High Performance Training to Read: 10/31/2014

October 31, 2014

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted “Stuff you should read,” so lets plunge into it. Besides, you’ve got important stuff to do like dressing up for Halloween an eating gobs of sugar-loaded num-nums.

Got that Right. Photocredit: quickmeme.com

Got that Right.
Photocredit: quickmeme.com

First, I want to say Thank you to everyone who shared, liked, and downloaded my brand new Kindle E-Book Eight Weeks to an Explosive Deadlift. I hit two best-sellers list, including the best Health and Fitness ebook. If you haven’t taken a peek yet head to Amazon and get a copy today—not only will you learn how to pick up heavy stuff, you’ll understand why training for speed and power is explosive in building maximal strength.

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I’ve been on a reading-writing lately so I’m chalk-full of awesome ideas. Still, if you have any particular exercises, topics, or randomness you want covered please drop me a message here.

The big “three” are great exercises, but bench presses, squats, and deadlifts are not an end all be all. Anatomical considerations and weak points must always be taken into account when analyzing the risk reward of an exercise. If you bottom out your squat and lose lumbar integrity under huge loads your opening the door for a panodoras box of issues. The Four Most Debilitating Exercises on T-Nation by John Rusin was a refreshing view on exercise considerations with your training. I had the ability to talk to John when this article came out and was very impressed by his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics. I highly recommend checking out John Rusin’s site here.

Besides having a first-name fit for a king 🙂 Eric Cressey is one of the best coahes around. Like most great coaches, Eric is a huge proponent of maximizing effiency in the weight room. Yea, there might be a perfect strategy to get stronger, build muscle, or more athletic, but it won’t work if you only have two hours per week to train or an eight-week off-season. Here are Eric’s 7 Ways to Make your Strength Training Programs more Efficient.

This past week, I hit a huge milestone and had my first article on CNN and Huffington post. I’ve been writing for DailyBurn and they were kind enough to recommend the article to CNN and voila… I was on CNN and Momma Bach was proud. Check out the Seven Best Exercises You’re Not Doing. If you’re struggling with your muscle building workouts or performance in the gym add these to jump-start your training.

Authority Nutrition is chalk full of awesome research based nutrition advice. In 8 Ridiculous Nutrition Myths Debunked some of the most imcompetent nutritional advice is taken to the grave.


That’s a wrap for this week. Enjoy your Halloween, as I plan to hand out Epic Bars and dress up like a slice of bacon. Dressing up like a slice of bacon means willing Halloween…right?

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