The Overstressed High Achiever

Your answers indicate you  know a thing or two about training and nutrition. 

But you struggle to keep your habits in alignment with your goals. 

You’re lacking accountability.

You are the typical grinder.

You have plenty of ambition, discipline, and often knowledge. You train regularly and eat well…most of the time.

Still, despite all their positive traits, you struggles in a few areas.

First, you lack the “why” for their ambition.

You haven’t taken the time to focus on how their life will be improved as a result of their success. 

This leads you to cycle “on and off” when it comes to fitness.

Second, you tend to self-sabotage. (Please note me, about to self sabotage with some delicious Four Roses Bourbon).

Self-sabotage occurs because you take their foot off the throttle too easily when you see progress. Or you push too hard and can’t find a sustainable balance when it comes to fitness.

You’re probably a Type A, hard charging person who is not afraid of hard work. The problem is, underlying stress and poor sleep often lead to self sabotaging behavior. 

For example, you may work your ass off all week and nail their diet, but take the weekend off to unwind, drinking too many cocktails and crushing great food with friends.

Note: I’m all for good drinks and food; you just need to find a balance.

Overcoming Overwhelm and Gaining Clarity

You are willing to buckle down and do the work, but you lack clarity and the focus needed to take the next step.

You understand you need to make changes to get to the next level, but simply struggles to commit to doing them.

You may need to sit down and consider tough questions. As a high achiever, you need to identify what you must STOP doing so you can focus on the key components holding you back.

Consider the following post:

When you improve your body physically, the benefits seep into other areas of your life personally, professionally, and even spiritually.

Many of our clients discover from fitness that when they see progress in the gym….

They have more confidence and energy, which improves their job performance and helps them show up for their family.

In this case, fitness isn’t about “losing ten pounds,” It’s about how losing 10 pounds improves every other area of your life.

The Lost Warrior needs a simple plan devoted to one singular goal.

More than anything, they need a tough coach who’s not willing to let them slide and holds them to the standards they need to set for themselves.

They need to have tough conversations to ensure they’re acting congruently with their biggest goals.

Similar to a talented quarterback who can’t get over the hump to win their first superbowl, they need the right coach and/or supporting caste to take the next step. There are two things you must focus on:

1) Simplicity. 

Adding more, equals more overwhelm and stress.

But subtracting, and focusing on “the right things” — based on your goals and needs, can save you A LOT of time, money and effort.

Which is why it’s important to know which levers to pull that work best for YOU.

2) You MUST know what you want out of life and fitness.

And clearly understand WHY it’s important to you. (knowing your values)

 Here’s what I want you to do… 

Take out a pen and write down your goal. (Seriously. Do this now)

 But don’t stop there.

Next, write down WHY that goal is important to you. (Be honest. This is for your eyes only.)

Do you want to reach your fitness goal because…

You want to be healthy. So that you can be around for your family?

Do you want to feel more confident about your appearance around other business professionals?

Do you want to take your shirt off and feel confident about what you see in the mirror… or, while on vacation at the beach? 

Do you want to have a thriving and passionate love life?

Do you want to have the energy to enjoy life and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way?

 This stuff is important.

 Did you do it?

I sure hope so.

If you did, that let’s me know you’re serious. 

And you’re much…MUCH… further ahead than most people.

Now, the only thing you’re missing is a clear road map to achieve your goals.

Which we’ll talk about in just a sec.

 But first…

Success Story


“As an attorney in Colorado, I have a hectic schedule. I love the outdoors and didn’t just want a routine that just focused on my physique; rather, I wanted to improve performance for biking, skiing, climbing, and rafting.  
Still, with many goals and too little time, I struggled for years to put a routine together that worked for me.

Now at 34, I’m in the best shape of my life and performing at the highest level of my life. I’ve seen improvements of over 35 pounds on my bench, clean,  squat, and deadlift. 

The hip, knee, and back pain I used to have when skiing? It’s gone.

Now, I’m skiing down some of the toughest slopes in the world, feel great, and dominate in the gym.

My girlfriend loves how I look, and I’m capable on any given day of performing well on the ski slopes or in the gym. 

If you’re thinking about hiring a trainer, look no further than Eric. His knowledge is extensive, his methods effective, and coaching 100% personalized. Without question, I will continue to work with Eric in the future.”

“I actually think he charges too little for the amount of access and results I got.”

I was always hesitant to doing online coaching, but Eric made it seamless and changed my mind quickly at how impactful it can be to have someone help you along the way.

Even though he was  2,000 miles away, it felt like I had a trainer at all times with me in the gym. I actually think he charges too little for the amount of access and results I got. The workouts are comprehensive, tailor made to me and my many nagging injuries, and the results speak for themselves.

I would highly recommend if you are serious about getting in better shape that Bach Performance would be your first stop.’

Bobby Armijo, CEO Joseph Financial 

I've leaned out significantly, and have visible abs despite being in a different city every week without losing muscle!

As the owner of a tech consulting firm, I travel frequently, vie for contracts, and work long hours to earn business opportunities and expand my network. In short, having the body and energy to conquer long days, jet lag, and health plays a huge role in helping me differentiate from the competition.

Since working together, I’ve been blown away by the time-efficient workouts, help to navigate social situations when it comes to nutrition, and Eric’s ability to create a focused plan around my hectic schedule. So far, I’ve leaned out significantly, and have visible abs despite being in a different city every week without losing muscle!  Working with Eric and Bach Performance has been an awesome experience so far–I highly recommend it.”

Scott Rushton, 27, Tech Consultant in Dallas, Texas


PNG image

At 41 years old, I felt myself getting closer and closer to “now or never” time in terms of achieving some specific strength and body composition goals.

I’ve read Eric’s articles online for years and decided to finally reach out to him about three months ago. Since then the training and nutrition programs from Eric have been great along with his ongoing information, encouragement, and advice. Everything has been customized to me, my schedule, and available equipment, which is no small feat considering my heavy work/travel schedule and fair share of sports related injuries. He’s made certain every part of the program evolves to allow for consistent progress towards my goals, and he’s always quick to respond when I have any questions or modifications are needed. If you’re looking to get lean, gain muscle, and/or increase strength Bach Performance can help you make it happen.

John D from Denver, Colorado.

By now, you should know the fitness goal you want to accomplish, and why it’s important to you…
…and you’ve seen what can happen when you have the right plan, support and accountability.

At the moment…

We’re looking to help a small amount of motivated people who have a burning desire to have more clarity…

… and know “the right way” to reach their fitness goals.

(Minus feeling overwhelmed, confused, and wasting time).

But, the only way we can decide if we’d be a solid fit to help you, is after you fill out an application. So that we can give you our honest recommendations.

And if we find that we’re not the right fit, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Either way, you have nothing to lose. 

The application is free, and our advice is free. 

And if we determine that we can help you, we’ll give you a nutrition and exercise plan. (based on your individual goals and needs). While providing personal on-going guidance, support, and accountability. To ensure you stay on the right track, and avoid getting derailed because of life and a lack of support.

Listen, I understand if you’re skeptical.

After all, I’m sure there are thousands of trainers, and health companies flooding your social media timeline.

But, how many of them have notable credentials, publications, and results?

Who are willing to hear you out and give you a plan that supports YOUR goals and needs…

…instead of just giving you a cookie-cutter (one-size-fits-all) plan, and running off into the sunset with your hard earned money?

Here’s the reality…

Three months from today, you can be nothing more than three months older — or you can feel stronger, healthier, and on your way to looking your best… 

… and feeling more energized and confident.

But that’s not my decision to make.

It’s yours.

Yes! I’d like an expert plan that supports my goals, and needs.

click the button below to fill our the application

Afterwards, please allow me and the team 12-24 hours to review your application. So that we can give you our honest feedback and suggestions.

We value your trust. 

And we’re here to help.

To better health and a richer life,

Eric Bach