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How my clients get strong, lean, and athletic (3)


Do you feel like you’ve tried every program, only to feel beat-up, weaker, and unsatisfied with your body?

Have you tried every diet, only to find crushing six meals per day, tracking every macro, or neglecting steak and bourbon to be impractical?

Do you read dozens of articles, only leading to conflicting information that leaves you overwhelmed and confused?

If you’re constantly spinning your wheels, fed up with a lack of progress, and ready to look better naked, I’m here for you.

I’m Eric Bach. 

I can help you build your dream body.

I can help you feel confident when you take your shirt off at the beach.

I can help you simplify your training and nutrition.

I can help you take control.

I can help you stay fit and healthy once and for all. 

I’ve written for CNN, T-Nation, Askmen, Livestrong and helped thousands of people build strong, athletic bodies. They have unwavering confidence in their body and mind. I’d like to do the same for you.

My Focus is on Simplicity. Your results? Extraordinary. 

By finding the perfect balance between performance coaching, nutrition, and lifestyle change I’ve been able to help hundreds of clients build their dream bodies. You see it’s not about creating the perfect routine or sending out a “master” plan.

It’s about customization. I’ll create a program that fits your busy lifestyle. It will push your body to the next level. It will become a lifestyle, rather than a quick fix.

But words only go so far. I’d rather show you than tell you, with my good friend and former client, Dave.

Dave’s Success Story

When we first talked, Dave had the “I’ve tried it all” feeling. Paleo. Intermittent fasting. Bodybuilding training splits. Powerlifting. Some hybrid combination of all of them from six random articles.

More often than not, we’re so eager to see results that we’ll do anything and everything to get there. Until it doesn’t work.

And I get it. It’s tough to do all the right things, yet not make progress. Dave realized he needed coaching. And he never looked back.

On August 20th, 2015 Dave was 250 lbs, about 28% body fat and a lean body mass of 185 lbs.
Less than eight weeks later, Dave checked in at 240 lbs, 20% body fat, and a lean body mass of 192 lbs.

Dave had lost 17 lbs of body fat while actually gaining seven pounds of muscle and crushing pick-up basketball games after his weight training.

I can help you join Dave in building the best physique of your life.


Your workouts should improve your life, not consume it.

They should improve your performance, not just your physique or figure.

You deserve a body that looks awesome, yet is powerful and capable of handling anything life throws at you.

And I’m here to eliminate the confusion and make it your dream body a reality.

How You Can Build a Legendary Body

Don’t slap together random programs you find online. Program hopping never gives your body time to make progress. You’ll never forge the stronger, leaner, more athletic body you want and deserve.

Instead, leave the programming to me.

I take the time to get to know you and issues that are holding you back from getting your dream body, just like I did with Steve.

We’ll start with a call to find out what’s holding you back from your dream body, and get you on the right track. Then, I’ll a handcraft a program that fits your goals, your busy schedule, and your body.

Your workout and diet will be 100% tailored to you goals and your needs.

I’m not just here to be another trainer. I’m here to be the last trainer you’ll need. Ever.

I’ll provide you with the guidance and knowledge to become self-sufficient with your new bad-ass body and healthy lifestyle, like my good friend, Jenna.

How Jenna L. Lost Over 100 lbs

Jenna_Before_AfterI’m more grateful than I can say for Jenna L’s kind words: “Since training with Eric, I’ve lost over 100 lbs and completely re-vamped my lifestyle. If you need to make a life change or are just looking to get stronger and healthier, hire Eric. You’ll love his coaching and more importantly the results.”

Your Custom Plan

Your custom plan comes with the best training software available on your phone to track workouts, body composition, and diet from anywhere in the world. That means even if you’re halfway across the planet, we can still work together.

Plus, I’ll hook you up with video demos to optimize form and to decrease injury risk.

I’ll give specific exercise instructions to maximize your gains. Workout tracking will get you stronger, leaner, and more muscular.

I’ll keep you accountable.

Have you ever noticed how having a boss, coach or teacher pushes you to put out your best effort? That’s not an accident.

Having a coach gives you a huge surge of accountability, promoting the innate drive to put your best effort forward crush every workout, stick to the plan, and build your dream body.

But sometimes, even that individual drive isn’t enough, which is where I come in. Each day, I’ll get a summary of your workouts and notes. That means if you’re slacking, I WILL call you out and get you back on track.

If you’re crushing it? Even better, I’m the first one to congratulate you with a predator handshake.
predator handshake

I’m here to check in and guide you to success every step of the way.

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

The term diet sucks.

Instead, we’ll create a habit-based nutrition plan that improves your health and your body–without completely consuming your life. This means yes– you can crush BBQ and have a few beers– but it’s all about balance. And balance, the ability to look awesome, stay healthy, and enjoy life is what we’re all about.

In short, your custom plan will improve your body and optimize your life, not consume it.

Now, I need to ask two questions

 How much are you getting from your workouts?

Have you really changed your body and your life over the last six months…or years? Most people jump from program to program. Others hit the same workout they’ve done since high school. Both options suck.

Instead, leverage my expertise to take away your confusion and frustration while giving you the ideal workout to build your best body.

What do you need to go from the body you have to the confident, strong, and lean body you’re after?

As your coach, I’m with you every step of the way.

I provide the additional motivation to keep you going even when it gets tough. I provide the accountability to push you to the next level and hold you accountable to staying consistent once and for all with your training and nutrition.

I give my expert advice and top methods to build you an ideal program now, and for the future.

I want to help you build your dream body give you the tools to keep it. It’s time to take action and build your best body. Are you ready?

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