The Program Hoping High Performer

If you want to know a SUSTAINABLE approach to achieve satisfying fitness results, read below.

Are you tired of all the hyped up fitness programs?

There’s hype everywhere!

Just turn on your TV, jump on social media or google…

…or, start flipping thru the pages of a fitness magazine. And you’re likely to find the latest hype diet, supplement or workout program.

-shed fat with keto

-shed fat with whole 30

-shed fat with this magic diet pill

-shed fat with this killer workout program

I get it…

You have every right to be skeptical of all the extravagant claims.

This ^^ is what makes it so hard to nail down a diet and training regimen that not only gets results… 

But also, one that you can sustain. 

Because every time you think you’re on the right track… BAM! 

There’s another shiny… mind-blowing… hyped up fat loss gimmick… claiming to solve your fitness problems.

Which leads to…

…confusion, uncertainty and program hopping.

Hey I’m Eric Bach, owner here at Bach Performance.

Feeling completely overwhelmed is normal for the men and women who come into our program.

Before they join us, they’ve often spent months if not years trying different diets and workout programs…

Yet, they never seem to get the RESULTS they were promised.

Or… they get derailed off their fitness plan. Because of social events, family outings, and traveling for work.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You see, it’s not your fault if you haven’t achieved your fitness goals.

The problem is…

Most plans on the market are not designed for long-term success…

… and most plans don’t support YOUR individual goals, and needs. They’re designed to keep you coming BACK for the next “quick fix” they’re about to peddle.

Think about it.

Some weeks… life can be calm.

Then other weeks… your schedule is chaotic.

You have to support family, you have to travel, or meetings at work are longer than usual.

Which means…

You need a plan that supports your individual goals and needs. So that you can ditch hopping from program-to-program. And finally, nail down a sustain plan to get in-shape. And stay in-shape. (No matter what obstacles are thrown your way).

And when you get this…

…you’ll notice you don’t have to suffer with food restrictive starvation diets. Or, spend HOURS working out and sacrificing your social life.


Achieving your fitness goals is a lot  simplier than most people think. (Simple, not easy).

It all comes down to setting a goal…

…and having a solid plan to get there. 

A road map if you will.

And the clearest and best road map to transform your body (for good), is having a plan based on YOUR individual goals and needs, and a sherpa to climb the mountain of success.

And that’s what we focus on here at Bach Performance.

Over the past eleven years, our science based, time-saving approach to fitness… has given us the privilege to be featured on fitness sites like T-Nation, And notable news publications such as Yahoo and CNN.

Success Stories

When Dave came into the Bach Performance Physique Coaching Program, he had the “I’ve tried it all feeling.”

What he started with wasn’t working any more. He continued to piece together workouts from the past while playing basketball during his lunch hour.

The problem?

He never focused on losing fat or building muscle individually…he kept going back and forth between the two.

The key to Dave’s success wasn’t to try and LOSE FAT and build muscle at the same time…it was to go all in one one goal at a time with a focused plan.

So, what happened?

We created a focused, video guided plan for Dave to lift four days per week.

For his diet we used intermittent fasting and a high-protein diet to preserve (and even build) lean muscle while getting lean. Here’s a snapshot of his results.

On August 20th Dave was 250 lbs, about 28% body fat and a lean body mass of 185 lbs. About eight weeks later, Dave checked in at 240 lbs, 20% body fat, and a lean body mass of 189 lbs.

While we couldn’t account for water weight, Dave lost roughly 14 pounds of non-muscle mass (fat and water) while actually gaining four pounds of muscle. 

“If you chase two rabbits, you’ll catch none.” 

– Russian Proverb

“My weight has stayed under 200 for the longest stretch since my teens.”

“Eric meticulously customizes my programming around my specific goals (improving in obstacle course racing), wacky schedule (with up to half my training in dodgy hotel gyms), and aches and pains (in my 54-year-old joints).

The results have been fantastic; my weight has stayed under 200 for the longest stretch since my teens. I’m wearing 32 jeans again. I’m performing at my bestin Spartan obstacle races. Best of all, I’m healthy and making consistent progress, which is the opposite of my past track record. I wish I had made this investment many years ago.”

Fred Wszolek,  Partner at StrategyWorks in Charleston, South Carolina 

Now, you know what it takes to escape diet and program hopping…

…and you’ve seen what can happen when you have the right plan, support and accountability.

At the moment…

We’re looking to help a small amount of motivated people who have a burning desire to have more clarity…

… and know the right way to reach their fitness goals.

(Minus feeling overwhelmed, confused, and wasting time).

But, the only way we can decide if we’d be a solid fit to help you, is after you fill out an application. So that we can give you our honest recommendations.

And if we find that we’re not the right fit, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Either way, you have nothing to lose. 

The application is free.

And if we determine that we can help you, we’ll give you a nutrition and exercise plan. (based on your individual goals and needs). While providing personal on-going guidance, support, and accountability. To ensure you stay on the right track, and avoid getting derailed because of life and a lack of support.

Listen, I understand if you’re skeptical.

After all, I’m sure there are thousands of trainers, and health companies flooding your social media timeline.

But, how many of them have notable credentials, publications, and results?

Who are willing to hear you out and give you a plan that supports YOUR goals and needs…

…instead of just giving you a cookie-cutter (one-size-fits-all) plan, and running off into the sunset with your hard earned money?

Here’s the reality…

Three months from today, you can be nothing more than three months older — or you can feel stronger, healthier, and on your way to looking your best… 

… and feeling more energized and confident.

But that’s not my decision to make.

It’s yours.

Yes! I’d like an expert plan that supports my goals, and needs.

click the link below to fill out the application

Afterwards, please allow me and the team 12-24 hours to review your application. So that we can give you our honest feedback and suggestions.

We value your trust. 

And we’re here to help.

To better health and a richer life,

Eric Bach