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Dirty 30: Boulders for Shoulders

A pair of broad, dense  shoulders pop-out even in the most innocuous shirts: Which is pretty freakin’ cool.

Boulder shoulders
Photocredit: Realjock.com

That’s why “shoulder’s make the man“ remains such a popular saying.

In men, a good set of shoulders amplifies the V-Taper and X-Power look. For women, a set of toned, wide shoulders make the waist appear smaller, enhancing feminine curves.

A set of boulders for shoulders screams a body of pure-steel and sex-appeal.

Thirty minutes is all you need with this routine. Explosive push presses and controlled isolation exercises will put the shoulders to the test, creating tons of muscle-building tension.


Superset 1:

1 Arm Dumbbell Push Press: Use the legs to give your overhead press some extra power. Accelerate the bar with as much force as you can and hold the lockout position on each rep. This exercise will smoke the shoulders while building stability and challenging the obliques. Perform four sets of six to eight reps to tap into those fast-twitch muscle fibers, resting 30 seconds between arms before moving onto lateral raises.

DB Lateral Raise: From a standing position abduct the arm—bringing the arms from your sides until the elbows are at shoulder height. This bad-boy is the ultimate isolation exercise, targeting the medial head to add width to the shoulder. Rest 30 seconds and continue with the superset.

Superset 2:

Double Kneeling Arnold Press: With both knees down sit tall, squeezing your glutes. Hold the dumbbells in front, palms towards your face. Rotate the palms and press the dumbbells overhead. These were named after…. Yea you guessed it, Arnold Schwarzenneger. Arnold presses combine compound-overhead press with a slight twist to further emphasize the medial head of your shoulders.

Bent-Over Lateral Raise: This beast of an exercise focuses on the rear delts on the backside of the shoulder. With your shoulders already smokin’ the rear delt will handle the brunt of the load, blasting the shoulders from another angle.

Set 3:

Dumbbell Y Press: I must admit, I swiped this exercise from John Romaniello of Roman Fitness Systems.

This exercise is a dumbbell overhead press, except the shoulders go out at a slight angle. This requires a shit-ton of shoulder stability and hammers the traps. Go light and squeeze each rep for 20 reps. Perform two sets.

Roman demonstrates here >>Roman Demo’s DB Y-Press<<

Shoulder Quad Set:
This is icing on the cake and  0% optional. Select a weight you can perform 12 lateral raises with. Say, 20lbs or so.

Perform six DB lateral raises, six DB bent-over lateral raises, six DB front raises, and finish with six dumbbell overhead presses…without setting the dumbbells down. This is one set. If you’re feelin’ spunky try another one, but this bad-boy is a killer.


1a.1 Arm Dumbbell Push Press 4×6-8, Rest 30 seconds between arms

1b. DB Lateral Raise 4×15 Rest 30 seconds

2a. Double Kneeling Arnold Press 3×12 Rest 0

2b. Bent Over Lateral Raise 3×12-15 Rest 60 seconds

3. Dumbell Y Press 2×20 Rest 60 seconds

4. Shoulder Quad-Set 1-2 x6

Boom! You probably won’t even be able to pick up your iPhone to tweet about this workout, but in case you give it a shot hit me up here. Try this routine out when you’re short on time OR you’re feelin’ a little crazy, I’d love to hear what you think.


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