jr“Eric Bach is one the few people I’d recommend to those looking to improve both sports performance and physique enhancement. He’s one brightest minds in the fitness industry.” – John Romaniello, Roman Fitness

ravent“Eric is an awesome trainer. I’ve seen a jump of over 100 lbs on my squat, and 80 lbs on my deadlift. I even set a deadlift PR and raw state record at 683 lbs.” – Raven Capeda, Powerlifter, Personal Trainer


Strength Training

How To Get “Grown-Ass Man” Strong

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.” – Mark Rippetoe Times have changed. I’m no longer a kid. I’m a married man with a dog. Incredibly, I actually own furniture I didn’t assemble myself with an allen wrench. I just moved into a real house with a real mortgage. I’m pushing the big… Keep Reading

Mind Muscle Connection

Why You Need Explosive Strength, No Matter Who You Are

Want to get stronger, leaner, and more athletic? You need to get more explosive. Yes, I’m looking at you — no matter who you are and why you’re working out. In this blog post, you will learn: How training explosively helps you lose fat and build  lean muscle Why explosive movement turns your stale strength into explosive, real-world athleticism How… Keep Reading

Seven Keys To Success For Online Personal Trainers

When it comes to building online businesses, smart fitness trainers know that the future is already here. After all, almost everyone now shops online. For many trainers, gone is the dream of a owning a bricks and mortar gym. Who wants to clean toilets and get up at 5 AM forever, anyway? The new dream is all about freedom and… Keep Reading

Superhuman Strength Explained (And How You can Get Some)

Guest Post By Annie Jones Have you ever performed way beyond what you thought was your physical maximum? It seemed like the adrenaline kicked in to make you explode. There were no boundaries, no limits. Those moments are rare, but they can teach us something really important: The Mind/Muscle Connection. The connection between the muscles, neurons, and our brains might… Keep Reading

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