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Lose Your Gut & Build Lean Muscle in Less Than 4 Hours Per Week.

Welcome To The Look Great Naked Roadmap

Below, I’ve included everything you need to start making a life-changing transformation. This is the right information for you. However, this comes with a note of caution.


Information alone isn’t enough to get results.


If it was, we’d all be driving Ferrari’s with six pack abs by now.


What we need to thrive is the right application at the right time, and the skills to navigate the chaos of life–this is what throws so many men off. I’ll be emailing you more on that later.

But for now, here’s how to get going.

First Download the One Hour Body Guide. This is the foundation for your success.

Second Download the workouts–perform these workouts Monday-Friday in order. Track your workouts and continue as long as you’re getting stronger.

Third Download the Intermittent Fasting Guide and checklist & the High Performance Supplement Guide. This gives you the right nutritional strategy to lose your gut quickly.

About The Author

Eric Bach

Eric Bach, CSCS, PN Certified. Eric is an elite nutrition coach, trainer, and healthy lifestyle coach. As seen on: T-Nation, CNN, &

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