The Ultimate Squat Everyday Program Review

January 19, 2015

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Squatting Everyday Program Review – Is it for you? By Patrick Thompson

In a word, wow. I felt shocked and excited by my decision: I was going to squat every day for 100 days straight. Yes, this required me to load up a barbell and perform no-less than 50% of my 1-rep max on front squats or back squats every day for one hundred days. Here’s how it all began.

squat every day

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The Squat Everyday Program Review

I first heard of the squat everyday program from Cory Gregory, the vice president of the supplement company, Musclepharm. Gregory squatted every day for nearly two years and recorded the process via Instagram. As Gregory summed it up, he’s said,“if it is important enough to you, would you do it every day?” This in mind, there is no better way to build total body strength and size than squats. 


What I Learned Squatting Everyday

So what did I get out of squatting every day? First, let’s go over the benefits.

More Energy and Sex Drive: Holy smokes, I felt awesome. I woke up fresh, alert, and sharp. Whether I was training or not, I felt awesome. I felt like my confidence level shot through the roof. Anecdotally, this probably was due to the testosterone pumping through my body 24/7. Again, I don’t have the numbers to prove this, but based on energy and sex drive, I believe it to be true.

Improved Total Body Strength: Not only did I obviously become stronger in my squat, all of my lifts became better. If you are leading up to a strength competition and want maximum performance, squatting every day might be for you.

Rapid Fat Loss: I became a lot leaner without changing my nutrition. I didn’t eat more or less while I didn’t change my quality of food. I eat clean anyways, so I became leaner with the increased intensity and total workout volume.  Don’t be afraid to lift heavy and often to lose fat. 

squat everyday

Improved Squat Technique: My squat technique improved rapidly.  If you squat every day in some sort of way, your form is bound to get better. This comes from better intramuscular and intermuscular coordination, which you can read more about here

Dramatic Improvements In Front Squats: My front squat increased by 70 pounds, from 10 months prior. I went from 250 to 320 for a max. Front squatting multiple times per week really increased the size and strength in my chest and shoulders. Greater size will give greater strength potential. Without really training the chest or shoulders, you will see a slight increase in your shoulder size and strength. P.S. Learn how to supercharge your front squat, here. 

Mental Grit & Toughness:  Of everything I have mentioned, this is the biggest by far. I used to be weak minded. Very weak. Squatting every day made me mentally strong. It didn’t matter how tired I was, I was going to squat and get in a workout that day. This also transferred over to my work and how much I could handle. I started taking on more personal training clients and continue to work 70 hour weeks. It is a healthy addiction to an extent.

The Cons Of Squatting Everyday

Now, the setbacks. Unfortunately, not everything was sunshine and rainbows. 

It Beats Up Your Body: I experienced groin issues from wanting to go too heavy and too wide, too fast. I wasn’t patient. This training style will make individuals want to do more. You must have someone else say when enough is enough for the day. I didn’t have that. If your recovery and technique isn’t on point your risk of injury is high. 

It’s a Major Lifestyle Change: Family and friends who still want to go out and have some drinks here and there. Life sometimes will get in the way of what you want to accomplish. You will have to make adjustments. However, I still didn’t let my mind and outside life take over what I was capable of doing. You must save any alcohol consumption for the weekend or special occasions. Your body just can’t handle too much of that. You will go to the gym more and be eager to lift every single day.

Additional Expenses: You will eat more, you ‘ll look into supplements to boost your recovery, and you’ll need new training equipment. Oh, and you’ll need to revamp your wardrobe.  

Lack of Coaching: If you don’t have a coach or trainer helping you, you will experience some negativity at some point. Whether it is physical, mental, or programming. Each successful expert or professional of his or her kind, has a coach of some sort. I myself did not have a coach for this, and it showed. The 90’s Chicago Bulls would not have been what they were without Phil Jackson. Now, maybe I am being biased since I am a coach; yet I perform better when I workout with someone else; #science.

Your Gym: You might not have enough squat racks to create a trend at your gym. You should do one [or all] of the following:

1. have a workout partner.

2. workout early or late.

3. be consistent with your workout time to show people when your normal squat time is.

Squat Everyday Program Review

Squatting every day was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Physically, I grew bigger and stronger. Mentally, I improved my focus and confidence. But make no mistake, squatting every day is not for the faint of heart. Without proper coaching, technique, and mental fortitude the program is as likely to break you down as it is to build you up. Proceed with cautious optimism.

Patrick Thompson is the Head Trainer, at Anytime Fitness Peoria, in Illinois. Follow him on Instagram. 


Want to Look better naked and perform like an athlete? I’ll show you how in our FREE course Seven Days to Superhuman. Click here to Join the FREE Course.


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    Well, squat exercise is actually effective for a complete lower body workout. It mostly works on the muscle groups of hips, thighs, and butt. Honestly, it’s an adaptable physical-jerk and it can be performed anywhere without implementing weights or a fitness outfit. Initially, you feel uncomfortable while doing squats. But once you make yourself familiar with this versatile exercise, you can add weights and successfully overcome the different difficulty levels. Listen- it is a movement that can tone your leg, lift your butt, strength the core, increase flexibility. Thus, I don’t think there is any point of excuse when it comes to squatting. Thank you:)

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