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Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
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Renowned Transformation Specialist Eric Bach Reveals How These Top-Performers Have Been Transforming Their Physiques In The Free Article Below…

Does It Ever Feel Like You’ve Tried Everything To Lose Fat and Build Muscle…Only To End Up With the Same Body and More Stress?

This is the unfortunate reality for many would-be top-performers, and it’s often a reason for accepting defeat and quitting on their dreams altogether.

But you, a member of the Bach Performance tribe, will not stand for defeat. Because inside the walls of Bach Performance, we embody Bruce Lee’s approach to so-called “defeat”:

“Defeat is a state of mind; no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.”

And to show you what’s possible when you refuse to accept defeat as a reality, I’m going to share Rob Whiting’s story with you.

Rob is a client of mine who spends his days working as an attorney, and despite the limited time available to him and constant demands on his energy, Rob was able to build six-pack abs, nail a 435-pound deadlift while advancing his career, finding the girl of his dreams and achieving this incredible transformation:

Outside of his day job as an attorney, Rob is an avid outdoorsman who you can often be found shredding the slopes in the Rockies or surfing in Costa Rica.  He’s always going full throttle in his business, with his career, and personal life.

If you’re like Rob, myself, or most people out there, you want to look great naked without living in the gym, and you understand that fitness can’t consume your life.

Rather, it must improve how you look, feel, and perform. But, again, like you, me, and many men out there, Rob wasn’t blessed with the genetics of The Rock.

The “old Rob”, in his teens and 20’s, was a “party hard” ski-bum focused on flying down the mountain and crushing endless amounts of pizza and beer—which isn’t exactly the path to building your dream physique or career.

Rob knew he needed to make a change, but wasn’t sure how to get started. So Rob read Men’s Health. And the Men’s Journal. He followed the typical “magazine” advice with his workouts and his nutrition.

Surprise: By following “typical” advice Rob did okay, but his results were, well, typical.

Refelcting on his past, Rob said…

“I had no idea how to fit a healthy diet and an active lifestyle around a busy law career.”

But, as I mentioned above, that’s the old Rob.

The new Rob? 

Well, he’s turned himself into a well-oiled machine with a firm grasp on his health, fitness, relationships, and career.

Rob’s turning point was when he began following the Bach Performance philosophies for nutrition and working out, whereupon he built a 400+ pound deadlift, revealed his abs for the first time, and became more disciplined in all areas of his life during the process. 

His career took off and he was promoted to district attorney.

He started dating again–and is now living with his dream girl, traveling the world during his off time.

He has the energy to dominate his days and the determination to attack his goals rather than live life on the sidelines.

Better yet, he realized he could still enjoy occasional cocktails and pancakes and burgers.

Rob isn’t the only who has been able to achieve fantastic results by following the Bach Performance philosophies. Check out these jacked, shredded, and strong men:

Up Next: Here’s How I Helped Rob And Thousands Of Other Men Look Great Naked WIthout Living In the Gym

First, I simplified Rob’s training. After all, your workout program is only as good as your ability to execute it consistently. You’ll get better results with 3-4 short workouts  than trying to workout 5+x per week and getting too busy to stick with it.

In Rob’s case, we mixed heavy, compound lifts to get him stronger with higher-rep work to build muscular endurance and help him look better naked, giving his muscles shape, definition, and an eye-catching “pop.”

Second, we analyzed his current nutrition habits and preferences, then looked at what and how much he needed to be eating to realize the progress he wanted.

From there we devised a stupid-simple plan which would allow him to progress without constantly stressing over what he ate or having to rely on pre-prepared meals of flavourless white fish, chewy chicken breast, bland rice, or mushy veggies.

The reason Rob was able to adhere to his plan so easily was because it was rooted in the Bach Performance nutrition philosophy of “only eating foods that were grown in the ground or once had a face.”

The theme of Rob’s fitness plan was to remove the inessentials, simplify the process, and to place his focus on ruthless execution of doing less, more effectively, thus making it easy for Rob to see the results he wanted.

Which is more or less the polar opposite of what most coaches, six-week challenges, and “transformation programs” will ask you to do. With those trainers you’ll often hear things like:

“You need to do at least an hour of cardio five days per week if you want to see your abs.”
“No gluten, no dairy, no fruit, (no fun). But it’ll be worth it! I promise!”
“You need to train each muscle at least twice per week if you want to build muscle.”

Lies, lies, lies, and more lies.

It’s not that these methods or programs can’t or don’t work, but they’re completely unrealistic and unsustainable over the long haul for busy, stressed men like you.

And if your plan is unsustainable, what’s the point?

So, if you’ve tried any of these methods in the past, my question to you is this:

How Has Doing “More” Worked For You?

I don’t mean that to be condescending or patronizing, as I don’t believe it’s your fault that “doing more” hasn’t been working as intended. You are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of men around the world have been trying to “do more” in a hopeless attempt to reach their physique goals.

Years into their fitness journey, the majority are still spinning away senselessly, desperately hoping “more” will finally begin to work for them.

If YOU have tried the more, more, more approach and it worked, you wouldn’t be reading this page. You’d have no reason for being here because you’d be rocking the arms, chest, abs, and physique that you want. 

The problem with doing “more” is that much of what you spend your time and energy on ends up being the “inessentials” of fat loss and muscle building, such as:

Training every muscle 2-3x week.
Avoiding your favorite foods or exclusively eating boring and tasteless meals.
Spinning away on the bike or elliptical for multiple hours per day.
Weird “circus” movements that are more harmful than effective.
Hour-long ab training workouts.
Two-hour-long training sessions.
Weird (and dangerous) intensity techniques.
Eating 6-8 meals per day.
Avoiding booze or ice cream or tacos at all cost.

Given that the methods above are wildly inefficient and even dangerous in some cases, let’s challenge your thinking.

If “doing more” hasn’t worked for you, what if you tried the opposite approach?

What if you focused on doing less—but doing less but better and with more consistency?

Based on the data I’ve collected from working with over 1400 clients who out of necessity have no more than three hours per week to spend in the gym, I’ve discovered that doing LESS is the fastest way to build momentum towards your goal, kick your progress into high gear, and finally reveal your ideal physique.

This idea of focusing only on the raw essentials that drive the bulk of your progress reminds me of the Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule), named after the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto who developed this principle when he noticed that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the populus.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that this 80/20 ratio shows up in almost every area of your life.

In business, 80% of sales tend to come from 20% of your client or customer base.

In work, 80% of your time will be taken up by 20% of your projects.

And in fitness, 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort.

So let’s start hacking away the inessentials and determine which 20% of your effort will drive 80% of your results:

The First Thing We’re Hacking Away Is The Idea That You NEED To Spend Five to Ten Hours Per Week In The Gym To See The Results You Want

In case the idea of training less makes you nervous that you’ll lose your gains or won’t see progress quick enough, consider the results of this study:


As shown, training multiple muscle groups per day allows you to train each muscle more often, leading to greater improvements in size and strength over a longer period of time.

This is a great example of the kind of science-supported training principles that allow people who follow my “minimalist” approach to fitness to achieve their desired results.

So long as you’re focused on following a proven, effective workout program, and you practice executing with ruthless consistency over time, you will achieve the results you want.

It’s as simple and as tough as that.

The Second Gains Killer We’re Hacking Away Is
The Complexity And Confusion Around What, When,
And How Much To Eat

Complexity in any realm makes things far tougher than they need to be, obviously. Complexity also slows down your progress. So, in the vein of keeping things simple, the Bach Performance nutrition philosophy consists of two parts:

We focus on eating food that came from the ground or had a face. If it’s boxed, bagged, packaged, or processed, it’s a no-go (90% of the time).
We track macronutrients and calories. At the end of the day, achieving both muscle gain and fat loss comes down to managing the energy balance in your body, which is a lot like managing your finances. You have debits, credits, and you’re penalized for overdrawing.

If your goal is fat loss and you overdraw (eat too much), you won’t lose fat. Similarly with building muscle, if you’re eating too little (not depositing enough), you won’t gain an ounce of lean muscle, no matter how hard or often you train.

Thus, to ensure that you’re always moving towards your goal, track your calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat). And if this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Like the old Apple commercials used to say:

“There’s an app for that.”

(More on this particular app to come later.)

Lastly, The Third Gains Killer We’re Going To Throw Away Is
The Idea That Your Individual Workouts Need To Be Longer Than 45 Minutes, From Warm-Up To Cool-Down

Which, again, is scientifically proven by this study showcasing the effects of training volume and intensity on muscular strength and size improvements in resistance-trained men:

The major findings of this study indicate that 8 weeks of high-intensity, low-volume resistance training utilizing long rest intervals stimulated significantly greater 1RM bench press and lean arm mass gains compared to moderate intensity, high-volume program utilizing short rest intervals in resistance-trained men.

So, where does that leave us if you want to see maximum results for your efforts?

It leaves you focusing on:

Nailing short, sweet, and effective workouts that take less than an hour.

Only eating foods you can recognize as either having come from the ground or once being alive (and for the sake of being realistic, your favorite treats and snacks are A-OK 90% of the time.)

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a simple, easy, effective, and enjoyable fitness solution to me.

These two things make up the foundation of the physique transformation philosophy I’ve developed over the past decade, and have honed over working with over 1400 clients in-person and online.

And it works:

But Gentlemen, I didn’t think I’d ever find a solution Quite Like What You Have In Front Of You.

​During the ten-plus years I’ve been working with high-performing men in the gym and hearing about what they really want to achieve, the conversation keeps coming back to these goals:

“If I had more energy and confidence I’d be a better [attorney, executive, boss, or leader.] I know working out can help me, but I haven’t been able to find a sustainable plan.”
“I’ve tried training five or six days per week and it barely looks like I lift. I’m sick of it.”
“I want to build muscle and lose fat without my life revolving around the gym.”

If you’re one such busy, ambitious, and hardworking man, none of these desires should come as a surprise. 

After all, aren’t these what we all want?

Now, most fitness coaches will tell you that simultaneously building muscle and losing fat is impossible. Which makes perfect sense. After all, there’s no denying that:

Building muscle requires eating MORE calories than you need.
Losing fat requires eating FEWER calories than your body needs.

To try and do both at the same time, the math doesn’t work out.

BUT — lucky for you, it’s a good thing I’m a few levels above your run-of-the-mill fitness coach… and why I’ve helped 1,000+ men achieve results like these in the past decade:


Just because your body physiologically cannot be in the appropriate state for building muscle and losing fat at the same time, it doesn’t mean you can’t seamlessly move between the two with the flip of a switch.

Now I know that may sound too good to be true.

But I can say with confidence that “flipping the switch” is possible because years and years ago, after the hundredth or so person told me that they wanted to “lose fat and build muscle without living in the gym or kitchen”, I decided to develop a fitness philosophy that would allow the men I work with to achieve their dream result.

If the idea of learning how to take advantage of my proven “minimalist” philosophy for seamlessly moving between fat loss and muscle gain excites you, stick with me for ten minutes today and I’ll reveal exactly how I help men like you lose fat and build muscle without living in the gym.

I’m going to show you the “how” of these incredible results. But first, it’s high time I take a moment to introduce myself:

Hi, I am Eric Bach

“I’ve just poured myself two fingers of Four Roses bourbon, neat. The fireplace is alive and crackling. As the room warms up, the sweet and not-so-subtle scent of leather from the chair I’m reclining in is mingling with smoke, char, and liquor. It’s a wonderful smell.

I’m the Baron of Bacon, Backhandler of High-Proof Bourbon, Finisher of French Presses, a hopeless romantic of a Green Bay Packers fan, and over my 17 years of training, I’ve transformed myself from being a skidmark on the football field into possessing the lean, muscular, and strong body I always craved.

I’ve spent the past decade of my life helping busy, ambitious, and driven professionals build their dream physique without spending any more than three hours per week in the gym.

‘Minimalist Muscle’ is my motto, and I’ve got the system to make it happen down pat, as you may have seen in one of the hundreds of articles I’ve written for these websites…”

My “Backwards” Approach to Muscle Gain and Fat Loss, Rooted In Old Military Science, Is The Ingredient You’ve Been Missing On Your Quest To Looking Great Naked (In Three Hours Per Week).

Now that’s a bold claim.

But I’m going to prove it you.

For years now I’ve maintained the belief that fitness acts as a force multiplier in your life.

What does that mean? 

According to Wikipedia, a “force multiplier” is this:

“In military science, force multiplication or a force multiplier refers to a factor or combination of factors that gives personnel or weapons the ability to accomplish greater things than without it.”

Here are a few examples of what a “force multiplier” looks like in the real world: 

Using the ‘Gold Star’ powerup in Mario Kart. You won’t suddenly become a better driver or start working harder, but you become goddamn invincible by activating this powerup. Your effectiveness in the field is enhanced.
Putting down an entire French Press of coffee before sitting down to work.
You’re going to be so full of caffeine that you have no choice but to work harder and increase your output. AKA, you become more effective.
Handcrafting an Old Fashioned before binge-watch/listening to Joe Rogan podcasts on YouTube.
Okay, this one might not be true.
In The Context Of Your Day-To-Day Life,
This Is How Fitness Acts As A Force Multiplier:
Your energy levels will increase far above their current baseline, and won’t find yourself trying to nap under your desk at 4pm or standing like a zombie in line at Starbucks so you can get through the rest of the afternoon.
You’ll notice an enhanced ability to focus and and produce a higher-quality and higher-volume of work. Whether you are your own boss or not, “the boss” will notice this increase, as will your bank account.
One of the earliest benefits my clients report after they begin working out and eating in alignment with the Bach Performance philosophy is how they can feel their self-confidence swelling up like a balloon filled with hot air and helium. Not in an arrogant or narcissistic way, but in a way where they feel ready to dominate their day, make shit happen, and act like a BOSS.

THOSE are force multipliers, and they have a truly transformative effect on all aspects of your life.

However, turning fitness into a force multiplier for your life doesn’t happen simply by following any old workout program you download from the internet or deciding to eat salad more than once per month.

In order for something, anything to be a force multiplier, it needs to come in the form of something that complements rather than consumes your life, and is a tool that you can call on consistently.

Sticking with our Mario Kart example from earlier, here’s what I mean: 

Using the Gold Star powerup in Mario Kart doesn’t require any extra time or energy. It doesn’t take anything away from you, and it puts you in a much more effective position.

That’s a major insight I want to share, so I’ll repeat that:

“Using the Gold Star powerup in Mario Kart doesn’t require any extra time or energy. It doesn’t take anything away from you, and it puts you in a much more effective position.”

Conversely, a traditional bodybuilding-style program will demand that you spend five, six, even seven days per week in the gym, plus a heap of additional hours grocery shopping, prepping food, cooking, and eating your four to six meals per day. And you’ll probably be “required” to clock in a few more hours trudging away on the treadmill as well.

Is that really what you want your life to look like?

Sure, you CAN build your dream physique this way, but at what cost?

When you follow a classic bodybuilding-style program, the gym becomes a central focus of your life. It’s THE priority in your day. As a result, it will encroach upon and reach into other areas of your life, leeching away your valuable time and energy.

Which is all well and good if you want to be spending that much time hanging around in iron jungles, but I’ll bet you a cask of Four Roses bourbon that is NOT the case for you.

After all, you’ve got a family. You’ve got a career or a business, both of which you’re mentally and emotionally invested in. You’ve got interests outside of the gym. And as COVID-19 has shown us, you’ve got the tumultuous and unpredictable experience of life to navigate.

Realistically, you don’t have the time or energy or desire to be in the gym every day for hours on end.

Unless you’re planning on turning yourself into a human pin cushion and becoming a bodybuilder whose life revolves around your six daily meals of ground beef, rice, and green beans, then you need a simpler and more efficient plan that allows you to maximize your time in the gym and kitchen while delivering exceptional results.

To deliver the kind of workout plan that allows you to turn your health and fitness into a force multiplier for the rest of your life, we’re going to turn to the concept of a MED (minimum effective dose), which was popularized by world-class entrepreneur, human guinea pig, productivity whiz, and life optimization expert, Tim Ferriss.

A plan that’s built upon a foundation of the MED allows you to settle into the sweet spot of effort and time output while allowing you to reap maximal results before falling over the edge into a state of diminishing returns (which is what happens when you live in the gym—unless you’re drugged to the gills, most people tend to hit diminishing returns for their effort after three hours per week.)

You need a plan that’s built upon the MED (minimum effective dose) required to stimulate muscle growth or fat loss, and you need a plan that’s been laid upon a foundation of fitness complementing your life, not consuming it.

I say this because out of the thousands of people I’ve helped build muscle and lose fat by doing less in the gym, the overwhelming majority have had the goal of achieving their desired result as efficiently and simply as possible.

To achieve this goal of yours, you need a plan that’s built upon the principle of the MED. 

If you’re ready to weaponize yourself with one such plan, this is what you’ve been looking for:

Minimalist Muscle Monthly
How To Build A Head-Turning, Jaw-Dropping,
“Holy Shit Did That Guy Just Eat A Dumbell Rack?”
Physique In Three Hours Per Week

Minimalist Muscle Monthly (MMM) is the golden ticket for achieving your dream physique simply, efficiently, and without wasting time or spending a minute longer than necessary in the gym or kitchen. 

Enough said.

Sound like what you’re looking for?

Then check out these pineapple-mango and pulled-pork tacos:

Minimalist Muscle Monthly helps men achieve eye-catching results by utilizing a powerful combination of simplicity, ruthless consistency, and science-backed training periodization principles so that each program you receive is designed to build off of the previous month, and feed into your progress during the following month. 

When your workouts are planned in this way it’s practically impossible to not see results—provided you’re training with intensity and following our foolproof and dead-simple nutrition plan.

Over the past seventeen years (which is how long ago I started training, before transforming from 140-pound skidmark on the football field into where I am today), during my own quest to find a way to build a physique I love, I’ve discovered how to achieve these results without following a program that overtakes the rest of my life.

And now, for the first time ever YOU are able to get your hands on programs built upon this training philosophy without having to work with me one-on-one.

When I say Minimalist Muscle Monthly has been over a decade in the making, it’s true, and I’m proud to finally be able to share such a highly-refined physique transformation program that gets the kind of results I’ve shared with you today.

Monthly Community are the most effective and essential components to a dangerously effective physique transformation program.

Which are:

The Minimalist Muscle Monthly Deliverables

1.Each month you’ll receive a brand-new workout plan with the option of accessing your program by downloading a PDF or via logging into the Bach Performance Trainerize App (this is the app I was referring to earlier).

Our App also includes video demos of every exercise in your program, support for nutrition tracking, PB (personal best) tracking, and progress picture storage.

2.Immediately upon joining MMM you’ll have access to the Nutritional Fields Notes Manual which will explain how to customize your calorie intake and macronutrient breakdown for muscle gain, fat loss, body recomposition, and maintenance phases (you’re also going to receive sample meal plans and my favorite recipes that you can print out and tape to your fridge).

3. Entrance into the MMM Facebook Community where I’ll host a monthly LIVE Q&A and post a daily video on everything from building muscle and losing fat to strength tips and my favorite bourbon pairings (plus, you’ll be able to hang out with other MMM members, shoot the shit, share insights, while gaining external support and accountability from men who share the same mission as you).

4. TWO BONUS MONTHS of Minimalist Mastery Workouts, carefully crafted to help you get in great shape at home–even if you have just your bodyweight or a few spare weights to work with.

Plus, If You Decide To Make Like Jon Snow And Take The Black
By Joining Minimalist Monthly Black, You’ll Also Receive:
The Minimalist Muscle Supplement Solution (value: $55)

I don’t believe in taking many supplements, but I do believe in covering your bases for health, performance, recovery, and filling any nutritional “holes” in your nutrition. This guide explains everything you need to know about which supplements can have a positive impact on your results, and which are a complete waste of cash.
The Minimalist Muscle Intermittent Fasting Guide (value: $55)

When you want to “flip the switch” from muscle building to fat loss, this guide contains my favorite—and most effective—plan for doing so. This is also the same method I use year after year to get ready for summer.
The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto (value: $55)

Having begun my own fitness journey as a 114 pound runt, I know how challenging it can be for “hardgainers” to build size and strength. So, I’ve taken everything learned about muscle building for men who seriously struggle to see even incremental improvements in strength or size into one place.

Note: if you join Minimalist Muscle Monthly Black, the guides above will come in the form of PDFs sent to your email.

The reason I’ve broken Minimalist Muscle Monthly into the ‘Basic’ and ‘Black’ editions is this:

If all you want is a proven “minimalist” training program, MMM Basic gives you that, along with the nutrition know-how to maximize your results. No fluff. No bullshit. No “fillers” to keep you busy, distracted, or confused. Just a simple, effective, and proven plan for your training and nutrition.

Then, if you’re the kinda guy who wants to take their results to the next level, dial in your plan, and optimize your efforts for the best possible results, MMM Black comes with the materials needed to make that happen.

And if I may say so, the results of taking this approach are rather impressive:

“As the owner of a tech consulting firm, I travel frequently, vie for contracts, and work long hours to earn business opportunities and expand my network. In short, having the body and energy to conquer long days, jet lag, and health plays a huge role in helping me differentiate from the competition.

Since working together, I’ve been blown away by the time-efficient workouts, help to navigate social situations when it comes to nutrition, and Eric’s ability to create a focused plan around my hectic schedule. So far, I’ve leaned out significantly, and have visible abs despite being in a different city every week without losing muscle!”

– Scott Rushton, Tech Entrepreneur

Circling back to the simplistic philosophy towards your workouts and nutrition from earlier, here’s how they play out inside Minimalist Muscle Monthly:

Our “In The Gym” Philosophy
Each workout will be short, sweet, and intense, taking you no more than 45 minutes at most.
Rather than hitting the gym five, six, or seven times per week to see progress, you’ll only need to workout 3 hours per week.
We focus on sticking to the “minimalist” training setup described above with ruthless consistency.
Within your workouts, you won’t waste time with fluffy or ineffective “circus” movements. Instead, you’re workouts are built upon basic movements that people have been using to build muscle and burn fat for decades.
Lastly, with the way I’ve periodized the monthly training programs inside MMM, you’ll move through four different phases throughout the year:

1. Powerbuilding (you’ll experience an increase in both strength and size).
2. Body recomposition (during this phase you’ll strip off any excess fat added during the powerbuilding, and allow your gains to “sink in”.)
3. Full-throttle fat loss (hello, abs).
4. Full-throttle muscle building (hello, gains and new shirt sizes).

Working through this sequence will allow you to easily adjust your nutrition to wring every drop out of progress possible out of each phase.

Note: if right now isn’t a good time for you to join MMM, you’ll have the option to join later on and it won’t impact your progress inside MMM. You’ll simply get started with whatever the program of the month is at the time you join, and you’ll be able to build and improve from there.

Our “Only Eat Food That Was Grown Or Had A Face” Philosophy

In order to maximize your results, you will need to track your calorie and macronutrient intake. Yes, you can “get by” without, but we’re not about merely “getting by” inside MMM. We want optimal results, and optimal results require being specific about how much food you’re eating (but, don’t worry, the nutrition tracking feature inside our app makes this a piece of cake.

90% of the time you’re going to abide by the “only eat food that was grown or had a face rule.” For the remaining 9% you’ll be able to eat what you love in a controlled manner.

And that last 1%? Devour a donut Ice Cream sandwich at Holey Cream in NYC, hop on a flight to Vegas to engage in complete and utter caloric debauchery, or challenge Joey Chestnut to a hotdog eating contest.

Lastly, and this is my favorite part of our nutritional philosophy:

This “system” works for both muscle gain and fat loss, regardless of the training program, so long as you stick to the above two rules, and adjust how much you’re eating to reflect your goal.

It really is that simple. Just ask these gentlemen:

“Eric supplies the wisdom and patience, which I lack. The results have been fantastic; my weight has stayed under 200 for the longest stretch since my teens. I’m wearing 32 jeans again. And I’m pushing the strength to weight ratio from both ends. Best of all, I’m healthy and making consistent progress, which is the opposite of my past track record. I wish I had made this investment many years ago.”

– Fred W, 54, Consultant

Heard Enough? If You’re Ready To Enter The Minimalist Muscle Community Here Are Your Options
Minimalist Muscle Monthly
Yes, I want M3 For…

$1 for 1 week,  then 44.44
/ month

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

Lets Do It

No, I’ll Skip Coaching

I’m okay missing out on…

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

No, im out

Considering the monthly rate is similar to that of a plate of tacos and margaritas for two, I’d say that’s a stellar deal for maximizing your results in the gym while minimizing your time and energy spent.

Plus, because of its simplistic nature, following the Minimalist Muscle Monthly method will allow you to achieve your fitness goals while preventing your stress bucket from overflowing, thus sending your results (and your life) into a tailspin towards the bottom of the ocean.

Right now I know you may be thinking, “But Eric, I get what’ve been saying about the 80/20 rule, minimum effective dose, and fitness being a force multiplier, but I’m not sure only working out for three hours per week is enough to get the results I want.”

Now that’s a fair question and a reasonable thought process.

But what I haven’t shared with you yet is how the stress of your daily life, responsibilities, and work interplay with and impact your progress.

Here’s The Scoop On Your “Stress Bucket”

Other coaches and muscle building or fat loss programs go something like this:

You’re told to follow a strict meal plan or diet. 
You spend five, six, seven, or more hours in the gym per week. 
And you squeeze in extra cardio when you can. 

Sure, this “works” (mostly for people who have nothing going on in their life aside from a desire to get jacked or dick-skin shredded). 

But what most of these coaches aren’t thinking of when handing out these plans, diets, and programs is the effect that they’ll have on the other areas of your (the client’s) life. 

Imagine having to sneak out of the house after dinner for the sake of squeezing in your cardio session for the day rather than spending time with your family or friends.

Or sacrificing a big chunk of your weekends, which is the best opportunity you have for spending time on the activities, things, and people you love, for the sake of getting your six training sessions in.

And then you’ve got your meals to worry about, because if you don’t eat another bowl of white fish, broccoli, and potato (if you’re even “allowed” to eat potato), then you’re a big ‘ol failure aren’t you?

Do you see how taking this approach can create an immense amount of undue stress? 

And if there’s one thing that will murder your progress in cold blood, it’s having excesive amounts of cortisol (your stress hormone) floating around in your system.

Think of training, progression, and stress as if you’re digging a hole each day.

Stress, regardless of if it comes from training, planning your meals, work, relationships, or any other aspect of your life, is what digs the hole. In order for you to get back to baseline, the hole must be filled in.

But if you want to grow, improve, and thrive, you need to fill in the hole AND add topsoil.

If you never fill in the hole back to baseline, whether through neglecting your recovery, poor nutrition, or failing to manage stress from other areas of your life, you’ll find yourself sore, beat up, and worn out very quickly.

Which is the exact situation all of these demanding, high-volume, high-frequency, and highly-regimented plans will put you in.

If you’ve tried a plan like this before you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And this kind of stress is an absolute dream and fun killer.

When it comes to stress, each of us walks around carrying a “stress bucket.” As is the case with a real bucket, it can only hold so much inside before it overflows.

For most of us the bulk of our respective stress buckets are filled with things like work, family, bills, and deciding on which kind of tacos to have for dinner or which bourbon to drink.

Taking all these things into account, you’ve filled up 80-90% of your stress bucket, which doesn’t leave much room for anything else.

So what do you think happens when you take a muscle-building or fat loss plan that demands you spend five or more hours in the gym per week, must adhere to a strict meal plan, and then adds in hours of cardio in on top of it all?

Your stress bucket overflows.

And when your bucket overflows, everything begins to fall apart.

You skip gym sessions because you feel guilty for not spending time with your family. And then you feel guilty for skipping your workouts. This creates a vicious negative-feedback loop that is difficult to break out of, and has the capacity to send you spiralling downward into anxiety.

Or you start opting for more highly processed foods because they’re “quick” and “easy,” and then you begin to slowly watch your dream physique slip through your fingers.

Then the negative emotions begin to pile up and eat away at you.

Suddenly the gym is no longer your peaceful haven to deal with stress in a healthy manner as it’s become the cause of your stress.

Same deal when it comes to your nutrition. You freak the fuck out when you can’t eat your pre-planned tupperware meals, which often leads to developing unhealthy eating habits and neuroticism.

The reality is that the majority of us don’t have lives that allow us to spend hours and hours in the gym each week.

So, we need to find another way.

Hence, the Minimalist Muscle Monthly way:

Minimalist Muscle Monthly Makes It
EASY To Achieve The Results You Want

The MMM method is much easier to sustain over the long-haul, which means you can continue building upon your results month after month.

Make sense?

If that sounds like it’s right up your alley, picture this:

Imagine you have a dead-simple program that following for one month could help you achieve fat loss OR muscle gain, depending on how you set up your nutrition (as explained inside the MMM Nutrition Field Notes).

If you flip a switch (adjust your nutrition depending on your goal), you can keep your muscle gains while getting shredded, or stay lean and athletic while getting bigger and stronger. 

That is what you’ll be able to do each month as a member of Minimalist Muscle Monthly.

While other programs take months and months to lose fat or build muscle, often resulting in what I call “fulking”, which are fat loss phases where you end up resembling a garden snake with no appreciable muscle mass and the strength of a pre-pubescent school girl, MMM allows you to seamlessly transition from fat loss to muscle building while ensuring proper nutrition so you make progress month after month after month.

After using this approach on myself and 98% of the 1400+ clients who have come through the Bach Performance doors over the past decade, I know the approach works. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s easy to stick to.

On that note, are you ready to begin your Minimalist Muscle journey?

If so, here are your options:

Minimalist Muscle Monthly
Yes, I want M3 For…

$1 for 1 week,  then 44.44
/ month

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

Lets do it

No, I’ll Skip Coaching

I’m okay missing out on…

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

Im out

Which Pill Are You Going To Pop?

At the end of the day, you have a decision to make:

You can take the “traditional bodybuilding” pill, and carry on fighting tooth and nail to execute a plan that demands at least five hours per week in the gym, plus all of the time required for meal prepping, cooking, and eating.

But you know where that road leads: to stress, anxiety, frustration, and with less time to spend with your family, to focus on your career or business, or to explore your interests outside of the gym.

Is that what you really want your life to look like?

Alternatively, you can take the “Minimalist Muscle Monthly” pill, and I’ll show you just how much progress you can make with your physique and health—whether you want fat loss, muscle gain, or strength improvements—without living in the gym or kitchen.

Popping the Minimalist Muscle Monthly pill will allow you to build the physique and achieve the transformation you want while improving your overall health in a way that’s sustainable over the long-term, won’t leaving you feeling beat up or injured, and is built on a training and nutrition philosophy proven by over a decade of results like these:

“I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds and at 35, have more energy and better health than I did at 25. If you’re interested in looking, feeling, and performing your best while navigating a full schedule, look no further. Bach Performance is your solution.”

-Nate Sannes, Regional Sales Manager and married father

So, What’ll It Be? The Blue Pill?
Or the red pill Minimalist Muscle Monthly?

Yes, I want M3 For…

$1 for 1 week, then 44.44
/ month

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

Start Trial

No, I’ll Skip Coaching

I’m okay missing out on…

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

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The Minimalist Muscle Monthly Top Nine

Got questions or queries? 

Comments or concerns? 

Do you feel like this guy?

In any case, the Minimalist Muscle Monthly ‘top nine’ should address any lingering thoughts, hesitations, or doubts you may have.

“Do I need to love lifting weights for this program to work?”

While you don’t need to LOVE lifting weights or being in the gym, not completely hating it will go a long way towards helping you be ruthlessly consistent with your three hours per week in the gym.

And if you do hate it, I’ll ask you this:

Do you hate lifting or being in the gym because you’ve had a frustrated past relationship with working out?

If that’s the reason for your gym hatred, Minimalist Muscle Monthly is going to be the first proven training and nutrition philosophy you’ve ever tried, and we both know it works.

“How much time will I have to spend in the gym?”

The MMM workouts will take you about 3 hours per week.

“What makes Minimalist Muscle Monthly different from every other training program out there?”

Most other programs are built on a foundation of more, more, more.

More hours in the gym, more food restriction, more cardio, and more of your time demanded.

Whereas Minimalist Muscle Monthly is all about hacking away at “more” until all you’re doing is the amount required for maximum and optimal results.

“Who is MMM NOT for?”

If you’ve never lifted a weight in your life before, I suggest working with an in-person trainer before checking out MMM. If you don’t know how to perform basic movements such as the squat, press, or deadlift, then MMM is not for you.

If you have a lengthy injury that means you must modify exercises to accommodate funky body parts or finicky joints, MMM is not for you.

“Will MMM work for beginners?”

No. I recommend you have at least six months of lifting experience before joining MMM.

“I’ve tried some of your other “minimalist” programs. What’s the difference between MM Blitz, MM Full, MM X, and Minimalist Muscle Monthly?”

Let’s break it down:

Minimalist Muscle Blitz is a literal four-week “blitz” to give you a taste of what the Minimalist Muscle philosophy can do for you and your physique.

Minimalist Muscle Full is the full muscle building schabang, including four unique body-part specialization phases.

Minimalist Muscle X is our most advanced muscle-building program yet, taking advantage of the high-frequency training to help you achieve maximum muscle development naturally. MMX is NOT a good fit for anyone who only has three hours to spend in the gym each week

Minimalist Muscle Monthly is the path to building muscle and losing fat in three workouts per week.

“What if I don’t see any results from MMM?”

Quite honestly, if you don’t see results, I’m willing to wager you haven’t put in the work. These methods have been tried, tested, and proven on too many subjects for me to believe that they don’t work. But, if you can show me that you HAVE diligently stuck to the program and seen no fruits from your labors, I’ll cover your refund with my 60-day money-back guarantee. 

All you have to do is email me at explaining why you want a refund, and I’ll handle it asap. 

I can’t get more fair than that.

“How is the Minimalist Muscle Monthly program delivered?”

Everything included with Minimalist Muscle Monthly Basic will be available via the Bach Performance App. Once you’ve joined the MMM Community, you’ll receive instructions via email for how to access the app and your programs.

If you take the MMM Black, the above applies, and you’ll receive your additional materials via email in the form of PDFs.

“What if I don’t have the equipment for a specific exercise or I lift at a busy gym where everything is always taken by some pleb sitting there texting for ten minutes?”

Included with the MMM program is an exercise substitution guide that will help you out of any jam. 

All you have to do is find the exercise you need a substitute for, then match the movement pattern with what equipment is available to you (I’ll show you how to do this inside the exercise substitution guide).

“What I’m unfamiliar with an exercise?”

I’ve got videos galore for every exercise you’ll find in the MMM programs, and they’re all available within the Bach Performance App.

Yes, I want M3 For…

$1 for 1 week, then 44.44
/ month

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

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I’m okay missing out on…

Your Monthly Training Program
(value: $111/month)
The MMM Nutrition Field Notes
(value: $55)
The MMM Community
(value: $55/month)[BONUS] The MMM Supplement Solution
(value: $55)[BONUS] The MMM Intermittent Fasting Guide
(value: $55)[BONUS] The Hardgainer’s Muscle Manifesto
(value: $55)

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