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Your answers indicate you’re on the right track.

But you need outside eyes to optimize.

Most fitness gurus won’t tell you this…

But, most times when people are trying to achieve a fitness goal…

… they have a good idea on what to do.



-Eat healthy

-And maybe take a few vitamins

The truth is…

…it’s not hard to see short-term progress. But normally, the results don’t stick.

And when this happens…

…most people fall off the bandwagon. Because they find themselves confused about why the results stopped. And why the scale won’t move.

And they start second guessing EVERY decision they make.

-Are they doing enough cardio?

-Are they eating enough protein?

-Did they burn out their metabolism?

-What workout should they do on Wednesday?

-Should they start doing what the swole guy on youtube is doing?

-How many times should they workout per week to see a satisfying physical change?

But, no matter how hard they try…

-less sugar

-less alcohol

-more lifting

-more cardio

Yet, their progress stays at a stand still.

Research shows… as men age, our testosterone and our metabolism gradually decreases. So, the approach that got us results in the past… won’t get us the looks and health we want moving forward.

Which means…

Regardless of what you’ve done in the past to reach your fitness goal…

…there’s no guarantee it’s going to work as you get older.

Because fitness is a moving target. And our body is always changing.

At some point…

You’ll have to learn how to make the right changes to your diet and workouts. To support your current goals and lifestyle. So that you can get in-shape… stay in-shape… and maintain quality health and energy.


Don’t feel bad if you’ve tried and failed in the past. Or… if you don’t know what changes to make to get on the right track.

There’s A LOT of conflicting information online about fitness.

Which makes it hard to know who to trust, and what to believe.

And how to properly diet and exercise to take control of your health, for good. (Without starving yourself with food restrictive diets. Sacrificing family time. Or slaving away with hours of cardio).

But in second, I’ll show you how.

Hey I’m Eric Bach owner and head coach here at Bach Performance. 

And to the left is a picture of my beautiful wife Lauren, and our little bundle of joy (Zoey) with me, rockin’ the dad outfit.

At times, I’ve had my share of overwhelm and confusion with life and fitness. So, believe me when I say… 

I understand how it feels to have a lot of responsibilities sitting on my shoulders. And struggling to find the best approach to look my best… while supporting my family… Without running myself ragged.


A New Approach To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

I remember a few years ago, flipping through the pages of men’s health magazines.

And spending a small fortune on protein…

… and fat burning supplements.

Yet, after spending all my time and effort trying to see results…

I felt overwhelmed with all the information. And I was clueless about why I couldn’t build my perfect body.

I started to feel like I just didn’t have the genetics.

But it wasn’t until I started doing less. 

A lot less. 

Is when I started seeing REAL results. 

And feeling confident with the way my body started to reshape. This is when I finally started to enjoy living an active lifestyle. And loving what I saw in the mirror… after getting out the shower.

(Because I no longer felt like I was suffering, feeling overwhelmed and wasting my time).

Since then, my knowledge about fitness has been featured in popular fitness sites like T-Nation,, and major news publications like CNN and Yahoo.

Consider the following: Research has shown it’s difficult for us to own our problems and handle them objectively. If we get stuck, we might know what to do, but we struggle to implement.

But when it comes to helping a friend, colleague, we’re able to help them solve problems easier.

We’re more open. We’re not attached to the problem emotionally. We cut straight to the solution fixing the problem decisively.

Even if you’re in great shape, optimizing your health is no different. A set of expert outside eyes will help you get to the next level.

One of the best strategies to objectively fix a problem is to take it to a trusted advisor who will cut through the B.S., hold you accountable, and give you the plan and accountability to improve.

Take Bach Physique Coaching success story Scott Ruston as an example:

As an owner of a tech consulting firm, I travel frequently, vie for contracts, and work long hours to earn business opportunities and expand my network.

In short, having the body and energy to conquer long days, jet lag, and health plays a huge role in helping me differentiate from the competition.

Unfortunately, despite being a former college athlete, this makes “regular” training nearly impossible with inconsistent gym availability and a schedule that changes on a whim. With Eric, a quick change is a text or a call away.

After seeing the progress my brother made with Eric, I knew we needed to chat. Since working with Bach Performance I’ve been blown away by the time-efficient workouts, help to navigate social situations when it comes to nutrition, and Eric’s ability to create a focused plan around my hectic schedule.

So far, I’ve leaned out significantly, and have visible abs despite being in a different city every week without losing muscle!  Working with Eric and Bach Performance has been an awesome experience so far — I highly recommend it.”

– Scott Rushton, 26, Dallas, Texas

I’m not only getting in the best shape of my life, but I’m learning how to maintain it. “

After meeting Eric at a business event a few years ago, his style resonated with me. Since we’ve worked together, I’ve been able to lose body fat while gaining muscle. In the gym, I’m confident in my abilities and have a better understanding of the process. 

When I’m traveling, I know how to adapt my workouts. And at dinners and in my social life, I can walk the line between enjoying myself while still staying on track. I’m not only getting in the best shape of my life, but I’m learning how to maintain it. If you’re looking to do the same, Bach Performance is the place to be.”

“ I've lost nearly 40 pounds and at 35, have more energy and better health than I did at 25.”

“As a married father of two active kids, Regional Marketing Manager responsible for nearly 100 employees in eight states, and 80 nights a year on the road, my schedule is packed.

The “traditional” training route at the gym with a trainer doesn’t work for me do to my chaotic schedule. Worse, most trainers aren’t equipped with the tools to work around my schedule, let alone past sports injuries.

Luckily, Eric and the Bach Performance team do both. With their expert guidance, I simply walk in the gym, have an expertly designed program to get me great results with minimal time and minimal thinking. Regarding nutrition, Eric has simplified the process, helping me make better decisions at home while navigating social events. I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds and at 35, have more energy and better health than I did at 25. If you’re interested in looking, feeling, and performing your best while nagivating a full schedule, look no further. Bach Performance is your solution.

Nate Sannes, 35, Regional Marketing Manager, Pittsburgh, PA