Welcome to the 3-Day Fitbiz Freedom Masterclass

It’s time to create financial & time freedom with your online coaching business!

Please make sure to check your email for an important welcome email from Eric (eric@bachperformance.com) covering the Fitbiz Freedom Masterclass. If you don’t see the email, it’s lurking in your promotions folder. Drag it over to your main inbox and you’ll be all set.

Next up, follow the crucial steps below.

These are designed to maximize the experience and ensure you’re able to gather, retain, and implement the information to have more freedom, generate more clients, and deliver world-class results.

Your Gameplan For Success


Join the private facebook group

You’ll get access to the 3 days of live training inside the Bach Business Coaching Facebook Group.

Inside these digital walls, we’ll be filling your cup with bonus training, posts, and tips leading up to the masterclass. We want to get to know you so we can connect and best serve you.

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Reserve time in your calendar. Be prepared to play.

The 3-day masterclass is a chance to completely transform your business and by extension, your life.

But much like getting your clients results in the gym…

You have to show up and be ready to do work.

Set an alarm and book time off to ensure you can join LIVE. The experience will be much more valuable when you can ask questions to customize the experience as much as possible.

Put an alarm in your phone to block off one hour on October 18, 19, and 20th at 3:00 PM EST each day.


Your network becomes your net worth. If you want to maximize the growth of your business and have a blast doing it, invite a friend to join the masterclass. You’ll be able to collaborate and grow together.

(For every registration we will donate to the Wounded Warrior Project to support Veterans and active-duty military members. By growing together you can support a great cause while enjoying the growth of your business.)

All you need to do? Copy, paste and send this quick message.

Hey___, I’m attending a free Fitbiz Freedom Masterclass October 18-October 20th. It’s designed to help you create A Successful Online Coaching Business and Permenantly Escape The Dollars For Hours Rat Race.

If you’d like to do it together (it’s free) and for every registrant, Bach Performance will make a donation to the Wounded Warriors Project. Want to join?