Master the Floor Press

February 14, 2014

About the Author: Eric Bach

Happy take your girlfriend out to Dinner Day! Before you indulge in steak, seafood, bottomless Italian food, and wine (Boom-Pow!) I’ve got something for you– And it’s not a last minute savings on roses.

Nope, It’s much better.

It deals with the bench press and how to change the exercise to limit shoulder pain while maximizing gains in strength and size.

Master the Floor Press

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You see like most guys I’ve always gravitated towards the bench-press and full contact sports. Unfortunately, this is recipe for shoulder dysfunction and pain. But pain be damned, if I want to bench press, I’ll bench press whether it’s painful or not…right?
Not so fast.

I love the bench, but pushing up huge weights isn’t always practical or worth the risk or future injury. Instead, I’ve opted for a smarter option that still allows me to get my press on without pissing off my body– The Floor Press.

Yes, it’s as easy it sounds. The Floor press is performed while laying on the ground and is a great way to limit the range of motion that’s most impactful on the shoulder. In addition you take the lower body and any potential lower back pain out of the press by flattening the legs, still allowing you to build explosive strength in the triceps, chest, and shoulders.


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