The Right Way to Do Box Jumps

February 9, 2015

About the Author: Eric Bach

As a coach it’s imperative that every exercise I program in has a specific goal in mind.

After all, the goal of training is to create a physiological response to improve performance towards your goal, not populate your YouTube page with cool stunts and feats in the gym.

Case in point: Box Jumps.

how to box jump, The Right Way to Do Box Jumps

More specifically, box jumps as a conditioning tool are a terrible choice in terms of risk reward. Furthermore, there are no medals for having a high box jump and it’s time to stop with the insane attempts.
Instead, use the box jump as the high performance training tool it’s intended to be:

  • for potentiating the nervous system of gains in strength and size
  • a low-impact explosive exercise to protect your knees, yet incorporate athletic movement
  • re-inforce optimal landing and joint mechanics to prevent injury

Head to T-Nation to check out my latest post, where I’ll cover the ins and outs of the box jump and how to maximize it’s application in getting your Stronger, Shredded, and more Athletic.

The Right Way to Do Box Jumps

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