How to Gain More Referrals By Referring Clients Out To Your Professional Network

August 25, 2015

About the Author: Eric Bach

As a coach, I’m in a unique situation to work with dozens of clients with different goals, ability levels, and limitations.

Let’s flash back to this past December.



Concentration lost.  I sat up, took a swig of my coffee, and reached for my crackberry cell phone.

Athlete: “Hey coach, did I tell you about my dad?”

Note: (We’ll call “dad” Brian)

Uh oh, this won’t end well, I thought.

Me: “No, what’s going on?”

Athlete: “Brian fell off a ladder taking down Christmas lights and shattered his hip. He’s in his 60’s and is having a hard time with his rehab. I think he should start training with you to build up some strength and mobility again.”

The first reaction when you receive a call like this is generally, “Yes, a new client!”

But what I did next would surprise you:

I said no. Well, “no” temporarily. Sure, I know my stuff, but this special situation was out of my wheelhouse.

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Quite honestly, it’s a move most coaches should make more often. Referring out is a great way to build your business, improve your clients’  results, and protect you from dangerous legal situations. In my latest article with the Personal Trainer Development Center, I’ll Show you:

  • How to Build your referral network
  • How to gain more referrals in your fitness business
  • How to refer out, and make sure you get your clients back
  • Guidelines for communicating with other professionals
  • How referring out will help you build your business

I can’t tell you everything here, so do me a favor and head over to the PTDC to check out the article. If you like it, tag a co-worker or friend who will benefit from the article. I’ll see you there!

Read it Here

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