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Lose Between 10-30 Lbs of Stubborn Fat & Sculpt Lean Muscle in 90 Days

If you want to permanently transform your body, mindset, and habits and be part of a community that doesn’t make excuses, you will look great naked without living in the gym.

If it feels like you’ve tried everything to…

tone up, sculpt your dream body, and improve your health but…

Nothing seems to work–despite all your hard work, this is for you.

We’ll roll up our sleeves–and 15 years of experience with 1100 + successful transformations to help you permanently transform your body.

What are we going to do?


I will share our best methods to help you…

Lose Stubborn Fat, which seems to “stick” to your thighs, upper arms, and waist.

If you’re already working hard, we’ll need to fine-tune your training with personalized, video-guided workouts.

Get Leaner and Healthier without trashing your hormones.


Strict diets trash your hormones, zap your energy, and make your body hyper-response to fat gain.

We’ll show you how to drop stubborn fat, but in a healthy way by listening to your body’s cues and signals.

If you want to avoid mind-consuming cravings, massive energy fluctuations, and frustrating weight regain, this is for you.


Avoid Being among the 90% of people who gain weight:


We will teach you how to get permanent results and transform Your Habits.

Imagine feeling 100% comfortable with what to do in the gym.
And to spot dangerous advice on the internet that works for 3 weeks until you CRASH and get stuck.

We’ll show you what to do in the gym–and explain “why” we do it with weekly VIP calls and thorough breakdowns of your nutrition, training, recovery, sleep, and hormones.

What’s The Next Step?

1. Watch This Video

2. Apply For Coaching By…

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💥 TWO BONUS 30 minute VIP Coaching Call so you can get introduced to the Bach Performance Coaching Community and fully optimize your program with less effort ($397/value)

💥 Speed Shredding Meal Plans: Know exactly what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat to lose fat fast and keep it off for good ($197)

💥 The High Performance Travel Guide: Step-by-step workouts and nutritional guidance to stay in shape on the road.  ($197)

💥 What To Eat, When To Eat it, And How Much To Eat: The Lean For Life Nutrition Bundle Including…($197)

How To Make Healthy Foods Your Kids and Family Will Love
How to Buy Healthy Food Quicky & With Less Effort [Shopping Lists Included]
How To Buy healthy Food For Less
The High-Performance Supplement Guide
Easy High Protein Air Fryer Meals In Minutes Or Less
How To Eat Healthy Without Wasting Time Cooking

💥 The Expert Workout Programming Bundle ($197)

How to Make Time For Exercise When You’re Busy
The Best Exercises To Transform Your Body: How To Adjust Exercises On The Fly
Progression 101: How to Increase Your Weights and Make Non-stop Gains

💥 Meal Mastery: The Best Snacks, Calorie Savers, Meal Prep Recipes, and Batch Cooking Strategies To Save You Time, Money, and Headaches While Getting Shredded ($197)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a Question?

We have a bunch of different pricing options–to give you the best price (and the free coaching tied in), we need to know what’s going on so we can handcraft your program—this isn’t your run of the mill coaching program.

Otherwise, it’s like having an injury, and asking the doctor what it’s gonna take to fix the injury before the doctors have a chance to see you.

Your next step: https://bachperformance.com/call-team/

A: Look Great Naked is a FULL transformation program designed to eliminate the guesswork when looking your best by providing you with…

👉 Personalized workouts.

👉 Sustainable nutrition strategies.

👉 Step-by-step accountability to help you navigate your busy schedule.

You’ll be told what to do.

You’ll be told when to do it.

You’ll be shown “Why” so you can keep your results.

You’ll have a weekly group call & weekly check-ins with your coach.

A:. Yes. I have extensive experience working around injuries and even collaborating with doctors and physical therapists if needed to help you achieve your goals safely and effectively.

A: Yes, you’ll gain access to hundreds of Recipes from our Time-Saving Supershakes to our Weekend Eating Survival Guide. We’ll show you both “what” to eat and how to eat–meaning you’ll learn how to continue eating healthy without obsessing over macros.

A: Yes, for sure! Currently, I’m coaching 7 other coaches, three physical therapists,  two doctors, and an NBA Strength Coach. If they can benefit, so can you.

A: 100%, yes. I’ve helped clients lose 130 pounds and keep it off for over 9 years.
We will meet you where you are…so we can work together to go where you want to go.

A: Yes. We do weekly coaching calls on training. Nutrition, and mindset. You also have access to our Look Great Naked Vault–which is access to over 50 hours of coaching videos, eBooks, and guides to optimize your health and mindset.

A: Yes! We teach you how to be successful in real life. You’ll always be busy–the key is to accept this and enjoy your life while staying healthy–and this only happens with practicing and coaching 

Client Results & Reviews

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Britt Sweeting

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Madison Picinich

Kaci Gets Her Bikini Body Back–While Working Half As Long

Down 14 Pounds & 3 Inches With More Confidence & Energy

Down 5 Inches & 10+ Pounds!

Down 22 Pounds in 30 days!

ICU Nurse Transforms Her Physique & Says ”the price of not being healthy and active is a LOT higher and tougher.”

50 Year Old Runner Goes From Gaining Weight & Slowing Down to Personal Records and Her Best Body In Years

39 Year Old Women Trades 30-Day Programs for Permanent Weight Loss

Former College Basketball Player Drops 15 Pounds and Get’s Her Athletic Figure Back Despite Long Hours as a Doctor

29 Year Old Lifelong Athlete Gets Her Old Body Back And Takes Control of Her Nutrition

29 Year Old Nurse Drops 30 Pounds and Turns Back The Clock On the Rugby Pitch

Nicole Aced Her Police Academy PT Test

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Former Athlete & Teacher Loses 30 Pounds and Rocks Her Wedding Dress

Busy Mom Loses 130 Pounds and Keeps It Off for Good.

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