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You already have the workouts and nutrition lined up to lose 15+ pounds of belly fat over the next three months.

But there’s one problem I’ve seen hundreds of times over the last decade when it comes to fat loss…

Yeah, a problem.

And it’s something you MUST avoid at all costs if you’re serious about actually KEEPING fat off rather than adding weight again and falling back into old habits…

Here’s the big problem I hear… “Eric, I love workouts and nutrition. But I need more accountability, guidance, and group support. Life is crazy, and having the extra push to stick to the workouts and learn how to keep fat off for myself would be insanely valuable. Do you do any calls or have a supportive group of other challengers to help me make the most of my experience?”

Luckily, I have the perfect answer to help you at a fraction of the price of my regular online coaching…

The Bach Performance Look Good Naked Challenge Coaching Collective

If You Want Step-By-Step Guidance To Build Your Best Body Listen Up:

Here’s a staggering stat: 90% of people who lose weight end up regaining the weight they lost According to Marshall S Runge, M.D. and executive VP for Medical Affairs at the University of Michal Medical School.

Two reasons?

1.  Metabolic adaptation.
If you’re not careful, your metabolism can plummet when you lose weight. The problem is made worse when you lose lean muscle.

If you lose too much muscle, you’ll end up looking skinny and soft, not lean and jacked.

If your metabolism goes in the shitty, you’ll slowly gain the weight back even if you’re eating less..

Fortunately, I’ll be covering the key methods to permanent weight loss inside our Private Members Only Coaching Group.

You’ll be able to “flip the bird” to the scale once and for all.

I’ll be showing you how to avoid lean muscle loss & the simple steps to change your eating habits permanently.

2. A Lack of Social Support

Make no mistake, you can lose fat fast by going it alone with the challenge. But you’ll go further together, with our group.

Let me tell you a quick story about these whiskey sippin’ fellas below:

In this group is a New York Times Best Selling Fitness Author, A former coach with his masters in Exercise Science who trained at Westside Barbell turned marketing expert, and a Gym Owner who’s helped thousands of people lose weight with a dozen gym-locations across the world, and me

Without a doubt, each of us individually has the knowledge to get shredded for a photo shoot.

But at this point in our lives, we’re all extremely busy.

We didn’t lack knowledge or skill.

We lacked accountability and support.

Leading up to the event, I took the reigns and designed everyones workouts and programming…some of the same principles you’ll be experiencing within the walls of the 90 Day Look Good Naked Challenge.

And as much as I’d like to say my expertise was the deciding factor to us all getting shredded, the truth is accountability, communication, and our brotherhood made all the difference.

All this to say, if four fitness experts who’ve collectively helped millions of people and generated tens of millions in income helping people transform their lives need accountability to get in the best shape of their life, then there is an “okay” chance you would benefit from the same…Right?

Chew on this for a moment: According to researchers, clusters of overweight and obese people are becoming increasingly more overweight due to social forces within their groups.(1)

This means the more time you spend with overweight and obese people, the more likely you are to adopt those behaviors and gain weight.

Fortunately for those attempting to lose weight, possessing more social contacts also attempting weight loss has been associated with greater intention to lose weight. (2)

Which leads us here.

You already have a great plan in place to lose fat.

But if you’re dead serious about losing 15+ pounds and getting a lean, healthy physique then you owe it to yourself to get the social support and accountability to keep it off for good.

You can’t make the same mistake most people make this month and expect to permanently lose fat…

We’ve created the perfect environment to help you finish the job.

You just need a step-by-step plan, a supportive coach in your corner, and a plan to finish the job…

To lose fat and keep it off…

And to understand the transformation process so you get permanent results…

And build a body that draws attention, builds your confidence, and has your significant other doing double-takes when you take your shirt off…

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You have limited time to train.

You have little tolerance for B.S.

But you also have a chaotic life known to throw wrenches into your schedule at a moment’s notice.

And you still want fitness to improve your life, not consume it.

In the past, you’ve let a busy life get in the way of having a healthy body.


And if you’re being honest, it’s probably prevented you from having as much energy and confidence as you deserve.

Entrepreneur Derek Sivers sums it up perfectly when he says…
“If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

Put another way, you already have the workouts and nutrition.

But what you really need to get to the next level is the support, accountability, and strategy to get permanent results without living in the gym.

Most guys like you are ambitious…they bite off more than they can chew and the perfect plan suddenly seems like too much.

A few missed workouts and a weekend binges full of so much food you need to throw a picture of it on Insta later… and you’ve spiraled out of control.

What these guys need–and what you need if you want to avoid the same cycle of “cutting” then regaining weight is a supportive community with.

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1. Bahr DB, Browning RC, Wyatt HR, Hill JO. Exploiting social networks to mitigate the obesity epidemic. Obesity (Silver Spring) 2009;17(4):723–728. [PubMed] [Google Scholar]

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