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Guys Are Rebuilding Their Body, Supercharging Their Brainpower, Eliminating Their Gut, & Building A Strong, Lean, & Athletic Physique. Will You Be One Of Them?

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“You’ve seen phrases like “look good naked” smattered across the internet for years.

Since you picked up your first muscle magazine years ago, you’ve wanted to be jacked.

And you know what?

The desire to look great naked has been around since at least the fourth century B.C. when the Farnese Hercules was created by Lysippos, a Greek Sculptor of the 4th Century BC who’s widely considered one of the Greatest Sculptors of the Classical Greek Era.

My fucked up search history aside, there are three crucial lessons:

1. You want to look good naked. 

2. Your spouse wants you to look good naked. 

3. It’s time for you to look good naked without living in the gym.

But here’s the problem: 99% of training programs are complete garbage.

They’re not tailor-made for a busy man look you with a 26-hour schedule crammed into a 24 hour day.

The programs are too long for your busy schedule, too rigid for your lifestyle, and simply are not helping you transform your body despite you spending countless hours in the gym.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re between work sets at the gym and get lost in a scroll on Instagram.

You started watching a few exercise videos, but six minutes later, you find your feed full of guys who are incredibly jacked in the gym.

You catch yourself thinking, “I want that.”

But let’s be real…

You don’t want that guy’s life, at least not the real-life he’s living.

He only eats bland chicken breast for lunch. He chokes it down with soggy broccoli.

The only carbs he eats are rice three days per week for a “refeed meal.”

Sure, he has abs. But do you want to know why?

Because he’s fucking miserable and starving.

Now I get it: you want to see your abs. You want to look great naked during that brief moment when you step out of the shower and see your reflection in the mirror.

But you also want to crush a ribeye steak on the weekends. 

You want to sip a handcrafted cocktail in the evening. And you want to spend time with friends, family, watching your NFL team or, catching up on the latest episode of Succession.

That dick-skin shredded guy you see on Instagram? 

His six-pack defines him. 

The two times per day workouts and crazy diet run his life.

That’s not the life you want. 

You have family, maybe 2.5 kids, and a career to worry about.

How do I know? Because I was him.

Hey, I’m Eric Bach. 

I’m here to help you build a strong, lean, and athletic body that improves your life rather than consumes it.


I’m Eric Bach. I’m a father, entrepreneur, coach, and I cook a mean ribeye steak.

I’m the guy men hire after what they’ve been trying on their own to get into great shape isn’t working. For nearly 13 years I’ve coached entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, executives, military members, and college and professional athletes.

In short, I specialize in helping busy people look great naked without living in the gym.

I hate these sections where coaches talk about themselves, so here is a smattering of cool places that have featured my work:

The bottom line is this: I’ve been fortunate to learn from the best coaches in the world and in the eyes of some, join those ranks.

I’m a simplifier for busy men who want to maximize their effectiveness in the gym so they can the best version of themselves elsewhere in life. If that jives with you and you, cool. Then let’s do this.

If you’re like the thousands of men I’ve helped you probably feel like…

  • 🥩 Your genetics make it impossible to build muscle and get lean.
  • 🥩 You’re past your prime and you won’t be able to build your dream body.
  • 🥩 You don’t have enough hours in the day.
  • 🥩 Joint pain, stiffness, and nagging aches are here to stay.
  • 🥩 Your health and physique are setting a poor example for your family
  • 🥩 You feel guilty knowing you need to change but overwhelmed with how to move forward.
  • 🥩 Your struggles in the gym and wreaking havoc on your confidence and impacting your sex life.
  • 🥩 Mental fog and dwindling energy are preventing you from reaching your professional potential.

If any of those points hit home, I understand.

It’s not your fault. But it is your responsibility to improve. And I’ve got just the right plan to help you retake control.

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6 Common Mistakes That Are Killing Your Chance of Building Your Dream Body

Conventional fat loss and muscle-building plans don’t work for busy guys like you.

They’re made for doped-up influencers or the early 20’something who have all day to work out, eat, and sleep.

You want and deserve better.

Fact is, eliminating your gut and building a lean, athletic physique that oozes confidence and power requires an unconventional approach.

That’s why the typical run-of-the-mill training advice is like…

“You need to do at least an hour of cardio five days per week if you want to see your abs.”

“No gluten, no dairy, no fruit, no Angels Envy bourbon (no fun). But it’ll be worth it! I promise!”

“You need to train each muscle with 16 work sets and 25-50 reps to build muscle.”

…Is nothing but lies stacked on top of impractical advice by coaches who don’t understand what it takes to transform your body.

To clarify, it’s not that these methods can’t work.

But they’re unrealistic and unsustainable for the modern-busy man with 26-hours worth of work to pack into a 24 hour day.

And if your plan is unsustainable, it’s not going to work.

If you’ve tried any of these methods in the past, my question to you is this:

How Has Doing “More” Worked For You?

I don’t mean that to be condescending or patronizing.

It’s not your fault that “doing more” hasn’t been working. You are not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of men around the world have been trying to “do more” in a hopeless attempt to reach their physique goals.

Years into their fitness journey, the majority are still spinning away senselessly, desperately hoping “more” will finally begin to work for them.

If YOU have tried the more, more, more approach and it worked, you wouldn’t be here. You’d already be rocking XL arms, a lean midsection, and a head-turning body.

The problem with doing “more” is that much of what you spend your time and energy on ends up being the “Jeffrey Dahmer” of recomposition, cannibalizing your chance of losing fat and building muscle, such as:

  1. Long, unsustainable workouts.

    Long, unfocused workouts spike cortisol, your body’s primary stress hormone. When coupled with all the responsibility of your life (and a lack of sleep) longer workouts actually lead to more belly fat and less lean muscle. Maximally efficient workouts that take less than an hour are crucial to your success.
  2. Unrealistic expectations.

    The rate at which we can lose fat and build muscle is slower than we’re led to believe by scandalous fitness marketers. This leads to unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations lead you to lose confidence in your plan and hop to a different program which ultimately sabotages your chance of success.Six months later, you’ve tried the latest-and-greatest programs and still haven’t made an ounce of progress. Our minimalist muscle methods are based on science and backed by over a decade of experience. We’ll help you maximize muscle growth and fat loss to help you stay focused while building your dream body.
  3. Crash Dieting.

    If looking great naked and getting dick-skin shredded was as simple as eating less and moving more we’d all have six-pack abs and be surrounded by supermodels. Many men make the mistake of chronically undereating, resulting in less muscle, a lower metabolism, and lower testosterone than their 90-year-old grandfather. What and when you eat matters.And how long you stay in a calorie deficit is crucial. Fueling your high-performance body with the right amount of calories, fats, carbs, protein, and minimally processed foods is vital to supercharge your brainpower, eliminate your gut, and finally build the strong, lean, and athletic physique you deserve.
  4. Soul-Sucking Cardio.

    Can cardio help you lose fat? Of course. You can also bike from New York to Los Angeles, but it’s faster to fly. Spending hours each week slaving away on your Peloton or treadmill to lose fat is akin to biking across the country to go from New York to Los Angeles.My Strength Shred System is akin to flying: We’ll help you strategically save your lean muscle to help you maximize fat loss without beating up your body.
  5. Dangerous High-Intensity Techniques.

    People mistakenly think you need to train exercises every other week and add in the latest, high-intensity technique or you’ll plateau. It leads to information overload, program hopping, and even injury. Without a seasoned coach, existing high-intensity boosting techniques quickly turn from fun to fatal for your gains.This is like spending all your money day-trading meme coins on Coinbase. Maybe I’m old school, but I’d prefer to invest my money strategically and patiently with proven strategies over time.
  6. Your Approach to Fitness Doesn’t Fit Your Lifestyle.

    Fitness should improve your life, not consume it. Fitness should enhance your life, not overrule it. Fitness should complement your life, not control it.Ultimately, life is about more than losing fat and building muscle. It’s about living a better life and leading by example. That means finding time for the meals, foods, and experiences that enrich your life outside of the gym.

The good news?

It’s 100% possible to enjoy your bone-in ribeye, supreme pizza, (and a finger or three of Angels Envy bourbon) while still losing your gut and getting jacked.

Based on the data I’ve collected from working with over 1400 clients who out of necessity have no more than 3-4 hours per week to spend in the gym, I’ve discovered how to build momentum towards your goal, kick your progress into high gear, and finally reveal your ideal physique.

All of which you’ll get inside the 90 Day Look Good Naked Challenge.

Once inside, you can expect to make results like some of the men I’ve worked with below:

Start Your 90 Day Challenge

Introducing The Foundational Principles of the Look Good Naked Challenge

The Strength-Shred System

In case the idea of training less but more the right intensity is crucial to getting strong, lean, and athletic. If this makes you nervous like a whore in church, consider the results of this study:

Training multiple muscle groups per day allows you to train each muscle more often, leading to greater improvements in size and strength over a longer period of time.

This is a great example of the kind of science-supported Strength-Shred System that allows people who follow my “minimalist” approach to fitness to look great naked without living in the gym.

So long as you’re focused on following a proven, effective workout program, and you practice executing with ruthless consistency over time, you will achieve the results you want.

The Lean For Life Nutritional System To Eliminate Confusion Around What, When, And How Much To Eat

Complexity in any realm makes things far tougher than they need to be and adds unnecessary stress to your life. Complexity also slows down your progress.

So, in the vein of keeping things simple, the Bach Performance nutrition philosophy consists of two parts:

🥩 We focus on eating food that came from the ground or had a face. If it’s boxed, bagged, packaged, or processed, it’s a no-go (90% of the time).

🥩 We focus on transforming your habits so you can ultimately seamlessly lose fat and keep it off for good.If your goal is fat loss and you overdraw (eat too much), you won’t lose fat. Similarly with building muscle, if you’re eating too little (not depositing enough), you won’t gain an ounce of lean muscle, no matter how hard or often you train.

To ensure that you’re always moving towards your goal, we’ll combine proven (but simple) methods to keep you on track.

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. Like the old Apple commercials used to say:

“There’s an app for that.”

(More on this particular app to come later.)

This protocol is designed to help you eliminate bloating and inflammation, have more energy, crush cravings, and help you drop 5-10 pounds in the first 14 days and 8-12 pounds in the first month.

After 30 days, you’ll have improved insulin sensitivity, nutritional discipline, and have the table set to maximize fat loss and lean muscle growth.

Maximally Effective Time-Saving Workouts To Get You Gained Up and On With Your Life

The Idea That Your Individual Workouts Need To Be Longer Than 45 Minutes is B.S.

Which, again, is scientifically proven by this study showcasing the effects of training volume and intensity on muscular strength and size improvements in resistance-trained men:

The major findings of this study indicate that 8 weeks of high-intensity, low-volume resistance training utilizing long rest intervals stimulated significantly greater 1RM bench press and lean arm mass gains compared to moderate intensity, high-volume program utilizing short rest intervals in resistance-trained men.

In other words, doing less in the gym (and even resting more) can lead to faster gains.

So, where does that leave us if you want to see maximum results for your efforts?

It leaves you focusing on:

  • 🥩 Nailing short, sweet, and effective workouts that take less than an hour.
  • 🥩 Only eating foods you can recognize as either having come from the ground or once being alive (and for the sake of being realistic, your favorite treats and snacks are A-OK 90% of the time.)

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a simple, easy, effective, and enjoyable fitness solution to me.

These two things make up the foundation of the physique transformation philosophy I’ve developed over the past decade, and have honed over working with over 1400 clients in-person and online.

And it works:

Why I’ve Dedicated My Life To helping Men Look Great Naked Without Living In the Gym

I am the definition of genetically average.

I was the last kid to grow on my high school football team.

I was painfully self-conscious, which was made worse when my own teammate got his rocks off by lowering his shoulder and pulverizing my little torso, and taunting me on his way to a touchdown.

Left to my genetics I’d have a beer belly and pencil neck.

Left to own devices, I’d give into my proclivity for anxiety and addiction.

I’d like to say “my love of lifting or wanting to get a hot girlfriend” is why I committed to training at a young age. But that’s a lie.

Truth is, I never wanted to feel weak, insecure, or *not* in control of my body or physicality again.

Fortunately, a coach pulled me aside and set me on the right path.

With the right focus and guidance, a little pain can create big change. Taken too far, this will make you a miserable person with a slew of self-destructive habits.

With the right coaching guidance…

I stopped peace-mealing workouts from muscle magazines.

I started deadlifting, squatting, benching, and training intelligently.

I stopped skipping workouts.

I started training at consistent times, locking in habits, and eliminating the need for motivational videos.

I stopped guessing on my workouts.

I started tracking numbers and beating records.

I stopped trying to be a “no it all.”

I bought 100% of it for my coach.

When my body matured, I was strong, fast, and had a great work ethic. My passion for training didn’t develop in the womb.

It developed by solving my pain.

After over a decade of coaching it’s clear this lack of confidence from having no energy, and a lack of self-belief handcuffs many men and prevents them from ever reaching their potential.

Now in my 30’s, it’s also clear that following the same path you did earlier in life won’t get you to the next level.

After years of being in shape and feeling on top of my game, I felt lost in my late 20’s and early 30’s.

The stress of running multiple businesses and becoming a father left me drained.

My addictive nature and tendencies towards anxiety crept back into my life.

I needed 4 cups of coffee to start my day.

I smoked weed or drank whiskey to take the edge off at night.

I slept like crap, dealt with chronic brain fog, and watched my testosterone levels drop by 20% in a matter of months.

My business stalled. My confidence plummeted. My marriage got rocky. Worse, I hated the example I was setting for my friends, family, and clients.

I was a shell of my former self, despite looking like I had life (somewhat) figured out.

Fortunately, I pulled out of my tailspin.

After tons of research, experimentation, coaching, and deep work I’ve hand-crafted a method for high-performing men to look great naked without living in the gym.

The truth is, fitness is a force multiplier. It can improve every other area of your life. But leveraging the power of your health and a lean powerful body requires a specific set of steps covered in my…

Look Good Naked Protocol

You don’t need to live in the gym to get great results.

You will radically transform your physique with 3-4 short workouts per week.

You don’t have to use dangerous, joint-degrading exercises to build muscle.

You will optimize muscle growth and lose stubborn body fat with our Strength Shred System

You don’t need to live on a diet of dried-up chicken tits and soggy broccoli.

You will enjoy many of your favorite foods (and social life) while getting stronger, leaner, and healthier.

Now take a second and imagine how different your life would be if you had the lean, athletic body you want and…

  • 🥩 Had confidence and belief that you can overcome any obstacle
  • 🥩 Had clarity and mental edge to dominate your days
  • 🥩 Felt powerful when taking your shirt off at the beach or in the bedroom
  • 🥩 Could move without joint pain
  • 🥩 You knew your hard work was paying off and you were on your way to having your dream body.

Fortunately, this can all be a reality with the 90 Day LGN Challenge.

And if I may say so, the results of taking this approach are rather impressive:

“As the owner of a tech consulting firm, I travel frequently, vie for contracts, and work long hours to earn business opportunities and expand my network. In short, having the body and energy to conquer long days, jet lag, and health plays a huge role in helping me differentiate from the competition.

Since working together, I’ve been blown away by the time-efficient workouts, help to navigate social situations when it comes to nutrition, and Eric’s ability to create a focused plan around my hectic schedule. So far, I’ve leaned out significantly, and have visible abs despite being in a different city every week without losing muscle!”

– Scott Rushton, Tech Entrepreneur

Start Your 90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day Look Good Naked Challenge:

What You’re Going to Get:

Minimalist Muscle, Maximum Gains Protocol (M3G) $397/value
These time-tested workouts incorporate proven principles and cutting edge strategies to help you build muscle, lose fat, and build a powerful, athletic body. You’ll step into the gym with video-guided workouts hand-crafted to your busy schedule, equipment, and abilities.

The Insulin Reboot Protocol: $97 value
This protocol is designed to help you eliminate bloating and inflammation, have more energy, crush cravings, and help you drop 5-10 pounds in the first 14 days. After 14 days, you’ll have improved insulin sensitivity, nutritional discipline, and have the table set to maximize fat loss and lean muscle growth.

The Lean for Life Nutrition System $197
The key to success isn’t extreme diets. Nor is it insane energy-draining workouts, or totting Tupperware around the office. Our science-based, experienced backed Lean for Life Nutrition System will help you burn fat, build muscle, and optimize health.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to customize your transformation diet so you can make permanent changes while enjoying the process.

Meal Prep Made Easy Bundle: $60/value
We eliminate all the guess-work of what and when you should be eating to build your dream body.
We’ll help you save time while eating delicious foods with Mindless Meal Prep Batch Cooking Guide…
Help you enjoy your favorite foods on weekends while still making progress without the Lean Lifestyle Healthy Weekend Guide…

And eliminate the guesswork on what you should be buying at the grocery store with our Food Labels Made Easy Guide

Muscle Made Easy Meal Plans $50 value
Gain instant access to nearly a dozen meal plans with fully equipped shopping guides, recipes, and a step-by-step breakdown on how to build your dream body while eliminating all the nutritional guesswork.

High Performance Supplement System $40 value
Discover the proven supplements designed specifically to help you improve immune function, reduce joint pain, boost muscle growth, and accelerate fat loss. You’ll learn what to avoid and what specific supplements will deliver the biggest bang-for-their buck.

Mobility Mastery Regimen $19 monthly value
Unlock your hips, shoulders, and back and eliminate joint pain with this daily five-minute mobility routine. We’re goin’ all Benjamin Button on your joints to help you turn back the clock for enhanced recovery and energy.

The High Performance Travel Guide $20 value
On the road for business or pleasure? No problem. The High Performance Travel Guide leaves you equipped with ready-to-roll workouts and diet strategies to continue making gains on the road.

The Ultimate Exercise Substitution Guide $20 value
I know now all gyms are universally equipped, and not all bodies are equal. Should you find yourself lacking a piece of equipment or nursing an injury that calls for modifications, the MMB Exercise Modification Guide will show you exactly what to do.

The Peak Dieting Protocol $30/value
The secret-system fighters, fitness models, and physique athletes to get dick-skin shredded before a big event. You’ll learn the step-by-step system to quickly eliminate fat-loss stubborn spots, bloat, and water weight to look your best for any event.

All Backed by our Look Good Naked Guarantee:

If you’ve answered all your check-ins, completed your prescribed workouts, and adhered to your nutrition coaching as outlined, but haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for, we’ll coach you for an additional three months, on the house.

Start Your 90 Day Challenge at $̵9̵4̵8̵ $97

The LGN 90 Day Challenge FAQs

Who is the LGN Challenge For?

Men who want to look great naked without living in the gym.

You must have a no-B.S. attitude and be willing to do the work without making excuses.

Until you take ownership over everything in your life, you’ll always be looking for the magic pill.

While this challenge can work for you, the only way it will work for you is if you’re 100% committed.

What do I do if I’m not familiar with an exercise or unsure of my form?

If you don’t have a certain piece of equipment, are battling injuries, or something just doesn’t feel right…you’ll find your solution with the Ultimate Exercise Substitution Guide.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally, you’ll have a fully equipped gym or home gym. A power rack, benches, bars, and dumbbells are crucial. Additional toys can help. Even if you’re short a few pieces of equipment, you’ll be able to find substitutions in the Ultimate Exercise Substitution Guide.

When does it start and finish? How long does it take?

The Look Good Naked Challenge is a three month challenge. Workouts will take 40-50 minutes 3-4 times per week.

Do I have to pay for any shipping? How long do I have access for?

The Look Good Naked Challenge is 100% digital. Once you join, you’ll receive instructions for setting up your account, and gaining access to the materials.

Is this full one-on-one personalized online training?

No. This is not. My one-on-one online clients pay thousands per year to work with me one on one and I’m booked solid.

There are personalized components namely our interaction in the group. You’ll have ALL the tools and support to make an incredible transformation at a fraction of the price of my one-on-one clients.

What if this doesn’t work for me? Do you have a guarantee?

All Backed by our Look Good Naked Guarantee:

If you’ve answered all your check-ins, completed your prescribed workouts, and adhered to your nutrition coaching as outlined, but haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for, we’ll coach you for an additional three months, on the house.

Will the Look Good Naked Challenge work for women? What about beginners?

If you’ve read all the way down the page to here, you’ve probably gathered that this program is built for men. But, many of the same principles that apply to men, also apply to women. So, if you’re reading this as a lady, and your interest is piqued, Minimalist Muscle will be a great fit for you.

As for beginners…in a word, YES.

If you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before, you WILL have a bit of a learning curve. But once you’re through that, you’ll be off to the races.

What kind of results can I expect?

How your body responds to proper training and nutrition is a variable.

Some people build muscle simply by looking at weights…while others (myself included) have to fight tooth and nail for meager scraps.

That being said, I can promise that if you follow the plan to the letter, you will:

  • 🥩 Drop 8-10 pounds of body fat, potentially much more.
  • 🥩 ​Feel your self-confidence soar higher and higher each time you hit the gym.
  • 🥩 Find your clothes fitting tighter, gently hugging and accentuating your physique.
  • 🥩 Slide more and more weight on the bar for your deadlifts, presses, and squats.
  • 🥩 Finally understand the truth about building muscle (and have everything you need to reach your dream physique).
  • ​🥩 Be accused of using steroids at least twice**

**I mean this in the best way possible.

How Much Longer Are You Going To Wait To Do What’s Necessary?

Your health, body, and where you are in life are a direct reflection of your choices.

I talked to a 29-year-old real estate agent a while back.

He’s in “pretty good” shape but isn’t where he wants to be.

He said he’s felt stuck for two years and can’t get the body he wants. He said not having the body he wants drains his confidence and it’s impacting his career and relationships.

That’s two years of working out 4x per week without making meaningful progress…or roughly 400 hours of training.

Add in time trying to piece-meal diet plans together before hopping to another program and he’s easily spent 600 hours wasting time NOT getting results.

That’s the equivalent of 15 40-hour weeks down the drain from ineffective training alone without even considering how much time (and money) he’s lost by not performing at his optimal potential.

Sadly, this chap is like many guys who continue to try to do it on their own.

They consume all the content. They agree with it. But when it becomes time to put up or shut up…

They make the same mistake they’ve been making for years: they go it alone.

The fact is if you want your physique and by extension, your life to change, you must change.

And now is that opportunity.

You can either stand pat where you are…reading this page and thinking about how great it would be to have the body you’ve always wanted…only to fall back into old habits and stay stuck….

Or you can take the next step.

The time is now.

Make today the day you pull out of your tailspin, get unstuck with your training, and build the body you deserve.

If you’re ready, click the button below. Let’s Do This.

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