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The Key to Success Mindset

Whether it's getting shredded for the beach, learning Japanese, or starting your own business, taking these actions will raise your chance of success, exponentially. I'll explain, all in the context of lifting weights, sex, and booze.Yes, really. Keep Reading

Shut Up and Get Strong

High-Rep drop sets, density circuits, and complexes are all sexy training methods that help you crush training plateaus.   But there’s a problem: Most lifters aren’t strong enough to actually reach a plateau. Instead, they’re program hopping, weak, and minoring in the minutia. I see it with clients all the time: One week it’s density training circuits to get shredded.… Keep Reading

Five Fake Health Foods That Sabotage Fat Loss

  Eric Bach here, sharing an excellent guest post from RD Megan Ware. Megan’s story is one we’ve all heard at one time or another. The big take home points will help you hone in on your diet. You’ll eliminate the fat-loss sabotaging foods that are keeping you from your ultimate body. Over to you, Megan.  ” I know what to… Keep Reading

How Dave’s Success Story Can Be Yours

Great News! It’s not every day I get the feeling of accomplishment after working on a long-term project, then unveiling it to you. Well, today I do. It’s time to pull back the curtain and tell you that I’ve reinvented my approach to online coaching to get you the best training results possible. I was going to wait another month… Keep Reading

Rep Range Rules for Building Muscle

Lifting Rep Range Rules for Building Muscle

“Man, this pump is insane,’” said Alex. “I think my muscles are already growing from that last set.”   I looked at him, doing my best Dwayne Johnson people’s eyebrow impression. “What?” Said Alex, sipping his coffee while looking puzzled by my facial expression. I offered my two cents: “Did you hit heavier lifts early in your training, or just chase… Keep Reading

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