Recovery and Adaptation: The Missing Piece to Most Training Programs

February 18, 2014

About the Author: Eric Bach

It’s been a week already and I’m feeling deprived of Football. I guess this isn’t a bad thing, as it’s freed up time for taking selfies in the mirror (just kidding…kinda), wedding planning, writing, and researching the latest knowledge bombs in the industry. One thing I’ve been focusing on is the importance of recovery and proper de-loading in the process of adaptation.
If you don’t emphasis recovery then you’ll significantly limit your ability to make training gains and jack-up your chance of injury.

Sounds pretty important for building strength, getting shredded, and developing athleticism doesn’t it. I dove headfirst into the process of recovery and adaptation in my latest post, this one for my pal Dean Somerset, an expert training North of the border in Canada…eh. It’s was a huge honor to put this together for Dean so I hope you take away something valuable. 

Yea, we’ve all been there. Two dudes in cut-off smedium t-shirts screaming while a third quivers under an overloaded barbell. “Awesome Bro!” is yelled across the gym  while confused onlookers shake their heads and chuckle. [Note from Dean: I prefer my shirt size as extra-medium, as smedium is slightly too tight for this guy. There’s a point I won’t cross.]

While improper form and the “broisms” are the brunt of jokes, they do have something right—effort.  Rather than gliding along on the recumbent bike, or trying to stand on a stability ball, they’re pushing their bodies beyond homeostasis. Stimulation is the first step to improving performance and building a strong, shredded, and athletic body.

The next phase is equally vital: recovery. Training creates a stressful response to the body that over-time, can to become too great to recover from. Without emphasizing recovery training adaptations can’t take place. Here’s how to maximize your gym efforts.

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