Principles: Your guide to an epic lifestyle, awesome body, and success

December 16, 2013

About the Author: Eric Bach Performance

Do you set principles? You should. 

A man shouldn’t be one-dimensional. That’s why become strong, shredded, and athletic is only half of what I focus on with my clients. The other half is focused on living a bigger and better life. Principles are the key. 

Principles are simple, they provide the foundation and groundwork for success. Everything else can go to shit, but sound principles keep you from falling apart.

Principles are simple rules to live by, a compass for your journey.
Whether your between jobs and struggling to find a new one OR struggling with fat loss sound principles will serve as your lighthouse amidst rough seas. Stay the course and remember what matters.  

Here are My Principles

goals, perseverence


  1.  Set clear goals and establish the right habits towards achieving them. Small changes consistently implemented will lead to positive outcomes and lifestyle changes.
  2. Leave it all on the playing field, whether it’s the gym, office, or classroom. Take no prisoners, you only have this moment one time.
  3. Don’t ask for permission, play it out and beg for forgiveness if needed.
  4. Eat foods that were once breathing and growing naturally.
  5. Write everything down. My memory sucks; important thoughts shouldn’t be lost.  Always log workouts and keep spare paper nearby.
  6. If someone doesn’t like dogs they suck and aren’t worth my time. This never fails.
  7. Keep things simple, eat high quality food, train with basic movements focused on improving strength, and recover with relaxation and quality sleep.
  8. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Be receptive to change, challenge, and continue to grow.
  9. Enjoy life! Don’t sweat the small stuff, ignore the bullshit and smile.
  10. Say No. Obligation sucks. There are rarely thing you “need” to do. Weigh the positives and minuses of your choice, if you’re going to be miserable forget it. Life is short, don’t live on someone elses expectations.
  11. Learn, live, and do everything with pride and passion.
  12. Spend time with those I care about and work to foster positive relationships with close friends and family.
  13. Persevere when times get tough. Your path is determined when the you’re at your lowest.
  14. Pay it forward and help others, no one succeeds on their own.

Wrap Up

Our experiences and habits form our principles. As a member of the Bach Performance you probably share quite a few of these, but with a personal twist. Self-reflection and acknowledging what’s most important is imperative for personal development.


goals, perseverance

To build your ultimate lifestyle, your best body, and live out your dreams you must know what you stand for. Dig your feet in, set your position, and take on the world. Stick to your sound principles and you will be unstoppable.

Important principles may, and must, be inflexible.-Abraham Lincoln

Now, it’s your turn.

What means the most to you? Grab a piece of paper, eliminate distractions, and spend the next 15 minutes writing your principles. Keep the list with you at all times. When you enter a dark tunnel your principles will guide your way to daylight.

Have a principle you’d like to share? Leave a comment!

Strong. Shredded. Athletic.


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