Build Your Strength Base

April 29, 2014

About the Author: Eric Bach

If you’ve been a consistent reader you know being weak is something I refuse to experience ever again. At 14 years old and a whopping 5’3″ 103lbs I was playing freshman football. Apparently, 14 was the age when my friends “decided to grow” and I was content being a blonde-haired, baby-faced munchkin.

I was sprinting down field on a kick-off and getting in position to make a tackle. I thought, “Why is this dude sprinting directly at me with the entire field open?” As it turns out I happened to be the path of least resistance.


I got trucked.

I’ve never been a big guy, I stand 5’9″ 180lbs, but never, ever, did I feel as helpless and weak as that moment. Although much of it was a matter of maturation, running through me was easier than running to open space.

I was vulnerable, I was weak, and I provided less resistance than a blade of grass.

I left that practice asking myself “Why are you weak? How can you get better?” From that moment on I refused to ever be weak again.

Strength is emphasized with all my clients whether they’re an athlete or trying to get shredded abs for summer. Luckily, improved strength improves more than your confidence, it improves all other training qualities.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter-Fat Loss is accelerated, muscle-building is stimulated, sports performance improves, and longevity increases by emphasizing a strength base.

Like anything else there is a risk:reward that must be taken into account. My opinions aren’t extreme on either end– strength building is a tool to achieve a goal. I prefer to address strength on a case by case basis where I consider the risk and reward of each exercise for each individual before starting the program.

Building strength isn’t for the faint of heart, it requires hard work, careful planning, and sound execution. Strength get’s tossed to the forefront of nearly every training program and although care must be used, it’s a great tool for improved health and performance. With that said I put together my arguments and why you need to make developing pure-strength a key focus in your routine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger liked it, so that means it must be pretty good, or we’re becoming BFF’s. Check it out.

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