10 Tips To Getting Jacked, Not Hurt, At Age 30+

January 19, 2021

About the Author: Eric Bach Performance

There’s nothing wrong with lifting heavy. I still do so in my 30’s.

But as a young guy in the gym, I did what pretty much ALL young guys do: chase heavier weights and big arms.

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The results were not all they could have been. Anything done to excess can lead to…

  • Achy knees
  • Throbbing shoulders
  • A stiff lower back that drains your energy and makes you feel 10 years older

Most lifters hit the gym in their teens full of piss and vinegar. They keep training the exact same way for years…despite their body throwing daggers of pain into overused and abused joints.

And you won’t ever come close to the strong, lean, and healthy body you want if you’re beating the snot out of your joints every time you hit the gym.

So, how can you get jacked, not hurt?

Here are ten crucial lessons from the Bach Performance Online Coaching Program:

1. Master Exercise Execution

Joint position dictates muscle function. You should own every inch of each rep. Control is crucial every step of the way.

2. Paused Reps
Except for explosive work, try adding pauses between the eccentric and concentric…like the bottom of a squat. Stored energy will dissipate and you’ll need to overcome the resistance using your muscles, not the stretch response. Pause and hold for 2-3 seconds before the concentric part of the lift.

3. Warm Up Daily
Most people spend their days hunched over computers and phones. Over time, that takes its toll. The bad posture gets hardwired into your system and becomes the new “natural.” Take time each day to move in new ways. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but stay active.

4. Walk Daily
We recommend 10,000 steps per day. This will improve blood flow to simulate recovery. It’s great for your mental health and waistline, too.

5.  Avoid NSAIDS
Over-the-counter painkillers have been shown to shut-down protein synthesis. This means poppin’ pills to deal with joint pain after a workout is negating your recovery at the cellular level. Plus, NSAIDS are terrible for your organs.

6. Supplement With Curcumin
Curcumin is a powerful natural compound that reduces inflammation and pain. Evidence shows it may aid in supporting healthy cholesterol levels, aid in optimizing hormone levels, and reducing body fat. 

7. Sleep 7+ Hours Per Night
Moderate sleep deprivation (4-6 hours) leads to increased inflammatory markers even in healthy adults. These inflammatory markers lead to joint pain and more sinister disease like metabolic syndrome and heart disease.

8. Consume Less Sugar, Alcohol, and Inflammatory Foods
Refined sugar, processed food, drugs, and alcohol have been repeatedly shown to increase inflammatory markers. The same can be said if you have food sensitivities and allergies. The most common are dairy and gluten, but they’re highly variable. Pay attention to how your body feels after certain foods and remove problematic foods.

9. Reduce Training Volume
Too many lifters train with high volume routines they can’t grow from, let alone recover. If your technique isn’t pristine, you’re piling POOR volume on top of dysfunction. That’s a recipe for injury. When you optimize rep quality, you can do LESS in the gym and achieve better results. 

10. Avoid Generic Workouts and Cookie-cutter Plans
The biggest mistake men make is to follow the same, cookie-cutter programs and expect different results.

Fact of the matter is, as life changes, your program needs to adapt with you.

When you look at it objectively you have…

    • Less time in your hectic schedule
    • Less room for error in your training
    • More aches, pains, and injuries to work around
    • More stress from work and life to navigate
    • More pressure to perform your best
    • A family or business to lead with energy and resilience

Your training needs to be hand-crafted and built around your life in order to improve it, not consume it.

So, what’s the answer for overcoming joint pain and low energy and getting the results you deserve?

This is: Chiseled Muscle Cheatsheet

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