Coffee, Lots of Squats, and Arnold Schwarzenegger

March 3, 2014

About the Author: Eric Bach Performance

I’m excited.
No, I didn’t PR in a deadlift, get 30 pounds of fresh bacon delivered to my door, or get a new car.
It’s actually getting warm outside and I had a hot date this week for coffee with my fiancé Lauren.

coffee, arnold schwarzenneger

Fifty and sixty degree temperatures and good coffee are boat-loads better than my car blowing negative degree air through the vents at 5:00 am as I trudge to the gym.

Now that I said, I’m sure Denver will get slammed with three snow-storms in the next two weeks.
[Note I checked the forecast and sure enough, snow and ice on the way.]

Since I’m drinking coffee now I have to add in some “literature” on my favorite caffeine source. It’s hard to believe I wasn’t coffee drinker until a year ago. Check out this post from the Bach Performance Facebook Page on a coffee study I came across this week.
Hint, stop it with the pre-workouts and grab a cup of Joe.

Anyways, I hope better weather comes your way, nothing beats being able to take your training outside.
This week my good friend Mike Campbell from Unleash Your Alpha sent me a challenge on Facebook. Mike nails an impressive 225 clean and jerk followed by a back lever.

I rebuttled by loading 225lbs on a barbell and knocked out 40 squats at the end of my workout. Depth wasn’t perfect I know, but it was a fun challenge regardless.

Eric  squats 225x40, workout finishers

Eric squats 225×40

[Don’t try this at home]

Challenges are always fun and this one prompted me to review my training journals from years past. One thing led to another and I made a list of my five favorite finishers and turned it into an article for Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold  Schwarzenegger is obviously a huge icon in the industry, so this is a huge honor that wouldn’t be possible without your support and community, thank you.

 5 Plateau Busting Finishers

Think back to the most fun you’ve had in the gym.
Yes, actual fun.
I’m sure it wasn’t fasted cardio, a dynamic squat workout, or even a workout filled with biceps, biceps, yoga pants, and biceps.
No, it was when you loosened the reins at the end of your workout, used your  creative side, and came up with a finisher to drain every ounce of energy from your body. It ‘s the workout equivalent to Mortal Kombat, with voices uttering “Finish Him” turning thoughts into action that leaves you completely spent after a grueling finish.

Finishers: What and Why

Finishers are short-term high-intensity exercises performed at the end of a workout, designed to maximize workout density and push your body and mind to the limit.
Getting in great shape typically requires some form of cardiovascular training, but it doesn’t have to be spent slugging away on a rickety treadmill. With finishers significant improvements in work capacity, muscle hypertrophy, and fat loss are derived in short, high intensity bursts using basic gym equipment.

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