The Lost Warrior

Your answers indicate you  know a thing or two about training and nutrition. 

But you struggle to keep your habits in alignment with your goals. 

You’re lacking accountability.

The Lost Warrior is the typical grinder.

They have plenty of ambition, discipline, and often knowledge. They train regularly and eat well…most of the time.

Still, despite all their positive traits, the Lost Warrior struggles in a few areas.

First, they lack the “why” for their ambition.

They haven’t taken the time to focus on how their life will be improved as a result of their success. 

This leads them to cycle “on and off” when it comes to fitness.

Second, they tend to self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage occurs because they take their foot off the throttle too easily when they see progress. Or they push too hard and can’t find a sustainable balance when it comes to fitness.

The Lost Warrior is often a Type A, hard charging person who is not afraid of hard work. The problem is, underlying stress and poor sleep often lead to self sabotaging behavior. 

For example, they may work their ass off all week and nail their diet, but take the weekend off to unwind, drinking too many cocktails and crushing great food with friends.

Note: I’m all for good drinks and food; you just need to find a balance.

The Lost Warrior Roadmap To Success

Lost Warriors are willing to buckle down and do the work, but they lack clarity and the focus needed to take the next step.

The Lost Warrior understands they need to make changes to get to the next level, but simply struggles to commit to doing them.

The Lost Warrior needs to sit down and consider tough questions. As a Lost Warrior, you need to identify what you must STOP doing so you can focus on the key components holding you back.

Consider the following post:

When you improve your body physically, the benefits seep into other areas of your life personally, professionally, and even spiritually.

Many of our clients discover from fitness that when they see progress in the gym….

They have more confidence and energy, which improves their job performance and helps them show up for their family.

In this case, fitness isn’t about “losing ten pounds,” It’s about how losing 10 pounds improves every other area of your life.

The Lost Warrior needs a comprehensive plan devoted to one singular goal.

More than anything, they need a tough coach who’s not willing to let them slide and holds them to the standards they need to set for themselves.

They need to have tough conversations to ensure they’re acting congruently with their biggest goals.

Similar to a talented quarterback who can’t get over the hump to win their first superbowl, they need the right coach and/or supporting caste to take the next step.

Success Story


“As an attorney in Colorado, I have a hectic schedule. I love the outdoors and didn’t just want a routine that just focused on my physique; rather, I wanted to improve performance for biking, skiing, climbing, and rafting.  
Still, with many goals and too little time, I struggled for years to put a routine together that worked for me.

Now at 34, I’m in the best shape of my life and performing at the highest level of my life. I’ve seen improvements of over 35 pounds on my bench, clean,  squat, and deadlift. 

The hip, knee, and back pain I used to have when skiing? It’s gone.

Now, I’m skiing down some of the toughest slopes in the world, feel great, and dominate in the gym.

My girlfriend loves how I look, and I’m capable on any given day of performing well on the ski slopes or in the gym. 

If you’re thinking about hiring a trainer, look no further than Eric. His knowledge is extensive, his methods effective, and coaching 100% personalized. Without question, I will continue to work with Eric in the future.”

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