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Intermittent Fasting Checklist

The Official “How To Get Started With Intermittent Fasting” Checklist

How you ever caught yourself typing, “How To Get Started With Intermittent Fasting” on your phone, only to find a bunch of shirtless salesly bro’s trying to sell you a workout plan in the first sentence? Same. Let me provide a refreshing, simple take to intermittent fasting so you know everything you need to start torching fat, looking great naked and improving… Keep Reading

This Habit Makes you More Productive

I have a story from a few months ago. I was driving myself crazy. Honestly, I thought my brain was going to explode. It sounds weird to say, because on the outside everything looked fine. I was helping clients, writing articles for major publications, and released The Power Primer Workout, which was killer. But  something felt “off.” I always felt… Keep Reading

Intermittent Fasting Myths

Intermittent Fasting Myths Debunked

“OMG, like, won’t intermittent fasting burn muscle and crash your metabolism, bro?” Great question. The truth is, intermittent fasting challenges many of our longest held assumptions about nutrition.   Hell, it’s a slap in the face of most of what we’ve been told from an early age about healthy eating.  As a result, intermittent fasting myths are bountiful. So, what’s the… Keep Reading

Intermittent Fasting

Case Closed: 11 Reasons To Do Intermittent Fasting

As far as I’m concerned, the debate is over and the verdict is in. Intermittent fasting is an incredibly powerful fat loss strategy because it provides structure frustrated dieters need to lose fat, yet provides the freedom to have a social life, and enjoy larger meals. In other words, it allows most people to lose fat while living a life… Keep Reading

Minimalist Muscle

Rest Pause Training For Rapid Muscle Growth

Training to failure is a popular way method to maximize muscle growth. The only problem? Excessive cortisol release, often from extremely high training volumes is the number one training mistake non-drug using men make. This begs the question: how can you, a busy, stressed out guy maximize growth-inducing benefits of training to failure without overdoing it? Enter rest pause training:… Keep Reading

Build Massive Muscle The Minimalist Way

             3 Minimalist Muscle Pyramid Methods for Size and Strength Pyramids involve starting with a number of reps and working down (or up) in reps from set to set. Done correctly,  the right pyramid can help you build size and strength at a much faster rate than straight sets, like good old 3×10. One size… Keep Reading

Washboard Abs

How To Build Sleek, Washboard Abs (3-D Core Training, Part 3)

Preventing annoying back pain and having a strong powerful core is great, but let’s cut to the chase. What you really want is to lose the annoying flab hangin’ over your summer shorts to reveal a strong, defined core. And what you really, really want is Hollywood-style washboard abs. In both cases, today is your lucky day. You’re going to… Keep Reading

Training Your Core

Core Training For Athletes (3-D Core Training, Part 2)

Training your core is one of the best ways to prevent injury, as I wrote in part one of this series, which you really need to read. (Trust me on this one.) Without a strong core you’ll never optimize your performance or health… or look better naked. Today brings the second part of triple-threat core training: training for performance. Once… Keep Reading

The Party Animal Meathead: 5 Ways To Lose Weight While Drinking Booze

Guest Post By Brian Donovan Okay, okay. I admit it. The headline The Party Animal Meathead: How To Lose Weight While Drinking Booze is a bit over the top. I’ll blame my sleazy and evil editor. He made me do it. But here’s the point. It’s almost true. Kinda/sorta. The point is you can drink sensibly without giving up your hard-won… Keep Reading

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