The 5 Questions You Need To Answer To Start Your Fitness Business

October 10, 2017

About the Author: Daniel Freedman

Building an online business to unlock your freedom from trading dollars for hours and workin’ for the man doesn’t just happen.

You need a plan. You need clarity. And you need to take massive action. Starting today. And continuing tomorrow and every day after that. It’s a three-step process.


First,  avoid the top ten business mistakes trainers make by avoiding these common pitfalls.

Second, consider the real wisdom of the old saying: “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s true about cutting down trees and it’s true about building a successful fitness business.

Third, move on to  having a clear-cut plan begins with answering these five questions:

Who exactly are you helping?

What problem are you solving?

What are you delivering?

What makes you unique?

Why should people listen to you?

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Who Exactly Are You Helping?

Fitness Business

Do you specialize in helping guys get jacked?

Are you helping athletes sprint faster? How about helping:

  • Physique athletes get ready for shows
  • Busy moms lose the baby weight
  • Overhead athletes to prevent shoulder injuries and improve performance

Now, consider the following. Would you use the same marketing message for a busy mom who wants to “tone up and lose baby weight” and 23- year-old guys looking to get abs and get laid?

No. They’re completely different.

It’s no secret the fitness industry is saturated and very competitive. The best way to stand out is to know your ideal client inside and out, provide terrific service, and keep your marketing laser- focused.

Even the biggest brands in the world started small with one goal and one ideal client.

Uber started in San Francisco as an alternative to taxis.

Facebook starting out of a tiny dorm room and only served Harvard.

Southwest airlines started only serving only Texas.

In short, start by niching down.

Help a select number of people get life-changing results. When you create content, aim to help one specific person, like a past or current client. And then…

Speak directly to them.

You’ll attract more people similar to them. As you prove you can get them results,  they’ll spread the word about your services, allowing you to naturally expand outward.

Note: Read THIS to find your ideal Personal Training clients. 

What Problem Are You Solving?

After you’ve defined who you’re going to help,  you must define what problem you’re going to solve.

This is the baseline foundation for every business. Charmin sells quality toilet paper so you don’t “walk and smell funny” after…well…you know.

Southwest solves the problem affordable travel by providing cheap airfare.

Know your clients and exactly how they describe their struggles.

If a client tells you “I want to lose belly fat,” then for the love of deadlifts please use “Lose Belly Fat” in your offers. Don’t tell them they’re wrong and you can’t spot reduce. It’s not helpful. And you want to be the helpful problem-solver.

Speak the language of your clients, understand their problems, educate them over time, and provide the solution.

The solution begins with giving them exactly what they want. No more, no less.

Fitness Business

Create a FREE offer like a cheat-sheet, guide, or checklist. Solve one simple, immediate problem your clients are going through in exchange for an email address.

Follow these guidelines to start building your list NOW.

Build the relationship, continue to provide value, and when the time comes, sell a solution.

The money will come, but not overnight and not magically.

Money is the result of making yourself indispensable to people in need of a solution. Make sure you’re providing the solution to their biggest problem.

What Are You Delivering?

You’ve decided who you’re going to help and defined what their number one problem is.

Are you helping your clients become more self-sufficient so they can train on their own, like our Six Figure Hybrid Fitness Business Guide teaches you? Pick it up here. 

Are you delivering a course for moms looking to get in shape with at home workouts and healthy meal recipes for the entire family?

Or, are you offering a high-end one-on-one online training service?

Pick one and own it first. Don’t be the jack-of-all-trades and the master of none unless you want to get “stuck”  with a struggling fitness business.

Make sure your offer is crystal clear. One of the biggest struggles our business coaching clients have is clearly defining what they offer when it comes to writing a sales page or selling over the phone.

If your product is online training,  know exactly…

  • How you’ll be delivering training programs and what’s the benefit to the client
  • How you’ll hold your clients accountable and what’s the benefit to the client
  • How you’ll customize everything and what’s the benefit to the client

Why should people buy your offer unless you’re clear on exactly what they get and how it’s delivered?  Keep it crystal clear. 

In the mock sales calls we conduct with our business coaching clients, many establish great rapport, explore the pain points, and generally crush the call — until they have to describe their offer. That’s when their confidence falters. They can come across as tentative and uncertain.

Don’t let it happen. You need to exude confidence and professionalism by knowing your offer inside out and communicating it effectively.

What Makes You Unique?


Fitness BusinessThere are thousands of personal trainers trying to offer your ideal clients the same solution as you. What will make you and your offer stand out in the eyes of your client?

It helps to tell your story.

It helps to have unique branding or a look.

But these all pale in comparison to the best way to build a thriving business:

Be better.

As Tim Ferriss put it at a recent conference, “the only un-crowded market is greatness. Most people stop at 90% and say good enough. The difference between 90% and 95% is surviving vs. thriving. Do the little things and own your area.”

Why Should People Listen To You?

Fitness Business

If you want people to listen to you, you need to position yourself as an authority.  It’s all about credibility.

Your authority status is based on…

  • Your education.
  • Who you’ve worked with (mentors, mentees, and clients)
  • Your credentials (where you’ve been published, featured, certified)
  • Client Testimonials. You and I both know you haven’t been gathering these. Getting short written testimonials and before and after pictures is the best action step you can take RIGHT NOW to build your business.
  • Social proof and reach. Like it or not, it helps to have a large social media presence and a large list of subscribers. Saying “I’ve helped 1,000 readers lose over 10,000 pounds in the last year” is powerful.

The Takeaway

This sounds complicated but it’s simple.

Be a damn good trainer first. Collect evidence proving you’re a great trainer. Share it with the world.

Start creating content to share your message, even if it’s a Facebook post.

Explain your clients’ problems. Explain how you fixed them.

Offer the same solution to others.

What To Do Next

It would be pretty disappointing to start driving across the country to realize you’ve been going south and not east after 400 miles, wouldn’t it?

If you find direction when you’re driving then you absolutely need to when building your business.

And when it comes to starting off on the right foot, measure twice and cut once.

Ask, answer, and get crystal clear on who you want to help.

Start taking consistent action.

And if you need a roadmap from those who’ve helped dozens of personal trainers transform their businesses, retake their freedom, and start making money in less time…

Pick up your FREE copy of the Six Figure Hybrid Business Guide by clicking here.

Rinse, repeat, and stay consistent. You’ll be on your way to a sustainable and profitable business. 


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