Fat Gripz Review

April 4, 2013

About the Author: Eric Bach Performance

Fat Gripz are a fat, rubberized attachment for dumbbells and barbells to increase the diameter of the bar, thus mimicking the feel of a fat bar for a fraction of the price. This increase in diameter posts a significant challenge to the forearms and biceps as they must work much harder to grip, and stabilize the barbell or dumbbell being used. I have used my grips for the past 9 months and noticed a significantly stronger grip while also adding size to my forearms and helping me break the 500lb mark in my deadlift.

Fat Gripz Pros:

  • Fat Gripz take stress off of your body, specifically at the elbow, wrist, and shoulder joint. This occurs because the wider grip more evenly spreads the weight across the body. This is the biggest difference I have noticed, as my shoulder pain and wrist pain has dissipated significantly.


  • Fat Gripz increase muscle stimulation across the upper body. Don’t believe me? Make a fist and squeeze as hard as you can, your back, chest, arms, and shoulders will all be firing. The same thing happens when you challenge your grip with Fat Gripz.


  • Because of the increased muscle activation and grip challenge, muscle imbalances will be challenged and in time, eliminated. The body consistently fights to keep growth in proportion as much as it can. When a weak leak is evident, such as the grip, growth of other tissues can be impeded. Stagnant upper body growth? Hit your forearms with a high frequency for a few weeks. Jump starting your forearm training and grip strength will lead to growth in other areas.


  • Fat Gripz are a high quality rubber and very easy to use. Simply slip on the Fat Gripz on your dumbbells or barbells (open side facing you for pulls, away from you for pushes) and get to work. I have had mine for 9 months and they look brand new, minus chalk marks on them. They are durable, easy to clean with soap and water, and take 10 seconds to put on.

Fat Gripz Cons:

  • First and foremost, the workout that Fat Gripz gives you is shit. It’s your typical body part split with super high volume on your arms. You will get a superior pump using this workout, but most likely lack luster results and translation to increased strength in your compound, which is the key to muscle growth.
  • At first, Fat Gripz will make you incredibly sore in the forearms, which can limit your next few workouts. Start slow with usage, maybe 2-3 sets of one exercise the first week while slowly adding volume.
  • You will use less weight, at first at least. Especially in pulling exercises such as dumbbell rows, the weight you use will significantly decrease. This won’t last long, so suck it up and work through your frustrations.

Fat Gripz Review

Fat Gripz are a wonderful addition to any fitness enthusiasts’ workout. Fat Gripz provide a unique muscle stimulation that can only be matched by fat bars, but for a fraction of the price.  They can be found here at Elitefts.net. Fat Gripz will eliminate weak points, protect joints, increase muscle activation, and build a bone crushing grip. Stay away from the Fat Gripz workout and stick to compound exercises. I don’t use my Gripz when performing near maximum attempts, but include them on nearly all my assistance exercises. Fat Gripz can be an essential tool

Stay away from the Fat Gripz workout and stick to compound exercises. I don’t use my Gripz when performing near maximum attempts, but include them on nearly all my assistance exercises. Fat Gripz can be an essential tool to all athletes, but especially Mixed Martial Artists, Wrestlers, and other combative atheletes.

Fight through the initial ego struggle of using less weight and stay the course, it will pay dividends faster than you think! I highly recommend Fat Gripz for anyone looking to provide a unique challenge to their workouts with this durable, effective, and cost-effective alternative to fat bar training.

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  1. EJ April 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    Grip4orce is for the elite and fgz are for the beginner. Used both but now only use grip4orce. Double the work with especially the stiff version. killer stuff bro

    • bachfitness April 19, 2012 at 9:09 pm - Reply

      I’ve used both and find Grip 4orce easier. I think they are less thicke than fat gripz, but do give a unique stimulus because they don’t stay on automatically. Thanks for your input!

  2. Ty April 21, 2012 at 11:15 am - Reply

    I will agree with EJ, Grip4orce is more advanced for someone with seasoned strong hands. The diameter is slight bigger on the fatgripz but 2″ inches is all needed. I would recommend the fatgripz for someone starting out and then work up to the G4. Most important part of making this type if training effective is squeezing the grips hard. This is what is overlooked when doing thick-bar work.

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