Dirty 30: Pecs of Steel

December 2, 2013

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Be excited. Really excited.This week I’m rolling out FREE workouts for the entire week. Better yet, they only take 30 minutes: Less time than it takes you to drive to the gym. Each morning these kick-ass workouts will be posted and ready to use.

Building a steel-plated chest is one, if not the most, desired feature on guys. A big chest displays strength, power and dedication. Pec’s of steel can’t be concealed even in the most hideous Christmas sweater.



This workout will blast the chest with supersets, trisets, and drop-sets to build powerful pecs in with surgical precision. Muscles will be challenged through different angles and rep ranges to recruit the maximum number of muscle fibers.

Ugly sweaters be damned, master this 30 minute routine and it will be impossible to hide those armor-pleated pecs.


Superset 1

Close Grip Bench Press: The close grip bench press will hammer the fast-twitch muscle fibers and build significant strength in the upper body. The closer grip – will save the shoulders while still providing a challenge to the pecs. Perform four sets of six reps, moving immediately to plyo-push ups.

 Plyo Push-Ups: Plyo push-ups challenge the pecs, shoulders, and triceps to explosively push the body. In a push-up position lower yourself to the ground and explode as high as possible. Absorb the force and repeat four sets of six reps with 90 seconds between sets.

* Too difficult? Elevate your hands on the bench and perform reps. Squeeze your glutes for the entire set to improve core control and prevent the hips from sagging.

 SuperTriset 2

Set an adjustable bench at the lowest incline setting, 15-30 degrees. The bench will stay here for all three exercises.

Low Incline Dumbbell Flye: Pick a weight you can flye for 10-12 reps. Perform as many flyes with straight arms as possible.

Rest 15 seconds and proceed to Low Incline Dumbbell Presses *Flare Elbows. With the same weight perform bench presses with the elbows flared out, never bringing the dumbbells together. Leave one or two reps in the tank and rest for 15 seconds.

Perform Low Incline Press * Tuck Elbows with the same weight, except tucking your elbows and bringing the dumbbells together between reps. Perform as many reps as possible.

This tri-set produces tons of mechanical tension in the chest, fatiguing all muscle fibers and provided a huge muscle-building stimulus.

* Find a spotter for this exercise, otherwise, be very conservative with the weight. 

SuperTri Dropset 3

Drop set Push-ups: Elevate your feet on a bench press and perform as many controlled push-ups as possible. Just shy of failure, move your feet to the ground. Continue performing push-ups until failure. Now, elevate your hands on a bench and pound out the last couple of reps. Rest 90 seconds and repeat, if possible.

*Work to beat your total number each week. The pecs, arms, and shoulders will be completely gassed.




1a. Close Grip Bench Press 4×6 Rest 0

1b. Bench Plyo Push-Up 4×6 Rest 90 Seconds

2a. Low Incline Dumbbell Flye 3x Fail Rest 15

2b. Low incline Press * Flare Elbows 3x Fail Rest 3x 15

2c. Low Incline Press * Tuck Elbows 3x Fail Rest 60-90 seconds

3. Drop Set Push-Up 2x Fail, Rest 90 seconds

Wrap Up

Pecs of steel are universally treasured; that’s why they are commonly trained first in the week. Luckily, by training a combination of heavy-fast twitch stimulating exercises and time-under tension methods a powerful chest will be yours.  Time is no longer an issue: Thirty minutes is all you need to build powerful pecs of steel.


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