Sprint your Way Shredded

March 17, 2015

About the Author: Eric Bach Performance

This shouldn’t be breaking news to anyone reads my blog on the regular, but I love coffee, #gainz, steak sprints, especially for improving athleticism and shredding body fat simultaneously. 

Seriously, as it pertains to exercises that maximize sports specific carryover and scream high-performance training, sprints reign king.

In my latest article on livestrong.com I explain why sprints are the ideal choice to improve your athleticism while stripping off layers fat (and look better naked).

Sprint Your Way Shredded

Also, I submitted two routines to help you Sprint your Way Shredded using both hills and a treadmill. Like anything else in the gym, start conservative if you haven’t cranked up the speed in a while. If that’s the case, a few week or two of jumping rope (as covered in depth with Roman Fitness Systems here) will prepare your body for higher-speed movements.

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