Are You Ready To Take Your Body From Ordinary To Extraordinary?

Then you’ve come to the right place. My proven methods will help carve that annoying belly fat from your waistline, build a strong, pain-free body, and add muscle to all the right places without forcing you to live in the gym. 

Read On And I’ll Show You How With My Proven System.

I’m Eric Bach, and I help busy men and women train smarter, lift harder, and diet (without realizing it) to build real world strength and look better naked. In other words, I help average people look, feel, and perform extraordinarily. 

But wait. This doesn’t really tell you who I am.
While I’m in good shape in the picture to the left, this wasn’t always the case. 

Growing up in Wisconsin I went from first being a chubby kid to suddenly being the smallest, weakest kid in my class. Quite the transformation, right?

I was teased with every name in the book:  Tiny, Puny, and even “little bitch.”

And as a result, I was timid, weak, and constantly comparing myself to others. I lacked confidence in my appearance and capabilities. Still, I liked sports and figured this was a way to be a cool kid, build muscle, and attract girls. Makes sense, right?
Despite my efforts, everything just got worse. At one practice I found myself between Jason, a bigger guy in my class, and the end zone. Rather than run around and try to avoid me, Jason trucked me, laughing and taunting me on his way to the end zone. I was the path of least resistance. 

Yeah, it hurt. But the pain was more mental than it was physical. I felt pathetic, weak, and insignificant….a feeling I never wanted to feel again. 

I wanted to quit.

I wanted to say “fuck it” and be left alone. 

I was about to walk off the field when a coach grabbed me and said, meet me in the weight room after practice. Going to the gym was the last place I wanted to be. I didn’t want to be near the bigger, stronger guys who always gave me shit. 

Still, I showed up. With the help of my first coach, I started figuring out what I was doing. I got stronger, leaner, and more athletic. Mentally, I grew the confidence to talk to girls, get back on the field, and take control of my body.

Soon it became apparent: Building a strong, capable body is the key to building confidence in your abilities. A few years later I was a different person: strong, confident, and a good enough athlete to play college sports.

Fast forward to today I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Precision Nutrition (PN1) coach and according to my colleagues, one of the Top 40 (#10) Fitness professionals to follow in 2017. 

Over the past decade, I’ve been mentored by numerous top coaches and have worked with everyone from college and pro athletes to the people I enjoy working with most: busy men and women who want to be strong, athletic, and look better naked.  

I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in such top media outlets as CNN, The Huffington Post, Livestrong,, The Personal Trainer Development Center, Muscle and Strength, and T-Nation. I’m not bragging, just pointing out that you and I have probably already crossed paths.

But Lets Talk About The Real Reason You’re Here

I know the pain of not feeling comfortable in your own skin. And in my experience, building a strong, capable body is the key to transforming your life both mentally and physically.

Still, the process isn’t easy. Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You’re sitting on a flight, reading an overpriced fitness magazine you picked up at the airport.
Splattered across the cover are headlines like “Add Three Inches to your Biceps In Six Days!” Or my personal favorite, “The Secret Trick Movie Stars use to Get Six Pack Abs in Three Weeks”.

Naturally, you’re intrigued. You read the articles and get ready to do the workouts first thing when you get home. 

This is it. You commit to making the big change and transform your body once and for all. 

Then, life happens.

Urgent business meetings force you to skip that lunch time workout.

Chauffeuring the kids leaves little time to prep food and in turn, you hit up the drive through for a meal of fries, burgers, and regret. 

Then, it’s the holiday parties–you’re trying to stay on your diet but don’t want to be “that guy” who sits in the corner with a plate of rubbery chicken and club soda while everyone else enjoys crab cakes and cocktails. 

And when things start to go well? That old shoulder injury makes a nasty comeback.

Your workouts are doing more harm than good (when you have time to do them.) You’re frustrated and soon, the vicious cycle repeats itself. You’re in no better shape and instead of feeling strong, confident, and lean, you’re pissed with another failed workout routine. 

Enough. The madness has to stop. 

These are the exact situations I help people like you overcome every day. You have the ability to build strong and fit body and mind. I will take you there.


Fitness Should Improve your Life, Not Consume It

Are you sick and tired of not feeling comfortable with your shirt off at the beach? 

Are you annoyed by the empty promises of workout programs that leave you beat up, weaker, and less fit than when you started? 

Are you frustrated and confused by contradictory information in the fitness industry?  

It’s time to stop wasting time and take control of your body once and for all. 

The best workouts aren’t the most complicated, with the craziest workouts. They’re the workouts that trigger a specific response to rapidly transform your body. 

The best workouts are short and effective, allowing you to stay consistent and make progress even when you’re busy with work.  


The best workouts torch fat, build strength and muscle in a smart way, based on science and backed by the experience of an expert coach.

This is what I will do for you. But don’t just take my word for. Ask my client Steve, a business owner and married father of two in Pennsylvania.

Your Diet Should be Practical And Flexible

Forget strict meal plans limiting you to bland broccoli and rubbery chicken. I’m all about balancing a healthy lifestyle with the things you enjoy.  With the right balance, we’ll create a plan that allows you to look and perform great without living life on the sidelines. 

Bach Performance Coaching Services

  • I’ll help you build athletic, functional strength so you’ll perform as great as you look. 
  • We’ll create the diet to rapidly lose fat and build muscle, rapidly transforming your body so you look your best on the beach in your new swimsuit, or in the new suit for that upcoming wedding. 
  • You’ll transform your mindset, unlocking new levels of confidence to make new relationships and opening the door to new opportunities. 
  • I’ll simplify the training process teaching not only what to do, but why we do it. In the end, I want to help you become self-sufficient and in control of your fitness for good. 

But my words only go so far. The bottom line is…

My Clients Get Great Results

On August 20th Dave was 250 lbs, about 28% body fat, and had a lean body mass of 185 lbs. Less than eight weeks later, Dave checked in at 240 lbs, 20% body fat, and a lean body mass of 192 lbs. 

Dave had lost 17 lbs of body fat while actually gaining seven pounds of muscle.

He’s now crushing pick-up basketball games against guys half his age.


What’s Next?

I can help you join Dave in building the best body of your life. I can help you join my client, Jenna.

She lost over 110 pounds and has since served an inspiration for thousands of others on their weight loss journey.Jenna_Before_After

I’m more grateful than I can say for her kind words: “Since training with Eric, I’ve lost over 110 lbs and completely re-vamped my lifestyle. If you need to make a life change or are just looking to get stronger and healthier, hire Eric. You’ll love his coaching and more importantly the results.”


Is My Coaching For You?

Like a fine whiskey, all my programs are hand-crafted and custom made.
The results will blow you away…and change your life for good. But only a few spots are available and we don’t accept everyone. 

If you have experience in the gym, I’d love to hear from to see if we have a match. Let’s build a body that performs well as looks just as good. Then, let’s build the practical lifestyle to maintain it.

I am here to coach you, not just provide a program. You’ll have to put in the work. I’m a nice guy, not a hard-ass. But you will get tough love when needed.

I’m not a cheerleader. You need to be self-driven, but I’ll be with you every step of the way. I will be the first one to give you a nudge or virtual high-five, or Predator handshake when you’re kicking ass and making #gainz. 

You’ll be thrilled with the results. But I don’t want to be your coach forever. I’ll teach you my methods so you become self-sufficient with your training. You’ll create the long-term habits that help you build…and keep your best body. 

The Coaching Program
Every program is customized to your needs and goals. Meaning you won’t be stuck doing another crummy workout pulled from a magazine; rather, a personalized program to accelerate pain-free progress in the gym and radically transform your body.

Your Customized Exercise Programming
If you want to look better naked and build a strong, athletic body, then a customized strength training is your ace in the hole.

Whether you’re looking for superhero shoulders, big arms, or Brad Pitt’s fight club abs, I’m your coach. Similarly, if you want a body that’s strong, explosive, and athletic, we’ll make it happen. 

With expert coaching and accountability to lead you to the promise land. 

No longer will you be frustrated by another sub-par program. No longer will you be shackled by the anxiety of  wondering, “what should I do in the gym today?” Instead, all you’ll need to do is pull up the workout I’ll create just for you and do it. 

Like the hundreds of busy people I’ve helped transform their lives in the past, I’ll save you the annoyance of program hopping and the pain of not seeing results by creating a custom plan to smash your goals without you living in the gym.

Custom Nutrition Coaching
Is your training dialed in? But do you still to struggle to eat healthy, especially on weekends?  Then this nutrition only plan is for you.

You don’t need to eat like a bird to lose fat, nor crush protein shakes like a bodybuilder to build muscle. Instead, we’ll create a plan that fits around your hectic life. “So what about intermittent fasting, the slow carb diet, Atkins, or if it fits your macros?”

Here’s the thing: All of these diets can work. But that doesn’t mean they’re the right diet for you. I’ll never force a diet down your throat if it’s impractical because, in the long term, impractical diets lead to short-term results, not long-term changes.
Instead, I’ll teach you what I’ve been able to do: Stay strong, lean, and healthy while still enjoying the occasional night out or chicken wing extravaganza during Football games.

Precision Guidance and Expert Accountability

So what’s the difference the advantage of my coaching program versus the others out there? Accountability.

It’s one thing to have a custom plan, but the process of executing the program is a whole other animal. I’ll make following your workouts as simple as possible. I know you’re busy, so let me do the lifting for you, and keep you accountable and making progress no matter what.  

Who Do I Coach?
I’ve worked with many different types of people. Elite level athletes… figure competitors.. and most of all busy men and women looking to maximize their training despite having insane schedules.


  • Guys who want to get ripped and athletic. Want to build a body that performs as well as it looks? This is my wheelhouse. Sure, it’s great to be jacked, but it’s better to be both “show and go.” 
  • Busy guys who want to build muscle. Do you want to turn heads when you walk into the room and feel comfortable with your shirt off? Whether you’re looking for a powerful chest or round shoulders and strong arms I’ll help you build a strong, aesthetic body without living in the gym.
  • Men and women who are extremely busy and frustrated by a lack of progress. The most important part of training is finding a workout that improves, not consumes your life. I Specialize in helping both men and women get into great shape no matter their schedule. If you have the determination, I’ll create the plan to build your best body.Are You Ready To Make Your Transformation a Success?

Coaching isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re ready to stop wondering, “what if” and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by your lack of progress, then let’s get started.

The program is extremely competitive and as it stands, has only five spots available for the month of April.

To claim your spot, please fill out the application form below as soon as possible.

We’ll hop on a short call to make sure the program is right for you, then hit the ground running towards building the best body of your life. 


Apply Now.