Get More Personal Training Clients With 5 Simple Email Tricks

December 20, 2016

About the Author: Daniel Freedman

Are you sick of thinking “I don’t have enough clients?”

I hear you. Finding clients willing to invest in themselves and buy online training isn’t an easy task.

But with these easy to implement methods you’ll be ahead of the curve to growing your personal training business.

Here’s how more to get more clients by reaching the right people and solving their biggest problem.

(1) Create an Email List and “Solution”

If you don’t have a website or email list you need to take action. An email list is the foundation of any online business and a vital tool for brick-and-mortar personal training businesses.

Here’s what you do:
Define your ideal client. Take out a piece of paper and outline the following information. Think of a past client you enjoyed working with and get as specific as you can.
– Name
– Occupation
– Age/sex
– Family/relationship status
– Interests: Sports, music, books, hobbies, movies
– Their number one fitness problem

Create an eBook or short video course that solves your ideal clients’ number one issue.

Further reading:
How to Find Your Ideal Clients

In exchange for the eBook or course you’ll gather an email. I prefer using leadpages for high-converting opt-ins and then, Aweber to send out pre-planned emails.

Remember, the goal of any business is to solve problems faster and more effectively than your competitors. Personal training is no different. To stand out you need to reach ideal clients and solve their problem better and faster than anyone else.

Determine your ideal client.

Solve their number one problem.

Create a course or document explaining HOW to do it, and offer it in exchange for an email. In time, you’ll build a database of ideal prospects to support your business.

(2) Email Your List for New Clients

At a recent conference, Noah Kagan, founder of SumoMe asked: “If you had to make $1,000 today what would you do?”

The number one answer around the room of people much smarter than me was a resounding, “email my list.”

P.S. Noah actually did this with a random business idea, and Sumo Jerky was born. Check it out here.

Let’s pretend you have a list of 500 people on your email list that lived in your area. Or, if you’re an online coach 500 people spread around the world. Hypothetically, you decide to sell a monthly training package at $100/month.

If 0.5% of your list buys (a doable percentage), one email can generate 2-3 sales at $100 each.

I’m an optimist, so we’ll round up to three, meaning every email you send is worth $300. And if you repeat the sequence for 2-3 days during a special, you’ve pocketed $600-$900.

Not bad, right?

Don’t get hung up on the exact numbers, but use the hypothetical example for what it is: A clear illustration of the powers of email marketing and building a customer database.

Even on a small scale, having an email list of targeted leads and offering valuable services is one of the best ways to get more personal training clients.

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(3) Engage Old Clients

Your best source of income is previous clients.

If you’ve helped your clients crush their goals, they’re walking billboards and raving fans for your business. Even more, they’re the most likely people to re-invest in your services.

Think about it. You’ve already created a personal relationship and showed your value and expertise…why endlessly chase new leads when you’ve already done the heavy lifting?

Contacting old clients is the best way to re-engage them into new training and drive referrals.

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Write all the emails and contact information of old clients and store them in a file, such as google sheets.
2. Divide your list of clients into two separate groups. The separation doesn’t matter, just do it.
2. Alternate each list, or half your clients, once per month.
3. Next month, email the other half.

Do not try to hard-sell former clients each month. They know you’re a trainer and are always seeking new business, so don’t be a blatant douche. Instead, harvest the relationship by sending one of two types of emails.

(4) Send A Helpful Email

Your goal here is to provide actionable information to help your clients. That’s information that relates to their fitness goal and solves their number one issue. This works best if it’s an article you wrote, but sharing other content is fine as well.

Helpful Email Example:
Hey (name),

I was researching (their goal in training…or similar interest) and came across this article (link). I found this interesting ( interesting tip) and thought you would benefit.

Hope all is going well!
– (sign off)

(5) Send A Friendly Email

People don’t buy training; they buy trainers. The friendly email should be an entertaining story, a rapport builder, or a memory relating back to your personal relationship with your client. It’s great to get great results with clients, but if you couple a great relationship with crushing their goals you’ll turn happy clients into raving fans.

Hey (name),

I was looking at tickets to a comedy show this weekend and saw Louis CK (some event/activity they’re interested in) was in town! I remember you said he was one of your favorites. Anyway, I thought you might be interested if there are still tickets I know you love his stuff.

Let me know, maybe we can grab a bite to eat before the show.
– Sign off)

The goal in both cases is to re-engage your clients in friendly conversation. They know you’re a trainer and run a business. So be a friend first, not a pushy salesman. You’ve built the personal relationship. Now it’s on you maintain and stay at the front of their mind. Once they’re ready to jump back into training, you’re at the front of the list.

Methods Are Many…Principles Are Few

Email is one of many methods you can use to drive new clients to your business. These email hacks will help you focus your efforts. You’ll be marketing to the right people, providing insane value, and building your business by building personal relationships.


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