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Get your old body back faster than you ever thought possible by avoiding these surprisingly common mistakes nearly every woman makes and discover…

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  • 5 Time-Saving Strategies To Ensure Fitness Improves Your Life rather than consumes it.

  • The Simple 4 Week Reboot Plan to help you lose stubborn fat and tone up faster than ever

Think getting your old body back is impossible?

Or that you need to spend a fortune on detoxes, waist trainers, and booty bands?
Getting a lean, toned, and athletic body doesn’t need to be complicated.

Ready to get your old body back?

Here are 7 PROVEN Ways to Tone Up, Trim Down, and Get Back Into Shape.

Want to Get Toned, Lean, & Athletic Again Without Living In The Gym?

Here are 7 PROVEN Ways to Tone Up, Trim Down, and Get Back Into Shape.


Every year it gets a little bit harder to stay in shape.

You have more demands on your personal and professional life.

Your body doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it did before. And confusing and contradictory fitness information makes its way into your life–clouding the truth about the best way to look, feel, and perform your best.

Hi, I’m Eric Bach.

I’m a father, husband, business owner of Bach Performance, and fitness coach since 2011. We specialize in helping former athletes get their old bodies back and, most importantly, ensuring fitness improves your life rather than consuming it.

Having worked with hundreds of athletes and being an athlete myself can tell ya…
Being an athlete is a double-edged sword.

The good side?

  • You’ve been active your entire life.
  • You know your body well.
  • You know how to push yourself.
  • And you know the “mental edge” that comes with looking, feeling, and performing your best.

Fitness is a force multiplier. When you’re dialed in physically, the energy, confidence, and mental edge bleed over into every other area of your life, personally and professionally.

Until it doesn’t.

As an athlete, you get used to having an entire training program designed specifically for you.

You have the coaching and team to hold you accountable and push you outside your comfort zone.

And suddenly, everything changes.

The rug gets pulled out from underneath your feet, and you can quickly find yourself gaining weight, slowing down, and struggling both physically and mentally.

Or you’re not working out as much, so the foods you used to be able to get away with…now set up shop on your hips, thighs, and waist.

Or your joints simply can’t take the pounding they did before, and you have to completely change how you approach fitness.

You no longer have the same energy you did before.

You’re a bit more self-conscious, and it’s compromising how you look, feel and perform. Not just physically but in every area of your life.

As great as it is as an athlete when your identity is stripped from you, you’re left with the mindset, self-awareness, and drive of an athlete, but you don’t have the support, tools, or nutrition and training to meet you at the next phase of your life.

This is the double-edged sword I mentioned.

As your body and lifestyle change, so must your approach to fitness.

Fitness must improve your life–not consume it. As a former athlete, you have to be able to adjust on the fly–just like you would in the middle of a game when you’re down big.

That’s precisely what I’ll show you–how to adjust to training to meet you where you are now and build your best body possible–and give you the tools to sustain it.

What follows may be different from the other internet advice you’ve read. And it may contradict what you’ve been led to believe.

It will challenge you mentally, and if you put it into play, it will challenge you physically–and ultimately help you transform.

So if you’re 100% satisfied with where you are right now, you can click “x” on this guide and do what you have been doing.

However, if you’re not satisfied with the reflection in the mirror or want to continue improving, read on.

I’m going to break down 7 Proven Methods To Get Your Old Body Back.

Let’s go.

1. Fat Loss Workouts Are a Myth

Some people have no problem getting and keeping a lean and athletic body.

Those who don’t?

They often fall for one of the biggest LIES in the fitness industry: “High rep toning workouts for faster fat loss.”

Despite what you’ve believed, MORE intervals and only focusing on “high rep” training to tone exercises and burn more calories won’t help you get leaner.

In most cases, you’ll actually lose muscle which can slow down your resting metabolic rate (RMR), making it harder to stay lean long term.

You can constantly be on edge. Your menstrual cycle may disappear or be inconsistent. You may get sick more often.antly on edge. Every system in your body is more stressed with this approach, too.

What happens when you add more stress? You start a vicious stress cycle that zaps your mood, energy, motivation, and ability to lose fat.

Worse yet…

Suppose you don’t put your muscles under enough TENSION when you’re in a calorie deficit. In that case, you’ll lose more muscle…which decreases your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn while scrolling’ the socials)…and makes it even harder to lose fat and keep it off for good.

In the past…you may have done a ton of cardio and high rep training one or two times and lost weight…but you HAVEN’T found a SUSTAINABLE way to get and keep your dream body.

2. 90% of Fat Loss Comes from Your Diet.

90%+ of your fat loss comes from your diet. The “type” of exercise you do barely scratches the surface for actually burning fat.

Over the past few years, calorie tracking devices that spit out “calories burned” have become increasingly popular.

The problem is, that these devices are often off by 25-50%.

90%+ of your fat loss comes from your diet. The “type” of exercise you do barely scratches the surface for actually burning fat.

Over the past few years, calorie tracking devices that spit out “calories burned” have become increasingly popular.

The problem is, that these devices are often off by 25-50%.

This creates two massive, jumbo margarita sized problems:

First, you chase “burning” more calories as the goal of your workouts. You stop focusing on what’s most productive and helps you look, feel, and perform your best…and you do it with wildly inaccurate information. In essence, you’re chasing a ghost.

Second, when you focus on how many calories you’re burning, it’s easy to start justifying snacks and treats throughout the day. After all, you think you burned 500 calories in that workout–a 400-calorie margarita won’t hurt that bad, right…right?

Given my love of Margaritas, I wish I was wrong. But I’m not.

The calorie difference between exercises is negligible long term. By focusing on the right type of training, as we did with Jenna, a busy mother with a non-stop work schedule, she was able to lose and keep off over 130 pounds.

Whether you have 13 pounds to lose or 130… your focus needs to be on retaining strength and muscle, which helps you protect your metabolic rate and hormones while your diet helps you burn fat.

3. STRESS is Systemic

“Adulting” is stressful. As an athlete, you had pressure and stress to perform.

But stress takes on a whole other level when you add in work deadlines, social lives, and kids. When you mix in a changing body and identity that’s no longer as strongly associated with athletics, it gets even tougher.

Your motivation withers and it can be hard to get out of bed for that early workout.

When you’ve made decisions all day, the last thing you want to do is make the healthy meal choice when UberEats is 3 clicks and 30 minutes away.

So, what else is stressful?

  1. Living in the modern world–non-stop connection to devices, news.
  2. Comparing yourself to others or the body you used had before.
  3. Eating at a steep calorie deficit to lose body fat.
  4. Training (especially long cardio, intervals, and high rep weight training)…even more so when dieting.
  5. A lack of sleep.
  6. Stimulants to make up for a lack of sleep.
  7. Work deadlines, kids, bills, and getting cut off in traffic.

The more stressed you get, the less resistant you become to stress.

When you get less resistant to stress, you’re on edge, and every physiological process (from cognitive function) to physical performance takes a hit.

Cortisol–your body’s primary stress hormone, increases and makes it more likely you’ll gain stubborn fat around your hips, thighs, and the backs of your arms. That’s why it can feel like you’re doing all the right things yet continuing to struggle to build your best body despite your hard work.

The big takeaway is this: Stress management becomes 10x more crucial to your fitness results as you get older.

Your training and nutrition have to adapt to the other changes taking place in your life–or you’ll simply dig yourself a deeper hole, gain body fat, and feel like nothing is working despite your effort.

4. Save Time. Eliminate Decision Fatigue

Have you ever had a conversation like this:

You: Where do you want to go to dinner?
Significant other: Idk, you pick.
You: I’ve made decisions all day. I really don’t care. Can’t you just pick?

And 15 seconds later, you’re annoyed.

And you end up ordering door dash and splurging on your diet when you should have made a healthy dinner. This is a classic example of decision fatigue, also known as the “fuck it.”

When you make decisions all day,  fatigue kicks in, and it’s exponentially harder to make healthy decisions even when we know they’re the right decision.

Over time…

When your actions are incongruent with the true goals and desires you erode confidence and self-belief.”

Pretty soon, you’re doing things you know you shouldn’t and feel bad about it.

So, what’s the solution?

Over the last 10+ years as a coach, here are 5 helpful ways to reduce decision fatigue so you can do the right things more often.

  1. Do the “hardest” thing first. If you’re struggling to work out consistently, do it in the morning before work. Is it always fun? No. But it works the best.
  2. Automate meals. Use a meal delivery service, try intermittent fasting, or commit to eating the same healthy meals daily for breakfast and lunch. Once dinner comes around, you have more flexibility to enjoy the most social meal of the day.
  3. Create a morning routine. Routines allow you to act without conscious thought–kind of like how you don’t need to think about brushing your teeth. Each morning I wake up–put on my workout clothes I, set out the night before–drink the 20oz of water I bring with me before bed–and do a 5-minute meditation on my phone. None of this requires motivation–I set the frame for success the night before. Doing the same in your life ensures self-care gets done while you have the most control: the morning.
  4. Hire a coach. Yes, coaches give you the accountability to live up to the standards and goals you set for yourself. They also help you eliminate mistakes and the wrong decisions, giving you more headspace and a fast-track to success.

    Imagine trying to succeed in your favorite sport without ever having a coach.

    It would have been rough, right?

    Apply the same logic to getting back into shape now and book a complimentary transformation call: https://calendly.com/bachperformance/bach-performance-fitnesscoaching

  5. Consistent waking/rising times. Your body craves consistency. If you go out, stay up late, and sleep in on weekends, you’re giving yourself “jetlag” every week. That’s why it can take until mid-day on Tuesday to get into a rhythm. If you improve your sleep timing, you’ll have more willpower, motivation, and discipline all week.

5. The Lean Lifestyle Non-Negotiables

When you focus exclusively on the outcome (your dream body), it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. A better option is to focus on the process and action steps needed to get there.

For this reason, we’ve created a series of non-negotiables for all of your clients inside the Bach Performance Coaching Program.

By nailing these basics daily, you’ll simplify your path to success.

6. Expert Accountability

As an athlete you didn’t have to think about what the best program or nutrition plan was.
You had coaches who gave you a structure.

In practice, they told you what drills to do and how to do them.

Your focus wasn’t on devising the perfect plan–you relied on the experienced coach to provide you with the right information and the accountability to get it done.

You showed up followed the plan did the work, and got results.

But now?

Well, you know your body, but you know you can’t just train the way you used too and expect the same results–your body and life is different now.

You’re tasked with finding the motivation to show up, wading through the confusing and contradictory fitness information all over the web, and trying to get results while your life and body are changing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what to do and have the guidance you had as an athlete, yet for your body?

I can tell ya…even as a coach, I work with coaches. The truth is, we all have blind spots when it comes to our own performance. And we all do better with external accountability from an expert coach.

When you work with a coach, you avoid the biggest mistakes and, most of all, DO the work you know you need to do.

7. You Need to Reboot Insulin.

Do you remember when you could eat (almost) anything you wanted and get away with it?

Ahh, the good old days.

As an athlete, you burn a ton of calories. On a hormonal level, you were likely more sensitive to insulin.

Insulin regulates your blood sugar. When you were an athlete, your body could break down the sugars in a chocolate chip cookie and help you use it to RECOVER from training.

If you even look at the damn cookie like this gem from City Cakes, it seems to make its way to your waistline.

Here is the problem…
When you stop competing as an athlete, you exercise less, burn off fewer calories, and in most cases, have a DECREASED insulin sensitivity.

All this combines to mean you can’t eat the way you used to. Your body simply can’t handle it…yet.

Fortunately, the Bach Performance Athlete Fat Loss Program has a specific nutritional protocol designed for women to help you reset your insulin sensitivity.

It’s called the Insulin Reboot Protocol.

With our unique step-by-step program, we’ll eliminate ALL the guesswork around food and training, like Kayleigh who needed to get back into shape for her wedding.

We’ll show you exactly what to eat to help you lose body fat quickly and start getting your old body back.

As you get leaner and notice more muscle tone, we’ll show you how to become more FLEXIBLE with your nutrition so you can start enjoying your favorite foods while getting your old body back.

When we combine the insulin reboot protocol with our Athlete Fat Loss Training Program, we’ll eliminate ALL the guesswork and show you exactly what to do–just like when you were competing.

All of your workouts are video-guided at the touch of a button on your phone.

If this sounds helpful and you would like to get a step-by-step customized plan to help you get your old body back, and most of all, the accountability to permanently transform your physique, the next step is simple.

Book a short call with our coaches here. We’ll find out where exactly you’re struggling, your specific goals, and formulate a step-by-step game plan to help you build your best body.

Are you ready to get your old body back?

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