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Expert Tips to Build Muscle, build muscle

Your 1-Rep Max Testing Made Simple

A generic warm-up and a few arm swings aren’t enough to make the most out of your training. In fact, if you’re looking to build athletic muscle and strength, then you’ll need a specific warm-up that leads up to crushing your 1-Rep Max (1RM). Keep Reading

Common Injury Sites and Clever Workarounds: Part I – The Upper Body

By Eric Bach and Travis Pollen Peruse many an online fitness publication, and you’re likely to encounter a whole lot of one-size-fits-all training programs. We get it: when writing for the masses, it’s just easier to deal in terms of absolutes and generalizations. You need to squat wide, with your feet externally rotated to maximum glute engagement, minimize range of… Keep Reading

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Four Ways To Train Longer and Harder

  Flash back to two years ago at 4:30 A.M. I rolled out of bed and took a few ginger steps. My knees that used to crackle are stiff and achy.     My shoulder? Same Deal. And early morning training? Well, I used to be able to wake up, run to the gym, and just start hoisting weights. I knew it was… Keep Reading

Five Fake Health Foods That Sabotage Fat Loss

  Eric Bach here, sharing an excellent guest post from RD Megan Ware. Megan’s story is one we’ve all heard at one time or another. The big take home points will help you hone in on your diet. You’ll eliminate the fat-loss sabotaging foods that are keeping you from your ultimate body. Over to you, Megan.  ” I know what to… Keep Reading

How to Prevent Stupid Injuries: It Takes Practice

Guest Post by Robbie Farlow The pain shot through my body like a rocket on the Fourth of July. Like the delay before the rocket explodes, I felt no pain at first. The pain only surged through my system once I saw the blood, the dirt, sweat, and then of course the tears mixing together. Yet again, the ground had… Keep Reading

How Dave’s Success Story Can Be Yours

Great News! It’s not every day I get the feeling of accomplishment after working on a long-term project, then unveiling it to you. Well, today I do. It’s time to pull back the curtain and tell you that I’ve reinvented my approach to online coaching to get you the best training results possible. I was going to wait another month… Keep Reading

Lifting Rep Range Rules for Building Muscle

If you struggle with building muscle and strength, this post is for you. Let me tell you about a recent conversation between my buddy, Alex and I, after his workout. We met for coffee when Alex walked in and said, “Man, this pump is insane. I think my muscles are already growing from that last set.” Once a bro, always… Keep Reading

Lifting Speed:The Biggest Mistakes In Training

By Eric Bach- Get more emails like these sent to your email here.  Key Points: Eccentric strength is necessary to maintain position during lifts. It controls deceleration and helps you build muscle mass But lifting ONLY fast leaves gaps in muscular and strength development You don’t need to be a tempo-counting dweeb If you’ve been reading this blog for a while,… Keep Reading

Eric Bach

Is Training To Failure Worth It?

  First, a brief story about a recent gym encounter. Then, a few lessons I urge you to take to heart. The story I’m about to tell is important if you want long term gains in ways that minimize your risk of injury or joint stress. So here we go. Listen up. It was 6:00 pm on a Monday night. I glanced at my… Keep Reading

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Wave Loading: The Ultimate Muscle Building Party

Eric Bach here with a guest post by my dude Joseph Brigley. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting the breeze with Joe on everything from advanced training protocols to fantasy football…both sure signs he’ll fit right in at Bach Performance!  Joe is currently pursuing a graduate degree in exercise science while running the Salubrity, his website for living a high-performance… Keep Reading

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