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January 21, 2014

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Before we begin I wanted to share the epic post-game soundbite by Richard Sherman that had me geekin’ out for a solid 30 minutes after it happened.

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WOW. 100% raw emotion about 20 seconds after he made the play of his life in Testosterone-supercharged sport, could you expect much different? Anyways, I don’t understand how people pass so much judgement on a short clip.

Back on point—things have been growing rapidly at Bach Performance from the Facebook page and  six new online training clients to big things at Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance and I haven’t written as many new posts as I’d likeWithout as much new material here’s the fitness thoughts I’ve read lately to keep the wheels turning.

Extension Based Back Pain is a Bitch by Tony Gentilcore

Back pain afflicts roughly 80% of people at some point—and it’s miserable. Flexion based back pain get’s most of the extension, but often forgotten is extension. Tony G dives deep into the issue to keep you moving and feeling great.

Hyrid Paleo Diet by Nate Miyaki

It should be clear now: Paleo is great, but to get the best high-performance muscle building gains starchy carbs are necessary. Nate Miyaki drops the hammer and tells you what you need to hear.

How to Build A Bully: Inside the Stanford Football Strength Program by Max Rausch

Not all programs are built on 40 times and bench press numbers. As great as numbers are there are more important factors to increasing sports performance. This article dives headfirst into the specialization that has revitalized the Stanford Football program.

A Horrifying Picture of what Sleep Loss will do to You by Laura Schocker

How much sleep have you averaged the last three nights? Sleep deprivation is far-too common and can ruin. This infographic shows exactly what poor sleep does to your body. P.S., here are tips to Hack Your Sleep and get back on track.

Identify Weak Points and Destroy Them by Charles Staley

We all have weakpoints in training. It could be too little volume, a poor diet, or lack of recovery. Finding and hammering these weakpoints in key to making consistent progress—here’s how. 

Training with Purpose: Strength Training Considerations for Athletes by Gabriel Naspinski

It’s easily forgotten that athletes are training for their sport, not to be sprinters or powerlifters.  Each skill has it’s own set of requirements for optimal performance that must be followed… not just strength.

Why People Must Squat Differently by Ryan DeBell

Everyone has unique anatomy that requires individualization for each exercise. Rather than forcing everyone to perform exercise in certain positions find what works best for different anatomy. Neglecting bony structure is a sure-fire way for injury and best avoided. 

What on Learned on the way to deadlifting 500lbs by Greg Nuckols

Gettin’ incredibly strong is something Greg knows a few things about. Here, he sheds light on lessons learned that will help you break your next goal.


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