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3 Day Fitbiz Freedom Masterclass:
Learn the Simple Way to Create a Successful Online Coaching Business and Permanently Escape the Dollars for Hours Rat Race

Learn the time tested principles to building a profitable online coaching business in three days.

And get your clients world class results with a business that improves your life rather than consumes it.

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The free 3-day masterclass is handcrafted for…

Current & aspiring coaches who want to consistently generate 5-7k months without a complicated business plan.

DAY 1 – Base Building: Proven Methods to Stand Out In a Saturated Market

October 18th, 3:00 PM EST – 4:00 PM EST

The Saturation Advantage: Can you really stand out in the online marketplace?
You’ve been lied to. Saturation is a good thing–it means there is a ton of opportunity if you can differentiate yourself.

The secret to standing out in the new economy comes down to nailing your niche, expert positioning, and getting crystal -clear in your marketing.

The Biggest Mistake you Need to Avoid while Delivering Coaching.
Avoid the biggest foundational mistakes that leave most online coaching businesses dead-in-the-water before they even have a chance to grow.

How can I deliver world-class results online?
Take it from me: a coach who’s (actually) spent over a decade in the trenches and online working with everyone from top athletes to average Joe’s.

You’ll learn the systems we use to generate world-class results for hundreds of clients as efficiently as possible

[BONUS: How Eric’s Time Tested Onboarding Overhaul]
Learn the exact systems I use to onboard clients, streamline service, and create compelling check-ins for highly engaged clients.

DAY 2 – The Audience Attraction System

October 19th, 3:00 PM EST – 4:00 PM EST

How to get started and find your ideal clients, even if you’re brand new to coaching.
Our Perfect Client packaging will help you get crystal clear on your ideal clients, where to find them, and how to grow a profitable business from the ground up.

How to create and post compelling content that generates trust and leads, not just likes.
It’s not enough to just be smart, funny, hot, or outlandish. We’ll break down the ins and outs of personality-driven marketing to connect with your clients while positioning you as a trusted expert.

I’m not sure where I should be posting, or what my offer should look like.
We’ll break down the Core 1’s, a simple strategy to give you laser focus on your business and simplify building your business.

DAY 3 – CQC Conversions
Call With You?

October 20th, 3:00 PM EST – 4:00 PM EST

What should I be doing on a daily basis to build my business?
Learn the simple, daily action steps you need to take each day to build your business.

As Derek Sivers said, “if more information were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs already.” It’s time to implement.

How can I make sure I get qualified leads who want to work with me?
We’ll run you through the 5 Star client checklist to qualify and convert clients who are ready, willing, and able to invest in your coaching program.

I became a coach to help people. Not market and sell something. Help!
Hey, I get it. We’re cut from the same cloth.

We’ll teach you an earth-tilting perspective and how to seamlessly integrate marketing and sales into your business without being sleazy.

Your Coach During the Masterclass

Eric Bach, FOUNDER of Bach Performance & Bach Business Coaching.

Eric has been a coach and fitness author for the last decade. He’s been privileged to work with top athletes from around the world and have his work featured in CNN, Yahoo, AskMen, The Personal Trainer Development Center, and T-Nation.

Now married with a young family, Eric helps other fitness professionals achieve financial freedom online and build a business that improves their life, rather than consumes it.

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This Masterclass is exactly what you need to flood your business with new clients if…

You’re a current or aspiring coach who wants to consistently generate 5-7k months without a complicated business plan



What results can I expect?

If you put the action steps covered in this free masterclass into play you can easily add 5-7k to your online business each month.

That said, everyone begins with their business (and mindset) in a different place. As the saying goes, success loves speed. And in business, those who are willing to step out into the unknown and take action fast are the ones who often succeed.

How much time does it take to put these lessons into action?

Each masterclass will take approximately 45 minutes. If you’re in the VIP group, you’ll have additional time to ask questions and start implementing with our step-by-step live mentorship.

Students will have access to the recordings for a week after the masterclass.
VIP members will get access for life.

We’ve distilled the key principles you need to build a profitable business into digestible and actionable steps so you can start making progress immediately.

What if this doesn’t work for me? I’ve tried other things before and haven’t succeeded.

I understand how frustrating that can be. We’ve helped coaches from a plethora of niches and experience levels thrive in building their business.

The reason our clients crush it?

Our methods are developed based on time-tested business principles. It simply comes down to finding the correct method for you, your personality, and your business. So if you’re willing to put in the work, we’ll streamline the process and give you the blueprint to business success.

But don’t take my word for it. See the success of our students below.

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What Our Clients are Saying…

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Erwin Regidor: 10K On One Insta Post

Nisha: 7K/Month Part Time

Chris Shipp: Afternoons Off & $180,000/Year

Eric Freedom: $42k in 3 Months To Save His Business

Adam Blake: Rockstar Turned Online Coach

Kyle Kranz: 6-Figure Fitness Business Freedom With a Rare Niche Market

Anna:” Far superior to the other business coaching programs I’ve been a part of.”

Bryan Mayorga: Making a Killing Helping Military Members Optimize Their Health

Johnnie Perry: Earning His Freedom & Increasing Income 58% While Working Less

Kellen Lake: 20K Months and More Time For His Family

Jon Vlahogiannakos: 20k In New Business and More Time With His Family

Davide Alfonsi: New Dad Earns 30k In New Business While Moving During COVID

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