10 Minutes for Fat Loss

December 11, 2013

About the Author: Eric Bach

Wow. Christmas is less than two weeks away. That means crazed shoppers dropping the “people’s elbow” on their fellow deal-fanatics, glorious sugar bomb christmas cookies , and ugly sweaters at the Christmas party.

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Oh yes, Christmas parties. Freezing nights with sugar-bomb cocktails, prime rib, awkward conversation and unfortunately, Fireball.  Besides the pounding headache the aftermath leaves residual blubber floating around your waistline topped with regret, and panic.

Instead of locking yourself away from holiday festivities add an extra 10 minutes into your workouts. 10 Minutes is all you need to maximize your fat loss.

I recently published an article with my friends at Fitocracy which provides the perfect recipe for blasting those additional holiday calories and preventing the post-holiday fat-panic. Continue Reading Here ==> For 10 Minute Fat Loss

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