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I’m here to help you get stronger, leaner, and more athletic. Improving physically is the key to winning mentally and crushing life in general.

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How To Improve Training Consistency

When it comes training, we tend to like the results a lot more than the process. Guest blogger Olivier Poirier-Leroy explains how to build a workout routine that will last.  The January hordes have already begun to thin out at local gyms. Familiar faces are coming back into focus as many of the New Year’s resolution people fade away. Training… Keep Reading

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Flexible Dieting: Is it right for you?

Today I’ve got something special for you: a guest post from Matt Dustin on Flexible Dieting. Matt’s a coach and fellow business owner. I had the chance to meet up with him in San Diego a few months back. Matt’s a great dude who showed me the city, and we kicked around  some big plans for the coming months. We… Keep Reading


Six ways to Make Exercises Harder

[This article was Originally Published here on] Is your current workout not cutting it? I hear you. Maybe you’re stuck in a busted hotel with a few janky dumbbells and a treadmill. Or, you’re just a glutton for self-punishment and want to have an intense workout.  But most likely, you’re training has plateaued and you need a kick in… Keep Reading


4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power

Today I’ve got something special for you: a guest blog post from my coach Joey Percia covering 4 Medicine Ball Exercises For Explosive Power. Joey Percia is a bad-ass who also happens to be an extremely bright coach who runs Percia Performance in New York City. Joey really knows the ins and outs of building a show and go physique. He has a 500+ lb… Keep Reading


Hotel Workouts to Lose Fat and Stay Jacked

Hotel workouts can suck. But they don’t have to. You can lose fat and stay jacked with travel workouts.  Or at least minimize the damage. So howdy from the home of tacos and tequila! Before I dive into this post I have a gift that will enable you to crush your training on the road. It will also work at home, or… Keep Reading

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The Farmers Carry Cure

Guest Post by Eric Bach’s Aussie Mate, Shane McLean   Your shoulders will ache, your grip will fail, and the mental battle will be tough. But you should make the farmers carry part of your program even though: (1)  It’s a lot harder than it looks (2) You may end up swearing and cursing and acting like the dreaded gym… Keep Reading


Four Training Splits to Build an Athletic Body

We’ve both been there. Your bar speed is explosive on every rep, and you’re adding strength regularly. Your skin is tighter, shirt sleeves stretching, and muscles bulging as you’re building muscle and losing fat simultaneously. You’ve got tons of energy, feel athletic, and are crushing your training. Then WHAM. Like getting hit by a semi, your progress comes screeching to… Keep Reading


Core Training for Lifters

The day is near. Batman versus Superman. To be honest, despite Christian Bale being irreplaceable as Batman (sorry, Ben), I’m stoked for the New Batman Versus Superman Movie. On one hand, you have a human superhero. Albeit, he has more gadgets than McGeyver, wicked fighting skills, and an other-worldly pain tolerance, he’s still human. His foe is a god. Superman… Keep Reading


Fitness Guide to Parkison’s Law: How to lose Fat Faster

Flashback to 2014. My days all started the same: Up at 4:00 a.m., a cup of black coffee, and heading to the gym. Then, in a caffeine infused blitzkrieg, the day was on. Clients from 5 am to 6 or 7 pm, with a few one-hour breaks. These one-hour breaks were a godsend. Besides getting off my feet, they were… Keep Reading


The Fitness Myth That Kills Progress

There is a fitness perpetuated by the fitness industry. No one is innocent. Not me, you, expert coaches, powerlifters, athletes, CrossFitters, bro’s and lady bro’s. It leads to information overload and the frustration of pulling your hair out and worrying that you’re doing it all wrong. It leads you to ditch your diet for the next cure-all diet plan, the next… Keep Reading


What No One Tells you About Vitamin D

Is a lack of basic vitamins causing you to lose gains? Pull up your chairs and get ready for class: We’re talkin’ about the D. Vitamin D that is. We’ll dig into the role of Vitamin D and more specifically, why getting more of it is essential to optimizing health, maximizing gym performance, and looking great naked. Nearly every receptor in… Keep Reading

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How to Develop Rotational Power

What is rotational power? And why is it important for athletes, trainers, and people who want to improve their athleticism? Kennet Waale explains in this extended guest post that comes complete with videos, tutorials, and a sample workout. Over to you, Kennet. Developing rotary power can improve hitting real world strength, overall athleticism, agility, and even straight-line sprinting speed. Yet… Keep Reading

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The Key to Success Mindset

Whether it's getting shredded for the beach, learning Japanese, or starting your own business, taking these actions will raise your chance of success, exponentially. I'll explain, all in the context of lifting weights, sex, and booze. Yes, really. Keep Reading

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