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I’m Eric Bach: personal trainer, fitness author, former collegiate strength coach, genetically average lifter, coffee addict, and sports fanatic. I’m here to do for you what I have done for thousands: help you get stronger and more confident. And most of all: happier. My clients find that Improving physically is the key to crushing life. And I agree! But I’m not perfect. In fact, I’m a lot like you. Your journey isn’t easy. And neither was mine.

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Six Reliable Diet Tweaks for Frustrated Hardgainers

Many people struggle to build strength and muscle. And for most, an important part of the solution is simple: eat more. But simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, especially for the classic hardgainer. You know the type. Hell, you might be one. Hardgainers are long-limbed, narrow jointed guys, wired to the gills like they’ve guzzled down three scoops of pre-workout protein.… Keep Reading

Build Big Biceps Without Curls

Ever since I was a kid, I’d wanted big biceps. From Arnold bustin’ out of his camo in Predator and Scott Steiner kissing his biceps on WCW, big arms said it all. They were a staple of having a strong, bad ass body. Guns. Pythons. Pipes. Whatever you wanted to call them, I wanted them. Fifteen years later, the fact… Keep Reading


Should You Workout Every Day?

Should you workout every day? Training every day must be the best way of getting the lean, athletic body you’re after. You’ll lose fat and build muscle. Guaranteed! After all, a 22-year-old personal trainer said so on Facebook. And he’s got the selfies to back it up. It worked for him, so it will work for you. Whether it’s squatting… Keep Reading

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Build Muscle Fast with High Frequency Training

Key Points: – High Frequency Training produces a greater increase in anabolic hormones and increases protein synthesis to help you build muscle. – High Frequency Training increases the speed of motor learning, helping you learn new skills, lifts, and exercises faster. – High Frequency Training can rapidly improve strength and accelerate muscle building in beginners and advanced trainees.   Get your… Keep Reading

Top 9 Gym Rules

The 9 Gym Rules You Need To Know

Guest Post By Jason Maxwell The gym is your sanctuary. Treat it right, and you’ll have years of gains karma come your way. Treat it wrong and you’ll mess up your “muscle karma.” There are unwritten gym etiquette rules that you disregard at your peril. You could end up getting nasty looks or feeling intimidated. And you can’t plead ignorance.… Keep Reading

9 Brutal Workout Challenges

Nine Brutal Workout Challenges

Nine brutal workout challenges? WTF? Even one seems like lot. Nine is just ridiculous. That’s because for most people in most developed countries, life in 2017 is easy. The hard physical labor of the “good old days” is mostly gone. More importantly, so is the mental grit — born of war and the struggle for survival — that was the… Keep Reading

One Simple Habit To Guarantee Fitness Success

One Simple Habit To Guarantee Fitness Success

First, the sad truth: conventional ideas about so-called fitness motivation suck. You can’t count on “wisdom” that belongs in fortune cookies. Nor can you count on hardass sayings that belong on t-shirts. Neither will get your butt out of bed and into the gym at 6:00 AM on those cold winter mornings. The truth is a much simpler and vastly… Keep Reading

A Motivation Story (And Four Killer Tips)

A Motivation Story (And Four Killer Tips)

Guest post by Jack Purdom This is a fitness motivation story with a twist. It’s about  how an unmotivated client finally got into the fitness habit, once and for all…without the use of a megaphone. It’s a new take on the old problem I deal with in my free eBook Getting Past Busy <<<=== Download Here Whether you’re a coach… Keep Reading

2:1’s For Muscle Growth – The Best (Secret) Training Method

I’ll try anything in the gym once. The good things? Twice. Case in point: 2:1’s for muscle growth. I first saw this method by a group of middle-aged jacked dudes in college. At first, I shook my head is dismay, ignoring the fact that they were jacked because this looked “dumb”  and “non-functional.” Boy, was I ignorant. Thankfully, I learned… Keep Reading

Get More Personal Training Clients With 5 Simple Email Tricks

Get More Personal Training Clients With 5 Simple Email Tricks

Are you sick of thinking “I don’t have enough clients?” I hear you. Finding clients willing to invest in themselves and buy online training isn’t an easy task. But with these easy to implement methods you’ll be ahead of the curve to growing your personal training business. Here’s how more to get more clients by reaching the right people and… Keep Reading

Who Not To Train Online

This article will help you avoid mistakes that could cost you your reputation as you expand from in-person training to online training. Along the way I’ll answer two key questions: 1) What are the two types of clients you should never accept for online training? 2) Should you accept true beginners for online training? Expert coaches working in-person with clients… Keep Reading

Overcoming The Meathead Trainer Stereotype

Want to be a highly paid, respected fitness professional? You need to look the part, whether you’re training in-person or online. Here’s a story that explains why. Have you ever noticed how the best movies use misdirection? Just when you think you know how the movie will end, bam! You’re thrown for a loop. A perfect example of this is… Keep Reading

Double Your Chin Ups in 30 Days

Double Your Chin Ups in 30 Days

This article is a bonus feature for the Minimalist Muscle Course. Build muscle and look better naked without living in the gym. Enroll now and use the code “GAINS” for a readers’ only discount. Thank you for reading. -Eric Here’s how to add muscle in all the right places — your forearms, lats and biceps — by doing chin-ups. I’ll explain the… Keep Reading

How to Find Your Ideal Personal Training Clients

How to Find Your Ideal Personal Training Clients

Whether you train online or in-person, do you want to get beyond just surviving as a personal trainer to build a thriving fitness business? You first need to find your ideal personal training client. And then you need to find more clients just like them. But that’s easier said than done. So please read what follows. It can help you… Keep Reading

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