“Eric Bach is one the few people I’d recommend to those looking to improve both sports performance and physique enhancement. He’s one brightest minds in the fitness industry.” – John Romaniello, Roman Fitness

ravent“Eric is an awesome trainer. I’ve seen a jump of over 100 lbs on my squat, and 80 lbs on my deadlift. I even set a deadlift PR and raw state record at 683 lbs.” – Raven Capeda, Powerlifter, Personal Trainer



Never Have a Bad Workout Again

Guest Post By Dave Bonollo Here’s why workouts are like sex and how my Ladder of Workout Awesomeness ™  will ensure you never have a bad workout again. How many times have you had bad sex? If you consider the alternative of not having sex, even bad sex is still pretty damn good. Now let me ask you: how many… Keep Reading

Torch Fat

9 Ways To Torch Fat In 15 Minutes

They say confession is good for the soul. So here goes: For years, I didn’t do much cardio/conditioning. (Call it what you like. I just knew I didn’t like it.) Sure, I hoisted heavy deadlifts. But I figured the wrong cardio would make me scrawny and weak. Plus, I had the not-so-repressed memories of “extra conditioning” workouts doled out as… Keep Reading


Maximize Muscle Gains By Changing Your Genetic Make Up

Guest Post by Dr. Sharon Ricardo, Professor at Monash University, Australia  The latest scientific evidence suggests you can regulate your genes to promote muscle growth. The gains are permanent and are even passed onto your children. Here’s how it happens and why it matters to people who want to get big. We begin with… How Exercise Can Alter DNA Your… Keep Reading

Obstacle Course Race (OCR)

How To Dominate Tough Mudder and Spartan Races

Guest Post By Rich Ryan If you want to succeed at Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) events like Tough Mudder and Spartan Races, you need to begin with a solid plan that includes getting strong first. Then, you need excellent execution. Don’t just throw mud at the wall (literally!) to see what sticks. Among the more or less random ideas people… Keep Reading

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