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Seven Laws of Building Athletic Muscle

sprints, building athletic muscle

I almost quit. Twice. I failed as an athlete trying to build athletic muscle and as a college meathead trying to re-establish some semblance of athleticism. I wasn’t’ happy with my porous results and I wouldn’t be happy unless I had the best of both worlds—being athletic and muscular. Not [...]

Exercise while Traveling:What You Must Know

Workout while traveling

Oh shit. After a two-hour boat ride into the Pacific Ocean it hit—diarrhea. There was instant sweat and gurgling in my gut. Problem is, I swam with a strong current to a Hidden Beach off the Mexican Coast. I was on my honeymoon seeing the Marietas Islands, “the one place” I [...]

Master Pull-Ups: Eight Tips To Pulling Prowess

do more pull-ups, pull ups, build big lats

Most everyone craves an athletic, cut physique but they fail to master the basic, multi-joint exercises that work best. Case in point—Pull-ups. “But wait, all you have to do is grab the bar and pull your body, and chin to the bar…right?” Not so fast. Many dudes do “pull-ups”, but few [...]

What Is Bach Performance?

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The site is about you, your body, and your life. I became sick of clients coming to me frustrated from sub-par training results,coaching and poor information.  I’m here to get you strong, shredded, and athletic with methods that are time-tried, science based, & experience backed. If you’re ready to build your best body and optimize your training, read more about the site here