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4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power

Today I’ve got something special for you: a guest blog post from my coach Joey Percia covering 4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power. Joey Percia is a bad-ass who also happens to be an extremely bright coach who runs Percia Performance in New York City. Joey really knows the ins and outs of building a show and go physique. He has a 500+ lb… Keep Reading

one arm exercise

The 5 Best Unilateral Upper Body Exercises

[ A Variation of this article Originally Appeared on] We know a few things to be true in the fitness industry: Progressive Overload Drives results Compound barbell exercises are the best bang-for-your-buck movements to achieve progress overload for the body. Pink two-pound dumbbells with feathery tassels negatively affect serum testosterone levels. Using them may lead to spontaneous combustion. Okay,… Keep Reading

Blended Training for Rapid Fat Loss

The formula for fat loss is simple. But then how comes it feels damn near impossible to achieve rapid fat loss? A caloric deficit through exercise, a sound diet, and healthy hormone levels should incinerate fat off your body to have you looking like a Greek God carved out of stone. But ask anyone who’s tried to get shredded: it’s brutally… Keep Reading

Torch Fat

Front Squat Progression: Simple and Effective

Let’s talk front squats. I think we’d all agree squats are the king of all exercises. But when you hear the word “squat”  you’re probably thinking back squat. Fair enough. The back squat is the most popular squat around. It’s a staple in nearly every program from the Power Primer for athletic performance to many fat loss plans.  It’s a competitive lift… Keep Reading

Seven New Year’s Fat Loss Strategies

It’s 5:00 am. The wind is howling, temperatures freezing, and your alarm is ringing off the hook. You could pull the covers, roll over, and hit snooze. But you’ve got bigger plans. You’re kicking ass at work and now it’s time for the gym. Time to  conquer the world, one meeting, one workout, and day at a time. But there’s… Keep Reading

Why You Should Give a Crap About Lifting Tempo

Greetings and happy holidays from sunny and sweltering Costa Rica! I’m down here for the holidays … zip-lining through the jungle, doing pull-ups like Tarzan, and failing miserably at surfing. More on that later.   In my absence, something special from one of the best in the industry, Mike Samuels of Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting in Southampton, England.   Mike and I… Keep Reading

Turbo-Charge your Workout

When I was in college I loved to double my pre-workout. After all, the label said it would supercharge my workout. Therefore, if a scoop was good, three or four would be amazing…right? God no. I’ve never done hard drugs, but I can imagine my reaction was pretty similar to taking a batch of “goods” from Walter White. I felt… Keep Reading

How to Start Doing Chin Ups

[A Variation of this Article Originally appeared as “How to Master the Chin-Up on]  When you hear the best exercises to build your upper body, what comes to mind? The bench press? Rows? Overhead press? These are all great exercises, but the ultimate upper body lift is the Chin up. Why Should Start Doing Chin Ups? As part of… Keep Reading

Writing, Training, and Entrepreneurship: The Side Quest Podcast

I’ve been fortunate to appear on several podcast over the recent weeks, and they’ve all had a unique context, flow, and topics of conversation. Earlier this week I was invited onto the Side Quest Fitness podcast with my dude Robbie Farlow.   I’ve known Robbie for the better part of a year when we first crossed paths in Kansas City at… Keep Reading

Shut Up and Get Strong

High-Rep drop sets, density circuits, and complexes are all sexy training methods that help you crush training plateaus.   But there’s a problem: Most lifters aren’t strong enough to actually reach a plateau. Instead, they’re program hopping, weak, and minoring in the minutia. I see it with clients all the time: One week it’s density training circuits to get shredded.… Keep Reading

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