have a hotel gym that’s fine, if not, no biggie. The goal is efficiency and working around travel events.

How to start your day:

Slam two glasses of water, turn on some music, do the hotel room workout, shower and take on the day. This an abbreviated Own The AM.

 Hotel Workout:

Description: The Count-Up workout. Start with 1 rep of each exercise, cycle through all of the exercises as fast as you can and add a rep once through the sequence. Go all the way to 10 reps per exercise, take 2 minutes, and repeat if necessary.

A.Push Up



D.Reverse Lunge

E. Single Leg Deadlift

Remember, do 1 rep of each exercise, move to the next exercise, and add a rep all the way to 10.


You have a few options here. On travel days eating is inconvenient and filled with bad options. I’ll pass on the shitty $9.00 Burger King meal while dragging my bags around the airport.

Here are the best options:

Eat a large, healthy meal before you go. Keep the carbs low and load up on healthy proteins, fats, and vegetables. I prefer making a killer omelet.

-4 whole eggs

– 1/2 red pepper, diced

-1/4 cup onion, diced

– left over protein source

-salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste

Eggs taste good with about anything. I raid my fridge for whatever leftovers remain. I’d rather not come home to a moldy fridge.

Also, supershakes tend to work great. I generally always have a protein powder, a healthy fat source like peanut butter, and a greens supplement I can blend together in under 5 minutes. In addition, you can stock up on raw nuts, jerky, and water for your travel.

Or, you can do a fast.

This is my preferred option, especially for fat loss. Not only will you get a big surge of fat burning hormones, you will save money and sanity by avoiding poor options.

If fasting wake up, chug some water, and get rolling to your travel destination. Consume coffee, tea, and lots of water while on the road. Once you arrive at your destination have a pre-planned restaurant to go to. This way, you reward yourself, unwind, and enjoy travel.

In addition, due to the inconvenience of a proper diet I always bring a Greens Supplement with me. In a crunch, these replace most multivitamins and provide you with the benefits of vegetables without stopping at the store on the road.

Do The Following On the Road:


You’re likely jet lagged, dehydrated, and have a ton on your mind. If you’re traveling for work your mind is spinning on whatever task is at hand. If traveling for leisure it’s time to relax. Turn off your alarm (if possible) and take naps if needed.

Move Around

Walking around and exploring new surroundings is a great way to “check out” of your routine and enjoy travel. Get out of the habit of sitting in cars and taxis and walk everywhere, You might even have some fun.  You’re burning more calories and getting more out of your travel without even thinking about it.

Avoid a Diet

If you try to strictly follow a diet you will be sorely disappointed. I fricken love food. In the tropics and want to enjoy some rum? Go for it. In the Deep South and you want to crush chicken and waffles? Do it….but plan a little. Instead of going on a food and booze bender plan when your big meals will be. Make sure you workout either first thing in the morning, or before your big meal. Fast throughout the day, drink tons of water, and stay busy with other activities. This way, you can enjoy the things you came for without blowing up like a marshmallow.

Avoid the “All or Nothing” philosophy and enjoy guilt free travel.

You’re not in your routine and it’s impossible to maintain it while enjoying your travel. Perform mini-workouts, plan your big meals, and stay active. Travel should be enjoyable, don’t let anything takeover the experience–even fitness.

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