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Simple Strength and Muscle Building Secrets

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Everyone’s over-complicating fitness and performance.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. When my brain starts spinning, I make a conscious effort to get back to the basics.  The true Strength and Muscle Building Secrets lie in simplicity. 

Do less, but better. 

  • A few balanced, nutritious meals and Supershakes prepared ahead of time. 
  • An explosive movement or two, to boost athleticism.  
  • A heavy lift to build a strength foundation. 
  •  Sprints, jump rope, or play a sport for conditioning.

Information overload clouds our vision of what important. The biggest problem most guys have is focusing on too many damn goals at once. You have a limited attention

Bottom line: “You can do anything, but not everything.”

Train Frequently

As a bare minimum, get three lifting days in each week. Repeated bouts of resistance training increase the anabolic response to training and stimulates muscle growth.

Furthermore, practicing the same skill repeatedly improves motor learning.

You’ll develop the skill of weight lifting and refine movement patternsWeight training is about getting bigger and stronger to help you achieve your goals. When you train frequently, you’re teaching your body how to move while stimulating growth and development. 

Incorporate Explosive Exercises

Building a body is about being capable of handling what life throws at you. That’s where performance comes in. You must increase the capabilities of your muscles, joints, ligaments, and nervous system to work together. 

You can do this by lifting heavy weights, or by lifting lighter weights (your body), faster.

My advice?  No grinding reps, nothing over 70%, and no ultra-slow tempos.

Add in jumps (hurdle hops) and an explosive upper body movement once per week for three sets of five reps. 

Hurdle Hops

Incline Plyo Push-Ups

When you hammer explosive intent on every rep, you’ll have harder muscle contractions, stimulate the nervous system, and recruit more muscle fibers.

This helps you improve explosive athleticism (power), and helps you build muscle without endless crushing your joints.

Ditch your cellphone when training

Tine for some tough love:

The surest way to lose focus and minimize your training is sitting on your cell phone between sets. 

Endlessly checking your phone minimizes visualizing your lifts. Your intensity will suffer. Your results, both mentally and physically, will plateau.

Don’t let a lack of discipline trash your training. 

You don’t need to Facebook during rest periods. Please: don’t update your Tinder picture. Please, stop answering work emails. The occasional workout video for your coach or job is fine, but don’t make it a habit. 

Your training is a sanctuary.

Eliminate distractions and stressors.

Focus on improvement. 

Follow Progressive Overload

How many guys have been training for years, yet still remain the same size?

The goal of training is to build a bigger, stronger body and mind.

To make progress you must stress the system past what’s comfortable. This means adding resistance, more volume, or increasing training density.

Pick your program, stick with the same lifts, and add weight to the bar.

Whether it’s Stronglifts 5 x 5,  5/3/1, or the Four Week Power Primer,  the principle is the same:

Stress the your body beyond its current capacity.

Getting comfortable being unforgettable is the only way to become resistance to stress.

As a result, your body creates stronger muscles, stores more fuel, and grows strong, shredded, and athletic.

Use Most Compound, Multi-Joint Movements

Want more results in less time?

Emphasize big lifts. Front squats, deadlifts, and presses are as simple as they get.

They’re been around for along time. And the reason is simple.  They work.

Compound exercises hit more muscle fibers with each lift, groove real-life movement patterns for your athleticism, and stimulate more testosterone and growth hormone release.

Use variations of the big lifts that work best for you. You’ll get better over time. 

Use Ramping or Ascending Loading

Jumping directly into work sets, and staying at the same weight is an outdated and overrated way to build strength…

…especially once you’re no longer a beginner.

Think of it this way:

When you just started lifting, you were benching 105 lbs. for five sets of five, and your max was 125 lbs. That worked for a while, but now you bench 235 lbs. Working at the same intensity for five sets now would crush you, and you’d be missing lifts left and right.

Instead, start lighter through your warm-up. Then, ramp up weights through your main lifts.

This process, known as ascending loadinggradually warms-up your body and nervous system, while managing fatigue.

With ascending loading, you’ll use shorter rest periods during the beginning sets while potentiating the nervous system. Then, you’ll have more time and energy available to crush heavy, top-end sets. 

Build more Strength and Muscle

At the end of the day, there is no secret.

online training, Build more Strength and Muscle

Simplicity and execution are key. Simplify your training and get back to the basics.

Lots of guys got strong, athletic, and shredded without knowing every nuanced exercise and strength theory.

Do Less, Do it Better, and achieve more. 

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