“Eric Bach is one the few people I’d recommend to those looking to improve both sports performance and physique enhancement. He’s one brightest minds in the fitness industry.” – John Romaniello, Roman Fitness

ravent“Eric is an awesome trainer. I’ve seen a jump of over 100 lbs on my squat, and 80 lbs on my deadlift. I even set a deadlift PR and raw state record at 683 lbs.” – Raven Capeda, Powerlifter, Personal Trainer


It’s Official: Science Confirms #Fitspiration Sucks

Guest Post By Lee Bell Heaping contempt and ridicule on “instagram trainers” is easy — and fully justified. Now science confirms it. Keep reading to find out why. Sometimes it seems like the only things you need to succeed in the fitness biz these days is a big pair of biceps (or boobs), good looks, and a slick but cynical… Keep Reading

Bent Over Row

How To Row Like A Pro, ‘Bro

First, the good news: the barbell bent over row is one of the best exercises around. You’ll build a powerful, head- turning body by adding dense muscle to your arms, lats, and back. Now, the bad news: you’re more likely to see a total solar eclipse than someone doing bent over rows correctly. And that’s too bad because the barbell… Keep Reading

7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Eat Less (And Lose Fat)

Fat loss is simple in theory. All you need to do is eat less, move more, and voila…pounds melt away faster than butter on a hot skillet. Unfortunately, simple doesn’t mean easy. Sure, you know you need to eat more fruits and veggies, eat protein with each meal, and work out regularly. But knowing and doing are two different animals.… Keep Reading

5 Ways To Stay In Shape At Age 40+

Five Ways To Stay in Shape At Age 40+

If you’re over 40, can you live up to the saying: “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better!” Can you stay in shape despite going toe to toe with an insane schedule and the aging process? Can you avoid the pain of achy joints and the disappointment of losing muscle strength? Consider the story I posted on Facebook a few… Keep Reading

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