From Pencil-Necked Weakling To Fitness BOSS

June 26, 2017

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Chances are I’m a lot like you: genetically average.

I wasn’t always athletic or muscular.

Sure, some dudes look at a barbell and gain pure muscle. I don’t. Never have. Never will.  

Despite hours of hard work (with a side order of frustration) have you found you still haven’t built the body of your dreams?

I’m a BTDT: Been There, Done That.

You see, I was one of those guys who trained every day, took every “miracle” supplement, and ate healthy foods like they were going out of style.

Still, nothing changed.

I was the classic runt with a metabolism rivaling a hummingbird on meth.

I drowned in skinny jeans and a small t-shirts.

I looked more like a scarecrow than an athlete. 

Back in high school, I was timid. I constantly compared myself to others. And not in a good way.

At 5 foot 2 and 103 pounds, I lacked confidence and skipped challenging situations. Yet I had binders full of training articles. I blew money on every super-powered protein powder out there. I lifted constantly.

And still, no results.

Finally, it all came to a head. After years of teenage angst, my high school football coach, Mr. Morgan, pulled me aside.

He said: “Hey, Eric. I see you in here working hard.”

I nodded.

Fitness boss

He continued: “But you’re not making much progress, are you? Do you know what the definition of insanity is?”

I looked up and muttered: “No.”

Mr. Morgan then quoted Albert Einstein:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

As it turns out, I was focusing too much on all the small details and not enough on the big picture.

If you want to change you must…


Fitness boss
Stop obsessing over which type of curl works best.

Stop making yourself crazy over which is worse: carbs or fats.

Stop beating yourself into the ground instead of recovering and getting stronger.

Stop reading every article.

Stop trying every program.

Stop buying every “magic” pill supplement guaranteed to give you Zach Efron or Paige Hathaway’s physique

Instead, you must….

Have an expert coach who can provide a blueprint for a success.

Fitness BossAt the end of the day, none of us succeeds alone.

By joining the BOSS Group Coaching Program you can transform your body and become the BOSS of your life.

BOSS is the acronym for Body Optimization Strength Society.

Your body will respond, building lean muscle and carving away stubborn fat. The helpless feelings of desperation will be a thing of the past as you’ll finally be in control.

You’ll look better in your clothes and, of course, naked.

You’ll stop comparing yourself to others.

Your confidence will skyrocket.

You’ll feel unstoppable in both your career and personal life.

Friends will comment: “Dude, have you been hitting the gym? Looking good!

You’ll finally leave the “friend zone” with women. You’ll start turning heads and gaining attention. I’ll leave what happens next to your imagination.

And it’s all because you’ll….

Focus on a Few Key Principles to Build Your Best Body

  • Keep it simple. Get strong and build a foundation of strength.
  • Add volume to strength to build muscle.
  • Do less, but do it better. Quality triumphs quantity every time.
  • Simplify nutrition. Make the best decisions you can while allowing yourself to enjoy a night out, business meeting, or special dinner.
  • Specialization workouts to build stubborn muscles Or turbocharge fat loss.
  • Build workouts that fit your busy lifestyle to and ensure consistency.

It’s time for the ripped, lean, and muscular body you’ve always deserved.

It’s time for….

The BOSS Group Coaching Program

You’ll adopt a minimalist training perspective.

You’ll stay the simple course and reap big rewards in the gym, and have more time to enjoy your life.

Focusing on what’s really important yields lasting changes to your mind, body, and life.

No one wants to be the “ten-year guy.” That’s someone who lives the same life as he did ten years ago, benching 135lbs and doing curls in the squat rack. He has the same goals, but also the same body and same frustrations.

The Solution

Set practical goals.

Take action, take control, and become the BOSS of your life.

Click here> BOSS Group Coaching Program Today to join for less than a dollar per day before the doors close 7/2 at 11:59 PM EST.




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